Sneak Peek: This Saturday’s Holiday Showcase!

Have a trendy tot on your holiday shopping list? Here’s a sneak peek from what Jamison & Bexley will have at the Seasonably Chic Showcase downtown THIS SATURDAY Nov. 17 at the Phoenix downtown! Sip on a mimosa as you shop for everyone on your nice list with 40+ local boutiques/vendors – all under one roof! Bring a canned good for the Freestore Foodbank to get in FREE, a swag bag, and complimentary gift wrapping! Also enjoy refreshments and a freeze modeling fashion show! We’ll have on-site childcare where kids can play while you shop, an interactive ornament decorating area and FREE princess visit/photo opps! Plus, more than $3,000 in prizes given throughout the day! Learn more & RSVP at! 🎄🛍🥂🎁😍

JDRF Sets New Bourbon & BowTie Bash Fundraising Record

On Saturday, October 20, JDRF hosted its annual Bourbon & BowTie Bash at the Duke Energy Convention Center, and for the fifth consecutive year realized a new fundraising record with over $300,000 raised to fund the JDRF mission to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes (T1D).

The event featured bourbon and cocktail tastings, silent auction, dancing, fashion show, and much more. While tasting food from over 30 different local restaurants and bars, guests had the opportunity this year to watch the Best Bartender competition happen live on-stage, followed by the fashion show, sponsored by Macy’s, Bourbon Cousins and Kendra Scott. Local 12’s Bob Herzog kept the energy high all night as the event emcee. Griffin Ross from Wiseguy Covington took home the prize as the Best Bartender, Flipdaddy’s received the Best Restaurant award and Tres Belle was fan favorite for Best Sweets.

Bill Whitlow of Rich’s Proper provided a welcome cocktail to guests, and his soon-to-be-open restaurant Rich’s Proper received the Best Up-and-Comer award. Also new this year was the most meaningful part of the evening, the Fund a Cure video.

JDRF Executive Director Melissa Newman attributes this year’s success to the video, “One of our young professional volunteers, Brooke Dorger, was very brave in sharing her story of the realities and challenges of living with T1D, ” says Newman. “Guests were educated by her story, and also moved to donate. Through the Fund a Cure live auction alone, we raised over $90,000, which played a huge role in achieving a new overall record. It was such an awe-inspiring moment to see hundreds of bid cards in the air, as attendees were able to take a break from the food and fun and make a huge impact for our cause.”

Brooke Dorger is a member of the JDRF Emerging Leaders Council (ELC), which is a group that plays a big role in helping to coordinate the event. This year’s ELC co-chairs were Salena Burg and Kathleen Trubee. Sixteen “BowTie Barons and Baronesses ” were selected this year to help in the corporate fundraising efforts, and to assist in promoting the event and securing new vendors.

JDRF Development Coordinator Jackie Oney led the overall event, and Senior Development Manager Becky Gaible took the lead with corporate sponsors. The ELC members who helped start the event when it originated in 2013 were also recognized on stage, and provided a custom Bourbon barrel top in appreciation.

All event proceeds benefit JDRF, a nonprofit organization working to find a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D). This year also marks the fifth consecutive year (every year since its inception) that the Bourbon & BowTie Bash sold out in advance of the event. Next year’s date has been announced as Saturday, October 19, 2019 and will once again be held at the Duke Energy Convention Center. 2019 tickets will go on sale this summer.

Learn more about JDRF at

Chic Review: Guaranteed Rate

I met Ron Erdmann with Guaranteed Rate at a fundraiser a few months ago and he was SO nice. He invited me and my team to a rock ‘n’ roll themed event that he and his Guaranteed Rate team were hosting and it was a TON of fun. Just from the fact that a mortgage company would host an event like this to involve their team in the community, I knew they had to be different — in all the best ways.

At the event, I got to talking with Ron about what makes Guaranteed Rate so different and he said the model started from a simple premise: Simplify the process and bring the lowest rates, transparency and a high level of service to home buyers and those looking to refinance. Basically, putting the borrowers’ needs first and not the lenders.

To make it as cost-effective, quick and secure as possible, Guaranteed Rate leverages the top technology and talent to resolve what were some of the biggest issues in the mortgage process.

They have this “Mortgage Pod” model that surrounds each of our top-performing loan officers with his or her own team of highly-trained specialists, streamlining the process for customers. They also have real-time, online access to rates and information about all of their loan products. From the World’s First Digital Mortgage to their powerful Intuitive Loan Finder to their new Mobile App, these proprietary tools are designed to help you find the perfect mortgage for you anywhere at any time. Plus, they have a Transfersafe secure document transfer and storage system that allows customers to easily share financial documents digitally in a 100% secure environment, streamlining the process and eliminating time-wasting faxing and paper-pushing.

They promise every customer a low, low rate and full transparency on fees. And they work to ensure that every closing happens on time and with no surprises. I’ll definitely know who to contact when I’m in the market for a refi or buying a new home. And that’s something to keep in mind too… YOU as the customer can choose who you want to use. You don’t have to just go with who your realtor recommends or who you are already banking with!

