Review: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

(A guest post by my fabulous intern, Kelly Maglocci)

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing: a dark humored comedy presented in a classic, light hearted fashion. This Tony Award winning musical tells the tale of Monty Navarro, a social climbing pauper that discovers he has ties to aristocracy. Only 8 distant relatives stand between him and becoming the Earl of Highhurst. Fueled by the D’Ysquith family’s dismissive response to his mother’s then his own attempts to reconnect, Monty, played by Kevin Massey, vows to take down all those that stand between he and becoming the earl.

The same actor, John Rapson, played the entire D’Ysquith family and executed numerous costume changes seamlessly. His ability to make each character individual and charismatic is a testament to his immense talent and comedic acting ability. The leading ladies of the show, Sibella Hallward, Monty’s mistress, played by Kristen Beth Williams, and Phoebe D’Ysquith, his cousin and love interest, played by Kristen Hahn, demonstrated tremendous range while singing songs such as “I’ve Decided to Marry You” and “I Don’t Know What I’d Do.”

The set design was stunning and the magnificent stage acted as another player that engaged the audience. Each scene was enhanced by a digital background making them vibrant and full of life. Throughout the play, the audience was erupting into laughter and applause. The lobby crowded during intermission with the audience buzzing about the play’s humor and anticipating what would unfold in the second act.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder is showing now through January 8 at the Aronoff Center for the Arts. Don’t miss your chance to see Broadway in Cincinnati! Tickets are available here.

Donate New Shoes, Help Local Foster Children!

As a shoe lover, I know how a new pair of shoes can make my day. But for a foster child, a new pair of shoes can mean the world.

That’s why Sibcy Cline Realtors is collecting new shoes for area foster children at all Sibcy Cline offices from January 3 – February 14, 2017. Donations will be collected Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm.

Why Shoes?

Moira Weir, director of Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services says, “You can help make a difference in the lives of the foster children of Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton and Southeastern Indiana by providing them with much needed shoes. All items will be put to good use by Hamilton County Job & Family Services and other partnering organizations serving our foster children, and will be dispersed on an ongoing basis as we receive them throughout the collection period.”

What Kind of Shoes?

All sizes of new shoes – from infant to adult size – will be collected. Sneakers, loafers, winter boots and any closed-toe shoes will be accepted. The goal is to collect 500 pairs.

About Sweet Soles For Love

When Cincinnati-based PR guru, Julie Whitney, owner of Phillippi-Whitney Communications LLC was watching ABC World News Tonight the evening of August 26, 2014 she saw a story that made a tremendous impact on her. It was a feature about the foster children in Richmond, Virginia who had to carry all of their belongings in a black trash bag as they moved from home to home. This story motivated her to organize a luggage drive called ‘Cases For Love’ for the foster Children of Hamilton County in January, 2014. The campaign was more successful than she ever imagined.

Says Whitney, “‘Cases For Love’ was an extraordinary effort by all of the extremely passionate parties involved, and it is an understatement to say that it exceeded our expectations. Our initial goal was 1,200 suitcases, and we actually received close to 10,000, allowing us to not only serve the foster children of Hamilton County, but also those in Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana. This entire effort was made possible due to the generous support of Sibcy Cline, Hamilton County Job & Family Services, University Moving and Storage, the philanthropic minded and generous citizens of our region as well as the local media, who latched onto this story and never let go.”

In 2015, Whitney and Sibcy Cline teamed up again with ‘Gloves For Love,’ an effort that provided more than 6,800 gloves, mittens, scarves and hats to area foster children.

Says Pam Sibcy, Vice President of Marketing for Sibcy Cline, “We heard about the need for a drop-off location back in 2014, and jumped on board from day one to help collect the suitcases in all of our 22 locations throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. But ‘Cases For Love’ and the following year ‘Gloves For Love’ became much more than a suitcase or winter gloves collection to us. Our offices became very passionate about the needs of foster children, and our 1,200 realtors started making their own fliers and personally collecting items from their clients citywide. Our collection boxes in our branch offices overflowed with donations!”

More Information:

Follow Sweet Soles for Love on Facebook at

Flash Sale at A Village Gift Shop Thursday Dec. 15!

CHART metalworks

You all know that I love a good sale. You also know that A Village Gift Shop in Glendale is one of my favorite places to shop. Well, tomorrow is going to be a great day because there will be a huge SALE at the store I love!!!

