8 ways to boost your confidence immediately!

Check out this super fun blog from my intern, Alexis, on eight ways you can boost your confidence – NOW!

1. Put on those jeans that fit

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There is absolutely nothing more uplifting than your favorite pair of jeans. You know, the ones that are skinny enough that your booty looks super cute but not so tight that your bladder is crushing. A good pair of jeans can be just as comfy as your leggings without the desire to pair it with your high-school boyfriend’s XXL t-shirt that you painted the house and rescued a dog with.

2. Listen to rap

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I promise, it’s scientifically proven! Make a playlist of your favorite rap songs; whether it’s Tupac or Iggy Azalea, that song with that kick-ass beat that you love being injected directly into your brain will have you walking like Tyra Banks.

3. Take a long shower

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Hot showers themselves can already relax and rejuvenate yourself, but getting out with clean hair, shaven legs, and exfoliated skin that smells like berries can have you feeling like a whole new person.

4. Read inspiring mantras

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Having to always lift yourself up alone can be exhausting, but reading one-second blurbs from powerful women who want to lift you just as high isn’t. It’s a great pick-me-up and just as easy as scrolling through Twitter.

5. Call someone who loves you

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Nothing boosts an ego like someone who loves you. Whether it’s your dad, your nana, your cousin, or your partner, you know they will hype you up and give you every bit of strength and confidence you need to get through whatever it is you need to get through. Think about it, have you ever called someone who loves you that much and felt worse after it? Probably not.

6. Put on matte lipstick

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We don’t wear makeup for men, we wear makeup for ourselves, but even then, there’s nothing more annoying than lipstick smudged all over your face. Matte lipstick gives you that bold statement you’re looking for without compromising your lip liner and keeps people mesmerized all day long.

7. Power Pose

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Power posing is the up-and-coming trend to boost confidence. Pick a pose, any pose, that makes you feel powerful – if you were on a billboard, what would it look like – and do that pose in the mirror for 30 seconds. Feel that feeling of power sweep over you and when you’re ready, go out and conquer the world.

8. Do something kind for someone else

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There’s always a sense of internal gratification that comes from doing something nice for someone else. It was unprecedented, unasked for, you just did it because you’re an awesome person. Whether you held the door open for the person behind you or bought a homeless person lunch, no one asked you to do it, you just did it out of the kindness of your heart. That’s pretty awesome, take the awesomeness through the rest of your day.

Accessory: Attitude

Thank you to my intern, Alexis, who wrote this blog post! 

I’m sure at least one person has told you to start every day with a smile, but continuing that smile all day long is what will really get you places.

I just spent the last 5 days in the woods on a team-building retreat, and while I was muddy, sweater, and not the least bit fashionable, I always carried on accessory – my attitude.

Whether you’re carrying your partner over a river or just doing your part of the project, giving your all into whatever you’re doing elevates your beauty both inside and out tenfold.

Fashion and style doesn’t always have to mean being trendy or edgy, it’s about expressing who you are and what you’re about and the attitude that you pair with your outfit is just as important as the lipstick you choose – whether it’s peppy and bubbly, boss girl, or a little more gloomy, your attitude is the finishing touch on any outfit.

12 Terrific Things About Riverside Food Tours

My birthday is coming up (June 10!) and this year it falls on a Saturday, so I’m trying to think of a big fun outing I can do with a bunch of friends! I’ve been doing a lot of research on different tours that we could do, and one that kept popping up was Riverside Food Tours. It has awesome ratings, and people rave about it on all the sites after they do it! There were a few things that stuck out as making them different from the rest. So, since I already did the research for myself I decided to share on the blog in case someone else out there is looking and I can save them some time! I’ll be sure to update after we take a tour, but for now, here’s the list of 12 things that sealed the deal on Riverside Food Tours as being the best one to go with!

