Pink Tulip Club – Grand Reopening Party!

I just visited Pink Tulip Club in Montgomery (a SUPER cute women’s fashion boutique with a location in Montgomery and another in Hyde Park). The Montgomery location just got a big remodel and it looks amazing!

They’re actually having a fashionable fete to celebrate their new digs! Below are all the details! I’ll be there, along with a few of my favorite local fashion bloggers! Hope to see you!

Three Tips for Cruelty Free Living!

My intern Alexis Piascik and I were talking about this topic and it was REALLY interesting! So, I asked her to wrote this as a guest post! Thanks, Alexis!

cashew cheese


Cruelty free eating is essentially going vegan; it just sounds less intense, and can actually be really easy! Substitutions are easy to find and often come with tons of benefits. Meatless meat generally has more protein than regular meat, dairy-free milk doesn’t have to be refrigerated, and going cruelty-free simply requires more consumption of fruits, vegetables, and other organic foods, which all have immense health benefits. And if the inhumane treatment of chicks, pigs, cows, and turkeys isn’t enough, the environmental impacts of the meat industry are no joke either. The extensive water consumption, CO2 emissions, and land use have contributed greatly to global warming.

However, if going vegan is too intimidating, there are tons of other ways to save a few animal lives and live cruelty-free.


Make-up is something most of us use almost every single day and essentially pay for every day causing the industry to bring in more than $50 billion dollars annually in the U.S. alone (according to Why would you put that kind of money towards testing on bunnies, mice, and guinea pigs when it’s so easy to pick up a different brand? It may be disappointing to find out your favorite products have caused a rabbit to lose its vision or a mouse to lose its leg, but there are tons of popular and reliable brands that don’t test on animals including Urban Decay, NYX, elf, Bare Minerals, and Wet ‘n’ Wild. A more extensive list can be found here [hyperlink to ] but simply googling your favorite brands works just as well. Most brands will advertise if they’re cruelty-free, and if they’re staying silent, it probably isn’t good news – MAC, Maybelline, and L’Oreal are just a few.


What do you use more frequently and more regularly than your clothing? For some of you fast-fashion and bargain shoppers, some good news may be ahead; both polyester and cotton are cruelty-free fabrics! And there are plenty of other plant fabrics and man-made materials that are cruelty-free such as denim, rayon, and jersey but some pretty common cruel fabrics include wool, cashmere, silk, leather, fleece, suede, and anything that includes the animal and/or the word ‘skin’: alpaca, camel hair, snake skin, etc. The good thing though? There are vegan alternatives for practically anything: faux fur, faux leather and Soysilk are just a few of the alternatives. Modern Technology has even allowed us to create fabrics out of things like wood, seaweed, and soybeans to create more cruelty-free fabrics. Read more about the different kinds of alternatives and where to find them here.

Living cruelty-free doesn’t mean you’re snobby or “crunchy,” it just means you’re being a little more intentional about your decisions to help out your health, the health of others, and even the environment!

Review: Your Stylist, LLC

With having two kids in three years, my body has changed and I feel like I have NO TIME to shop or spend time getting creative with my wardrobe like I used to. So, as a result, I had three go-to outfits I kept wearing over and over again because I knew they fit, were comfortable, and were somewhat on-trend. In a pre-Facebook world, that might have worked a little better, but I kept getting embarrassed knowing that I had JUST worn the same thing when I posted something last week! haha!

Jackie Neville, founder of Your Stylist

I met Jackie Neville, founder of Your Stylist, at an event a couple months ago, and she said her specialty is helping women out of their style ruts. Ok, you have my attention, Jackie! 🙂

So,  I met her and filled out her initial questionnaire so she could learn about my lifestyle, style, and things I needed help with (like needing more go-to outfits!), etc.

She then came to my house, and did a full-on closet consultation to get rid of things that didn’t fit me well, determine what needed to be tailored to better fit me (and therefore get worn more often), and then she did a REALLY cool thing where she sorted my closet by outfit. She used these special hangers, where she had a shirt and a few different pants/skirts/jackets/sweaters that I could wear with it to make a full outfit. Voila, I have a TON of go-to outfits now!