To learn more about Ron and his team, see testimonials, apply for a digital mortgage from his site, or just see what today’s rates are, visit

Chic Review: Chill Zone Cryo T-Shock

I’ve been in to Chill Zone Cryo before — I first heard about it to help my husband’s rheumatoid arthritis, and then I did it to help with my half marathon training. They work with everyone from someone with arthritis pain to professional athletes.
The idea with cryo therapy is that you get in this super cold chamber for a few minutes and it draws all the blood to your core to keep it warm. Then, when you get out, it sends all this super oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood back out. It makes joints feel better, muscles repair faster, and you get this great energy rush too!
I recently learned that they also do cryo facials (the increased oxygenated blood flow is great for restoring a youthful appearance to skin texture too) and also something called T-Shock, which is an innovative new approach in the treatment of cellulite and fat removal that reshapes the body. T Shock has a Cryo Slimming and Cryo Toning setting.
For the slimming setting, it breaks down fat cells by starting the treatment with heat then a prolonged period of cold then heat again. Then the body naturally flushes the fat cells out through the bloodstream and then the lymphatic system in a few days to weeks following the treatment. It’s a safe, painless and a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.
Cryo Toning involves less cold to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production while tightening muscles.
The T-Shock differs from other cold sculpting treatments (which I’ve done before) because it’s painless and it’s much more affordable. I also liked that it only requires 10-30 minutes for a treatment.
So, at Chill Zone, you get the T-Shock, and then to help activate the lymphatic system to start flushing everything out, they put you on this machine that vibrates your entire body for 15 minutes — they said it was the equivalent on going on a light run calorie-wise, so that was exciting too!
Then you get into the Cryo chamber for three minutes for one last flush and oxygen rush to the body so you leave feeling fabulous!
Plus, right now through November 31 Chill Zone Cryo is offering a T-Shock 5 Pack for $1,500 and an additional session free – saving you $600. Or you can get a T-Shock 10 Pack for $2,500 and get 2 additional sessions free – saving you $1,700.
T-Shock 5 Pack $1500 get 1 Additional Session free. Save $600.
T-Shock 10 Pack $2500 get 2 Additional Sessions Free. Save $1,700
To learn more, visit

Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Thanks to my friend Kelly Maglocci for this guest blog post!

Sweet or savory? The world may never know. But one thing is certain- whether you have a sweet tooth or crave salty snacks, everyone is going to love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The stage greeted you with an unexpected air of mystery as you entered the theater. Usually exploding with color and a sneak peek of the set, this stage shows only the back of Wonka, looking out into the distant sky.

If you are familiar with the story, don’t worry, the play is full of obscure character development and modern twists on the beloved classic. Charlie, a selfless young boy from an impoverished family, day dreams of one day entering the Wonka Chocolate Factory. When he finds the final golden ticket, his dream comes true!

The upbeat melodies of the musical numbers make it impossible to listen and not tap your feet or clap along to the beat. Family favorites like “The Candy Man” and “Pure Imagination” were sung alongside the news hits “When Veruca Says” and “Queen of Pop.”

Heavy themes like losing a parent and the disparaging gap between the rich and poor are offset by perfectly timed comedic relief. Between the Oompa Loopmas and the crazy consequences the characters are forced to face (like being ripped apart by squirrels or shrunk to the size of a Ken doll), you are sure to be laughing out loud.

And make sure you stick around until the very end for a fun surprise (hint: I’m talking streamers and the best costume change of the show!!).

After attending Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, prepare to be inspired to make something out of nothing.

Chic Review: Wiseway Supply

It’s Pinterest come to life at Wiseway Design Showroom – Wiseway Supply in Florence! Keep watching for a sneak peek into their AMAZING showroom, to hear about new trends, and where you can check them out for yourself (which we HIGHLY recommend!). Learn more at

Chic Review: Power Blendz Pure 21

I’ve done 21-day cleanses before but I wanted to try this one because it don’t use artificial sweeteners, it’s non-GMO and all natural.
Basically, it’s a three-week program that cleans and detoxifies, then resets your body to better absorb nutrients while also helping you create new habits that will make for long-term success.
They make it pretty foolproof to follow. When you sign up to do the system, the package comes with a PURE 21 Guide which has detailed meal planning, recipes, nutrition tips and a goal based exercise strategy. Everything from a list of what to get at the grocery, what to eat and how to make it. Really made it super easy for me.
My favorite part of the system was the PRO-WHEY 100% whey protein isolate that’s all natural, non GMO and gluten free with no artificial sweeteners — I got the chocolate flavor and it’s sooo yummy! The system also comes with a blender bottle; the PURE START natural cleanser and detoxifier packets; ADVANCED PROBIOTIC digestive and immune system health and balance; DIGESTIVE NZYMES restore the normal digestive function; and VITA PLEX which has over 30 high quality vitamins and minerals.
You just follow what the guide says to do and take each day, and you all the sudden start to feel better. Trimmer, more energy, better mood. I definitely noticed a difference about a week in, and by the end of the three weeks, it was dramatic.
I lost a little over six pounds and I’m back into my pre-pregnancy clothes again. But more importantly, I FEEL better. I sleep better, no more sweets cravings and energy crashes, my mind feels less foggy, and did I mention that I’m back into my pre-pregnancy clothes again three months after the third baby? Talk about a mood booster!

From the Publisher of Cincy Chic