1. They indulge their guests in a VIP experience because their groups are small. No more than 12 max.

2. They like to interact and get to know each guest personally. They say their goal is to make every guest feel special, and from the reviews, they’re some mighty fine goal reachers! 🙂

3. Their food tours are not grab and go. Guests enjoy all the various dishes while sitting down and being served!

4. The cost of the food, tax and a 20% gratuity is included in the ticket cost.

5. Every tour includes one alcohol tasting. Guests are free to order additional alcoholic beverages on their own, which of course adds to the fun! *cheers*

6. They give you the privilege of meeting a few owners and chefs at various restaurants.

7. You enjoy their signature dishes and drinks that convey the identity of the establishment. No one never leaves hungry – their promise!

8. They create unique experiences that allow people to connect through local food in historic neighborhoods.

9. Their tours bring the past to life as their professional guides share their passion for history through storytelling

10. Their food tours are so much more than just eating. They include sightseeing and history as they immerse their guests into the local culture.

11. Their food tours are great for family and friend outings, special occasions or for entertaining out of town guests. They do all the work and you enjoy all the fun!

12. They offer four very distinct tours five days a week:

MAINSTRASSE FOOD TOUR – Enjoy generous tastings plus drinks from five unique privately owned restaurants.Step back in time as we explore the architecture and culture of this charming 1800’s German Village. Receive a Food Tasting Guide with exclusive coupons for Riverside Food Tour participants.

MADISON AVENUE FOOD TOUR – we visit five authentic family owned eateries where we taste delicious and fresh food representative from countries around the world. We enjoy a variety of food such as Shakshuka from Israel, a Persian sampler plate, an authentic Mexican taco, Chinese traditional dishes, plus local craft beer, coffee and pastries. The food tastings are enough for a satisfying lunch and are all included in the ticket price.

ROEBLING POINT FOOD TOUR – Savor specially selected tastings from four unique, privately owned restaurants. Enjoy the stunning views of the Ohio River as we step back in time and explore the architecture and culture of the Licking Riverside neighborhood. Receive a Food Tasting Guide with exclusive coupons for Riverside Food Tour participants.

CINCINNATI STREETCAR FOOD TOUR – Savor specially selected food servings and one alcohol tasting from five unique restaurants. Immerse yourself into city life as you are educated and entertained by your personal tour guide. By the end of the tour, you will be the expert on all downtown Cincinnati has to offer! Receive a Food Tasting Guide with streetcar map and your all day pass to extend your culinary adventure into the rest of the day!

To learn more, check ’em out online at http://riversidefoodtours.com

“Elevate Your Environment” with Jane Scott

Earlier this month, I told you about my friend Jane Scott at Borcherding Buick GMC and did a video so you could virtually meet her. And I thought I’d just revisit it after thinking about it. It’s National Women’s Health Week this week, and I just went to our Cincy Chic Women’s Health Expo where we had 40+ health and wellness businesses set up.

There, we had a speaker, a cardiologist, talk about heart health. She didn’t just talk about the “eat right and exercise” stuff that I was expecting. She talked about “elevating your environment,” which she explained means the people you have in it — positive, helpful, uplifting, stress-reducing, kind people. She went on to say that we as women need to help other women in this. At work. With friends. With family. With those we do business with.

I don’t know why but I kept thinking about my friend Jane when the speaker was talking. Actually, I know why. It’s because she IS that positive, helpful, uplifting, stress-reducing, kind person. I wish I could clone her and put a person like her in all aspects of my life because that would certainly elevate my environment.

I mean, dealing with anything car-related is scary and stressful. Finding a car that’s a good fit for you, your family, and your budget (and looks good is a plus) is tough. Then figuring out the finance part is tough. Then keeping it running is tough. I know it sounds cliche, but Jane truly does make all of that easier.

Just as an example, she will HAVE YOUR CAR PICKED UP if you need any kind of service or oil change. How amazing is that? It’s the little things she takes care of that makes the difference between a super stressful or no-big-deal situation (“my car is dinging at me all the way to work that my oil level is low, but how am I going to find time to sit and wait for an oil change when I have kids to pick up from school, activities to take them to and dinner to make??”…. OR “Oh, it’s time for an oil change! I’ll call Jane when I get to my office and she can have it taken care of while I’m at work.” DONE!)