This is awesome because it’s right before the holidays and they have a TON of great gift and entertaining items (and they wrap for free!). Everything from dips and decor to make your holiday party super chic (and yummy)… to gifts for women, men, babies and even pets.

Alex and Ani
Gourmet Du Village dip mix

I love putting together gift baskets by combining a few different small items to personalize the gifts for each person I’m giving them to…
– For my fashionista foodie friends, I’ve given a Gourmet Du Village dip mix paired with a Mud Pie dip spreader, and an Alex and Ani bangle bracelet she can add to her arm party collection
– For my friend who walks to her downtown job from her condo in OTR, a pair of their recycled finger-less gloves, paired with a blanket scarf and boot toppers (gives you a cute look of tall sweater socks and lace at the top of your boots without the bulk of big socks
– For my mom who loves to travel, a travel jewelry wrap and a CHART metalworks necklace to remind her of home.

A Village Gift Shop at the Century House is located at 3 Village Square 45246. They’re open Monday – Wednesday 10-6 Thursday and Friday 10-7 Saturday 10-7 and Sunday 12-5.

Sneak Peek: Cincy Chic’s 10th Anniversary Event!


Here’s an exciting sneak peek of our 10th Anniversary event venue (the amazingly remodeled Memorial Hall in OTR) … it’s going to knock your socks off! Can’t wait to pack this place with hundreds of Chic’ers, live music, runway fashion show, 20+ pop-up shops, light bites, and drinks to toast to a fabulous decade of Cincy Chic (and many more to come!) Hope to see you there Jan. 20! Learn more & RSVP at!

Review: Frisch’s Big Boy Presents The Nutcracker

1(Guest post by my fab editorial intern Kelly Maglocci)

The holiday season can officially begin now that the “Frisch’s Big Boy Presents The Nutcracker” is here! On December 9, we were invited to attend the opening night of the Cincinnati Ballet’s performance at the Aronoff Center for the Arts. Such an AMAZING experience was provided by Frisch’s!

From the very first performance of The Nutcracker in 1974, Frisch’s Restaurants has been the Ballet’s primary sponsor. It is one of the longest-lasting examples of corporate sponsorship in American arts history.

4The evening began at the flagship Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant in Covington where an exclusive opening night menu was served. For the first course, our plates were filled with juicy roast beef, gravy smothered turkey and fried chicken, mountains of mashed potatoes, freshly baked dinner rolls and home-style meatloaf. Chef Greg Grisanti prepared the meal and was most excited to unveil the holiday twist that was put on their timeless, classic dessert.

For the first time since the signature Hot Fudge Caked debuted in restaurants in 1970, Frisch’s best-selling dessert is now available in a special holiday flavor. Grisanti collaborated with the local company Velvet to custom make the peppermint flavor in the ice cream which was served with the rich chocolate cake. Whipped cream and 6crushed pieces of peppermint complete the dish and puts the perfect seasonal twist on the iconic classic. This holiday edition of the dessert will be available for a limited time, through February 17, at Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants.

After almost 50 years of the 1970s staple Hot Fudge Cake, Grisanti said it was time to switch it up! “We are under new ownership and have a new perspective, so it was the perfect time to do something new,” says Grisanti. He has over 35 years of experience as a chef, 6 of which have been with Frisch’s Big Boy. “With the new ownership, I am allowed more creative direction and freedom in the kitchen.”

5Once the delicious dessert had been enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate, we were off to the Aronoff to attend the opening night of Cincinnati Ballet’s performance of Frisch’s Big Boy Presents The Nutcracker. Christmas trees and garland ornamented the grand entrance hall where friends and families gathered around Big Boy to take photos.

The performance was riveting. Each act was filled with color, beauty and grace as the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra played the music that accompanied the dancing. The ballerinas on stage were enchanting, and the audience was spellbound by the show.

The Nutcracker is a holiday classic just like the new Peppermint Hot Fudge Cake.  Frisch’s Big Boy Presents The Nutcracker runs December 9-18 and you can get the seasonal cake through February 17.

Newborn Mama Products I’m Loving!

Our little Sofia Mae is two weeks old this week… can’t believe it! In some ways it’s flown by, and in others it feels like the past two weeks has been one big long day. Mostly because I’ve been up with her every couple of hours for her to feed. Sofia isn’t latching as well as Lola did (and she falls asleep SO easily — takes after her daddy! haha!) so I’m doing everything I can to help my supply keep up with her needs.