I can’t tell you how much easier this makes my life every morning! Definitely recommend her! Click here to check out her site, and all the services she offers (she does personal shopping, etc., too!). I also recommend following her on Facebook and Instagram for some great styling and trend tips!

“Sip ‘n’ Shop” Event THIS SATURDAY!

While the East Side of Cincinnati is hoppin’ with women’s fashion boutiques, there’s only one – LouLou’s Boutique – on the West Side of town (that I know of). So, as a proud West Sider, I had to partner up with them for an event to show them (and an important local cause) some love! The event benefits Cancer Free Kids, as a portion of all sales goes to them. So, I hope you’ll be able to find some time to make it over on Saturday morning, enjoy some mimosas with us, and shop for a great cause! More details below!

Sip ‘n’ Shop
WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 11, 11am-2pm
WHERE: LouLou’s Boutique, 6145 Bridgetown Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248
ENJOY: Brunch bites, coffee, and mimosas as you shop the latest in women’s fashion and accessory arrivals at LouLou’s Boutique. 10% of all sales from the event will be donated to Cancer Free Kids.

Sparkle for Good “Be Your Own Valentine” Event Feb. 10-12

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so if you need to shop for a loved one (or want to show some love to yourself!), you’ll DEFINITELY want to check out the Sparkle for Good “Be Your Own Valentine” event Feb. 10-12 at The Brick in OTR! Watch to see why as I get an exclusive sneak peek of the event! Learn more at

Star Glazers = Creative Fun!

My friends and I have been looking for things for us to do together that involve something other than just meeting at a restaurant or bar… yes, we’re at that sad point in life where we’re starting to feel old at most bars in town. haha!

Plus, I have a curious two year old who likes to get her hands dirty… or “get creative” as we call it!

So, I was SUPER excited to learn about Star Glazers. They bring a pottery making/decorating party to you. They bring everything except the tables and chairs! It’s great for any type get-together…birthdays, ladies night, showers, Scouts, church groups, corporate events, after-prom activities, etc. Great for any age!

Prices range from $9 per piece to around $40 per piece (piece price includes piece, paint, supplies to use, Star Glazers employee on site for event, glazing, firing, delivery of finished pieces). Parties have a minimum of 8 people and/or 8 pieces. No maximum of pieces, though! (with giving them notice of course)

What I love is that you don’t need to be an artist for this. You learn as you go, and someone from Star Glazers is there the whole time in case anyone needs help achieving their artistic vision.

Sounds awesome, right!? Click here to check out examples on their site and click here to contact them to learn more/book them for a party!

Review: Foodie Cincy

Love food AND saving money? Sounds like you’re hungry for Foodie Cincy!

Foodie Cincy is the coolest dining incentive program for food lovers. They’ve curated a list of 53 local restaurants — all different neighborhoods, cuisines and price points.

It looks just like a deck of playing cards, so it’s easy to throw in your purse. Each card contains a detailed description of the restaurant and is also a voucher for $10 off of a $30 food purchase to that restaurant. The decks retail for $40, but use the code CINCYCHIC at for half off! Yup… that means $530 in savings for only $20!

Bon Appétit

Review: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

(A guest post by my fabulous intern, Kelly Maglocci)

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing: a dark humored comedy presented in a classic, light hearted fashion. This Tony Award winning musical tells the tale of Monty Navarro, a social climbing pauper that discovers he has ties to aristocracy. Only 8 distant relatives stand between him and becoming the Earl of Highhurst. Fueled by the D’Ysquith family’s dismissive response to his mother’s then his own attempts to reconnect, Monty, played by Kevin Massey, vows to take down all those that stand between he and becoming the earl.