And I’m not the only one singing Jane’s praises. Here’s a testimonial she said she just got from another local lady who she just helped this week: “Jane, I can’t thank you enough for all you did for our family and going above and beyond. You were professional, kind, and very caring. I will be sending all our family and friends your way, because it show you really care for the customer.”

So, if you want to chat with her or know someone who should, here’s her contact info: JScott@borcherding.com or 513-239-2022

NYR Organic with Gina Johnson

Organic, holistic health and natural beauty are just some of the many phrases Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR) stands by.

Gina Jonson, team leader of NYR, started as a consultant in August 2016 and has loved what she does ever since. While NYR started in Covent Garden in central London, England, it has made its way to over 20 different countries, including the U.S.

While having an all organic and natural beauty product is inviting enough, Jonson says there are many other unique prospects. “Certified by USDA for Organic products,” Jonson explains. “But even more impressive, is the certification by the Soil Association- which has much stricter guidelines. They are also UK’s first certified organic health and beauty company, the first main street retailer to sell certified organic essential oils, the world’s first health and beauty brand to be awarded 100 out of 100 for ethics in an independent audit by The Ethical Company Organization and the world’s first company to produce Soil Association makeup.”

NYR stores aren’t currently in the U.S., but if you are planning any future travels, England, Japan and Dubai have brick-and-mortar stores. “We have independent sales consultants here in the U.S., who share the products with their customers either in home, one-on-one, online, or through various events, Jonson explains. “We do have certified holistic practitioners, massage therapists, aroma therapists, doctors, chiropractic doctors, yoga studios and many more associated with NYR Organic as well. They have joined as consultants and share the products with their clients. Some join just for the high quality organic essential oils and others want to embrace the entire line and offer their customers a head-to-toe experience, like I do.”

While Jonson says there is a lot to love about NYR, she has a few reasons why these products are the first products she will go for. “NYR Organic has done all of the research for me,” Jonson says. “I know when I use the products, they are certified and trusted. I know I’m using products that carry the Soil Association’s stamp of approval, and that NYR Organic had to meet all of their criteria before receiving. I trust and know that my products carry the cruelty free bunny logo, so no animals have ever been tested on or used in research, ever. I am proud to put my name behind a company with such accomplishments as NYR Organic. Receiving award after award for their brand and specific products, the list truly is endless. I only have to turn my catalog over to the back page to see just some of those prestigious awards; it makes my heart smile.”

Jonson will be at the Hanover Winery May 26-28 hosting an event for NYR, and says she hopes to work with Cincy Chic for upcoming events. “I always offer one-on-one consultations, business and office lunch N’ learns, personal health seminars for staff and clients, in-home wellness, aromatherapy parties and of course, all of our products are available on my website every day.”

Jonson says the month of May NYR is running a special. When you purchase one of the diffusers, you will receive one of NYR’s new essential oils, citronella. “Perfect for summer parties, get together’s and outdoor events. Plus it’s an energizing oil too with a clean, great scent.” Jonson explains.

To find out more about NYR or to purchase their products, you can visit their website here.

Cincinnati Bell Launches #CincyGive T-Shirts!

I wanted to do a quick shout out to Cincinnati Bell for my new favorite shirt that lets me show off my hometown pride!

Because Cincinnati Bell has been a part of the Greater Cincinnati community for more than 140 years… yes, 140… and they have 3,200 employees who call the region home, Cincinnati Bell wanted to do something that shows their love for, and supports, the Tri-State in a fun new way.

That’s why they launched #CincyGive, a community campaign that gives Greater Cincinnatians a way to showcase their hometown pride, while also giving back to four local charities dedicated to improving lives throughout the region: CancerFree KIDS, The Dragonfly Foundation, USO of Southern Ohio, and SPCA Cincinnati.