I ordered a bunch of things online (because what else do you do when you’re up all hours of the night with only a phone to keep you entertained) that had good reviews for helping moms increase their milk supply. I wanted to tell you about the two things in particular that I tried that are working really well for me (other than staying hydrated and sleeping more… that last one is easier said than done).

All the specs about the products are below, but in general, I love the Milkflow drink because it really did help me to increase my milk production, and it’s DELICIOUS! I like it as either a hot cocoa or putting it into my morning coffee for a cafe mocha. The Milkies are great because it helps me to preserve every drop that I’m trying so hard to create! So when Sofia is feeding on one side, it’s saving what I’m “leaking” on the other (sorry, TMI). With Sofia only drinking about 4oz at each feeding, being able to save 2oz that would have otherwise been lost is a big deal!

Brand: Milkies by Fairhaven Health

Product Name: Milkies Milk-Saver 

Product Description: Easy to use, simply slip the Milk-Saver into your bra-cup on the non-nursing side before you breastfeed. The Milk-Saver collects the milk that is leaked when your breast milk lets down. You can store this milk and save it for any time it’s needed.
Product Features + Benefits: 
·       Patented* design allows you to save every drop of precious breast milk 
·       Holds a little over 2 oz. of breast milk
·       Slim and comfortable – no more nursing pads or milk-stained shirts 
·       Comes with a convenient carrying case that also serves as a stand for the Milk Saver 
·       Tested to ensure zero chemical leaching; contains no BPA or phthalates
·       Made in the USA
Price: $27.95
Brand:  UpSpring 
Product Name: Milkflow™
Product Description: Milkflow™ is the new, all-natural, great-tasting drink mix alternative to traditional lactation teas and capsules for breastfeeding moms. Whether establishing milk supply or pumping after maternity leave, Milkflow can help with its easy to use and convenient packets of concentrated herbal blends that have been used for centuries to naturally promote healthy breast milk supply.
Product Features + Benefits: 
·       Fenugreek powdered drink mix to help stimulate milk production*
·       Chocolate-flavored all natural, gluten-free, non-GMO 
·       Concentrated formula
·       Great, hydrating alternative to fenugreek pills, elixirs or teas
·       Contains fenugreek, blessed thistle and anise
·       Mix with 6 oz hot or cold milk, or add to a smoothie
·       Lactation Consultant recommended
·       Also available in Berry flavor
Price: $14.99

Success in the Queen City: Rana Schiff

(This is a guest blog post by my fabulous editorial intern Kelly Crotty)

Rana Schiff with her husband, who she says is a huge support of her career and success.
Rana Schiff with her husband, who she says is a huge support of her career and success.

You know what I love more than anything? I love a success story.

Being the bold, empowered and successful women Chic’ers are, I know you’re familiar with how challenging yet rewarding it can be to build a life and career you love.

Which is why I sat down with local corporate talent Rana Schiff who has risen through the ranks at Cincinnati’s favorite grocery retailer, Kroger, and is now the general manager of Kroger’s Center of Recruiting Excellence. She has revamped the candidates hiring experience while managing over 200 employees.

Read on as we discuss work life balance, challenges working women face and the career risk she took to fulfill her passions. 

Rana, from what I understand you had a wonderful childhood but there were challenges as well.

I am proud to have immigrated with my family to the United States in the late 1980’s from Persia. When I moved here I didn’t speak English and had to learn the alphabet in the second grade, which put me at a disadvantage against my peers. With time I picked up the language and learned my way. Since then I am proud to have completed both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Do you think anything in your youth prepared you for success?

My background helped shape who I am today as an individual as well as a leader in an organization. 

What obstacles have you faced as professional woman navigating career success?

Similar to many others who came before me I have faced obstacles along the way. Some I would relate to being a woman and others just simply being a professional. Overall, my challenges are not any different from others. Work life balance, building my leadership skills and managing my image. The list goes on and on.

Your career started in risk management but that didn’t stop you from taking risk in your own life.

I sure did! After being in Risk Management for over a decade I made the transition to Human Resources. I’m grateful to work for a company who saw potential in me and gave me the chance to make this move. I have loved every minute of it.

My advice to others thinking about making a career change is to GO FOR IT! What do you have to lose?

