Chic Review: The Children’s Theatre

I’ve heard over and over again that acting classes help kids become more confident in school and in life, so it’s been something that I’ve wanted to look into for my kids. That’s when I discovered The Children’s Theater and OH MY GOSH this place is amazing. They have some fall classes coming up — for ages 2 though adult — that sound pretty awesome, so I wanted to let you know about them.

They have Itty Bitty Artist Classes for Ages 2-5, like arts based activities centered around popular stories, Mommy and Me classes, Beginner Jazz, beginner drama basics, and also a Movin’ and groovin’ class.

For Ages 6-14, they have drama classes, and dance classes like ballet, tap and jazz that are 15 week classes with a final performance at the Winter Showcase on the Showtime Stage — so cool!

They also do Voice Classes and Specialty Classes for things like Stage Makeup!

These classes give great Arts Exposure – for those who think the arts are fun and want to explore them more. It’s also good for Arts Training – for those who have a passion for the arts and want to get better — or even a Pre-Professional – for those kiddos who want to make a career in the arts when they grow up!

The classes meet weekly. Homeschool classes are available too!

You can learn more and register on their website

Chic Review: ABC Pediatric Therapy

I recently found out about ABC Pediatric Therapy and took their milestone assessment for my middle kiddo, Sofia, and then went in to work with some of their therapists to learn some things for keeping her right on track!

ABC Pediatric Therapy offers pediatric speech, physical and occupational therapy. They also do lots of other cool specialty services including aquatic therapy, feeding therapy (got a picky eater?) splinting, orthotics, listening program and interactive metronome.

They have six locations! Here at the Red Bank location I checked out, Western Hills, West Chester, Middletown, Miamisburg and Beavercreek.

Minimal wait time, too. They get your child in in a very short time so they can begin progress right away!

What’s great about going there is that their SP, OT and PT therapists all work together and are always in communication. No diagnosis needed and ALL insurances are accepted. No parking garages, easy walk-ins at all locations which again is key when you have kids with you!

Want to see if your kiddo is meeting developmental milestones? Use the free online ABC Developmental Checklist. It’s an awesome interactive screening tool to see if your 1-6 year old is on track with their gross motor, fine motor, speech, and sensory skills. Check it out at

From the Publisher of Cincy Chic