Through the #CincyGive campaign, there’s a series of limited-edition t-shirts designed by Covington-based My State Threads (nationally known for their state-themed “Home” shirts). I have their first t-shirt that debuted in early February with this cool image of the Roebling Suspension Bridge. The second shirt was revealed just before Reds Opening Day and features a baseball-themed HOME design. The third one just launched and is inspired by the Flying Pig marathon and the “little piggies” in our city’s history. The shirts retail for $20 and ALL proceeds from their sale go directly to the charities.

T-shirts can be purchased at any Cincinnati Bell retail store or at www.CincyGive.com while supplies last. Props to Cincinnati Bell for truly supporting community – I know it makes me feel even better about doing business with them! So, definitely check ‘em out, show your Cincinnati pride and share with your friends so they can #CincyGive too!

FYI: This post is sponsored by Cincinnati Bell, but content and opinions expressed are my own!

Aviatra Accelerators: Women on the Rise

Thanks to my intern Kelly for attending the Aviatra Accelerators event and doing this interview with Jackie Neville of Your Stylist, LLC!

Jackie Neville of Your Stylist, LLC giving her pitch at Aviatra Accelerators: Women on the Rise event.

Innovation and girl power- an unstoppable combination! Flight Night hosted by Aviatra Accelerators was a celebration of 5 local women pursuing their entrepreneurial passions.

The evening began with casual cocktail conversation, mingling, and an amazing food spread at the New Riff Distillery. The sun was shining through the opened garage doors that led to a third floor patio furnished with chic black settees complete with panoramic views of the Queen City and her surroundings.

Kicking off the event was an alumna of the previous program speaking about her experience and the success that Bad Girl Ventures helped her to achieve. Afterwards, Cincinnati’s favorite mixologist, Molly Wellman, shared her story of following her passions and not compromising her visions or values while creating her business which ultimately led to her very successful career as a female entrepreneur.

“My advice for the winner is to stick to your guns. Really make whatever you are pursuing all yours. Be unique! The public wants something new, and that is what you can bring to the table,” says Wellman. As I was listening to the five finalists pitching their businesses, I realized that this was the commonality between all of the unique endeavors: all of these women were seeking to put themselves into what they were doing. They were dissatisfied with the status quo and set out to make the world a better place through their services.

Whether it was making healthy, organic, sustainable food available to all or empowering professional black women; putting dog owner’s minds to rest because they know their fur babies are being properly cared for or fostering confidence physically and mentally through personalized fitness classes- these women were vying for change.

Jackie Neville, CEO of Your Stylist, LLC, is a personal shopper focused on empowering women by making them look and feel their best. “The best part of this experience is learning what I am truly capable of on my own. I left a 22 year career to start Your Stylist, LLC–and it’s working!! It feels pretty incredible to create something that not only changed my life but also changes women’s lives by making them feel amazing through their wardrobes!” says Neville.

“What I take away from this LAUNCH class is the value of making connections and building my network of women supporting other women. There needs to be more of that and I am a big believer in women working with each other, not against each other,” says Neville.

Although she did not win the grand prize, Neville was awarded free business consultation. “Aviatra places importance on staying connected even after we complete the program. So I plan on attending future networking events of theirs, and hopefully coming back as a presenter to future Aviatra participants encouraging them to follow their passion in life.”

To learn more about Aviatra Accelerators check out their website (built by a former graduate of Bad Girls Ventures) which will be up and running this summer. In the meantime, learn more about what they are doing in and for the community at their Facebook page. You can learn more about Jackie at https://www.yourstylistjackie.com/.




Now Playing: “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical”

Thanks to my intern Rachel for this blog post! 

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,” playing at The Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati through May 14th, is as enjoyable as any of Carole King’s many hit songs. If opening night’s audience is any indication, it appeals to men and women of all generations. Though most in the audience had probably heard these songs nearly a thousand times, the talented cast brought such personality and charm to the arrangements that they seemed brand new. Filled with nostalgia, a joyous audience accompanied every tune by singing and dancing along.