What advice would you give professional women as they navigate their careers?

  • Do what you love and love what you do!
  • Don’t be afraid to take a chance. It’s good to be uncomfortable with the role you are going to take and challenge yourself.
  • No matter what the feedback is or the source of the feedback, consider it a gift. See what you can take from it.
  • Own your career, no one else will!

What are your thoughts on work life balance? How do you manage it?

Work like balance is an interesting topic. It means something different to everyone and everyone manages it differently. I have found that I am the only person who knows my own balance in life and I need to manage to what is appropriate for my life and circumstances. Unfortunately, it’s not a one size fits all model. I encourage everyone to understand their lives and make the adjustments necessary to be happy at home as well as at work.

It’s not easy to make a name for yourself in a large company especially one that is rich with talent and innovation but Rana saw that Kroger is also full of opportunity and she has established herself as a leader while making a career change. Rana is a bonafide Chic’er, she’s bold, empowered and successful!


Nine Nifty Look for Less Ideas!

A few weeks ago, I did a post about hosting a Miss Em’s Virtual Party and how fun it was to see all my different friends buying pieces, and thinking about how differently they’d style them. I had so much fun putting together those looks that I’m doing it again this week! So here are three sets of earrings/necklaces (which are brand NEW arrivals!) that you can buy on and three different ways to style them — casual, business casual, and dressy! Oh, and if you use the code CINCYCHIC at check out, you’ll get an amazing 40% discount from now until December 10th!

  1. Gold and Black Leatherette Necklace & Earring Set $22.00


2. Light Blue Teardrop Necklace Set $20.00


3. Gold Oval Long Necklace Set $22.00

Miss Em’s Look for Less: New Arrivals!

I always love doing these Look for Less blogs using Miss Em’s pieces! It always reaffirms why I love shopping with Miss Em’s so much! You can really update your wardrobe with SO many items for the price of just one or two of the designer versions!

Miss Em’s JUST got in some new pieces so I wanted to do another Look for Less post using a few of them! Enjoy (and click here to start shopping!) 🙂

Amber Flower Necklace
Miss Em’s – $24
Designer (Bozena) – $560


Turquoise Silver Wrap Bracelet
Miss Em’s – $14
Designer (Chan Luu) – $240


Silver Chunky Swirls Necklace
Miss Em’s – $24
Designer (Terapeak) – $179


Plaid Scarf
Miss Em’s – $24
Designer (Madewell) – $58


Boy Scout Fundraiser Dec. 3!

Every year, Miss Em’s hosts a fun shopping event that benefits the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)! This year’s event is coming up Saturday Dec. 3, 11am-3pm at 5767 Wolfpen-Pleasant Hill Rd. This is the Milford Trinity United Methodist Church and chartered home of Troop 468. Proceeds from this annual fundraiser will help offset cost of monthly campouts, events, and other misc. expenses such as equipment, propane, troop trailer and cooking supplies. The Scouts and their families appreciate this support and hope to see you on Dec. 3! Click here for more event details!

I chatted with the Troop Leader of Troop 468 (based at Trinity United Methodist Church in Milford OH) to learn more about BSA and how much each troop helps their local communities. Here’s what the Troop Leader had to say about his group: The Boy led Troop is over 50 years old and current has 52 boys on charter with the Boy Scouts of America. The scouts range in ages 10 through 18, as they progress through the ranks in hope of reaching Eagle Scout, the highest scouting rank. We are a service driven troop that participates in many events to help local organizations and its people. Some of which include the following:

  • Milford Miami Ministries – Food Collection and 5K fundraiser support
  • Tender Mercies
  • Senior Saturday (Miami Township) breakfast event
  • Built 22 tables for kids affected by Downs Syndrome
  • Honor Flight
  • Provided 75 summer lunches for Milford Students
  • New Life Furniture drive participation
  • Giving Tree for Holidays
  • Flag Retirements
  • Miami Township Fire Tower
  • Finley Ray Park clean up
  • Trinity United Methodist Clean up Fall and Spring

Check out the event flyer below for more details (or click here), along with pics of fun we’ve had in the past supporting the Boy Scouts! Miss Em’s will have amazing pieces for everyone to choose from — ALL jewelry will be $20 or less! And don’t forget about all the awesome baby and kids items Miss Em’s now carries!



From the Publisher of Cincy Chic