This musical is hit after hit all throughout the entire two hours and 20 minutes. Although the show was much more than just a showcase for Carole King‘s songs, it told a wonderful story about her well-deserved rise to fame, and the people along the way that made it all happen. It is an engaging story of Carole King‘s rise from young dreamer to star of her own performance at Carnegie Hall. These successful but sometimes tumultuous years between 1959 and 1971 see Carole selling her first hit song to Don Kirshner, her marriage to lyricist Gerry Goffin, the births of their two daughters, their friendly competition with songwriting duo Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, her move to Los Angeles from New York, the recording of her solo album Tapestry, and finally her successful solo concert at Carnegie Hall. The songs are cunningly and effectively merged with the story as a backdrop to the actual emotions of the characters as they fall in love, find success, divorce each other, and move away. Julia Knitel, as Carole King, was a pleasure. She carried the show both with humor as well as a sort of dorkiness that completely melted into confidence every time she sang a ballad. The ensemble was just as interesting to watch as they would each switch roles into different famous groups and teen idols of the time like The Drifters, Neil Sedaka, The Righteous Brothers and the Shirelles to sing the beautiful and successful hits written by Carole King.

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,” is playing at The Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati through May 14th and is a great mother’s day gift for any Carole King fan out there!

An Interview with Your Stylist, LLC

A big thank you to my intern Kelly who was able to sit down and chat more with Your Stylist, LLC CEO Jackie Neville! Check out this blog post to learn more about her journey through Aviatra Accelerators!

Jackie Neville, CEO of Your Stylist, LLC, and a member of the first class of the newly rebranded Aviatra Accelerators (formerly Bad Girl Ventures).

Have you ever felt the need to vamp up your wardrobe, and not know where to begin? That’s where a Cincy Chic client, Jackie Neville, CEO of Your Stylist, LLC- comes to the rescue!

This Wednesday, come support Neville as she concludes an exciting adventure to expand her business and receive $25K in funding!

It all began when Neville applied in December to participate in Bad Girl Ventures – a program that provides small business education, mentoring, and connections to capital for women. She knew several women business owners who had gone through the program themselves so she decided to give it a try. After answering detailed questions about her business, submitting her plan, and providing references, Neville was informed that she had been chosen to be in the program! “Honestly, since my business [Your Stylist, LLC] wasn’t even quite a year old when I applied, I didn’t think I would get accepted because they only choose five businesses for LAUNCH and get tons of applications,” says Neville. “Classes began in March while Bad Girl Ventures was rebranded as Aviatra Accelerators. I am excited to be the first group to complete LAUNCH classes as an Aviatra!”

As a business owner, Aviatra Accelerators helped Neville piece together her ideas in an organized way and understand what it takes to create a successful company. For Flight Night on Wednesday, May 10th, Neville has been preparing by completing the assigned work and doing additional work on her business plan. Finalists are required to complete their financials that contain three-year projections (2017, 2018, 2019). They also have to include their business plan and marketing strategy along with the pitch. “I am not a numbers person but it has to be done and this a big piece of what we are presenting. I was able to organize my growth plan in phases after speaking with a board member about my idea to expand,” says Neville.

“As part of my pitch with Aviatra, my plan for expansion will be covered. In the Midwest, there is a misconception that stylists are for celebrities, ritzy people or pretentious people-which is false. I work with real women of all ages and sizes who have careers, busy lives and budgets. My idea is to expand to other cities in the Midwest because most stylists are on the east and west coasts,” says Neville. The most important aspect of her brand is helping each client become the best version of themselves.

Now, she is rehearsing for the public pitch this Wednesday! Finalists will have 8 minutes to present and at the end of the evening, $25k will be awarded to the winner in order to make their business dreams come true.

Learn more about “style therapy” and what sets Neville’s services apart from other stylists in her pitch this Wednesday or visit her website

From the Publisher of Cincy Chic