The same actor, John Rapson, played the entire D’Ysquith family and executed numerous costume changes seamlessly. His ability to make each character individual and charismatic is a testament to his immense talent and comedic acting ability. The leading ladies of the show, Sibella Hallward, Monty’s mistress, played by Kristen Beth Williams, and Phoebe D’Ysquith, his cousin and love interest, played by Kristen Hahn, demonstrated tremendous range while singing songs such as “I’ve Decided to Marry You” and “I Don’t Know What I’d Do.”

The set design was stunning and the magnificent stage acted as another player that engaged the audience. Each scene was enhanced by a digital background making them vibrant and full of life. Throughout the play, the audience was erupting into laughter and applause. The lobby crowded during intermission with the audience buzzing about the play’s humor and anticipating what would unfold in the second act.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder is showing now through January 8 at the Aronoff Center for the Arts. Don’t miss your chance to see Broadway in Cincinnati! Tickets are available here.

Donate New Shoes, Help Local Foster Children!

As a shoe lover, I know how a new pair of shoes can make my day. But for a foster child, a new pair of shoes can mean the world.

That’s why Sibcy Cline Realtors is collecting new shoes for area foster children at all Sibcy Cline offices from January 3 – February 14, 2017. Donations will be collected Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm.

Why Shoes?

Moira Weir, director of Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services says, “You can help make a difference in the lives of the foster children of Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton and Southeastern Indiana by providing them with much needed shoes. All items will be put to good use by Hamilton County Job & Family Services and other partnering organizations serving our foster children, and will be dispersed on an ongoing basis as we receive them throughout the collection period.”

What Kind of Shoes?

All sizes of new shoes – from infant to adult size – will be collected. Sneakers, loafers, winter boots and any closed-toe shoes will be accepted. The goal is to collect 500 pairs.

About Sweet Soles For Love

When Cincinnati-based PR guru, Julie Whitney, owner of Phillippi-Whitney Communications LLC was watching ABC World News Tonight the evening of August 26, 2014 she saw a story that made a tremendous impact on her. It was a feature about the foster children in Richmond, Virginia who had to carry all of their belongings in a black trash bag as they moved from home to home. This story motivated her to organize a luggage drive called ‘Cases For Love’ for the foster Children of Hamilton County in January, 2014. The campaign was more successful than she ever imagined.

Says Whitney, “‘Cases For Love’ was an extraordinary effort by all of the extremely passionate parties involved, and it is an understatement to say that it exceeded our expectations. Our initial goal was 1,200 suitcases, and we actually received close to 10,000, allowing us to not only serve the foster children of Hamilton County, but also those in Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana. This entire effort was made possible due to the generous support of Sibcy Cline, Hamilton County Job & Family Services, University Moving and Storage, the philanthropic minded and generous citizens of our region as well as the local media, who latched onto this story and never let go.”

In 2015, Whitney and Sibcy Cline teamed up again with ‘Gloves For Love,’ an effort that provided more than 6,800 gloves, mittens, scarves and hats to area foster children.

Says Pam Sibcy, Vice President of Marketing for Sibcy Cline, “We heard about the need for a drop-off location back in 2014, and jumped on board from day one to help collect the suitcases in all of our 22 locations throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. But ‘Cases For Love’ and the following year ‘Gloves For Love’ became much more than a suitcase or winter gloves collection to us. Our offices became very passionate about the needs of foster children, and our 1,200 realtors started making their own fliers and personally collecting items from their clients citywide. Our collection boxes in our branch offices overflowed with donations!”

More Information:

Follow Sweet Soles for Love on Facebook at

Flash Sale at A Village Gift Shop Thursday Dec. 15!

CHART metalworks

You all know that I love a good sale. You also know that A Village Gift Shop in Glendale is one of my favorite places to shop. Well, tomorrow is going to be a great day because there will be a huge SALE at the store I love!!!

This is awesome because it’s right before the holidays and they have a TON of great gift and entertaining items (and they wrap for free!). Everything from dips and decor to make your holiday party super chic (and yummy)… to gifts for women, men, babies and even pets.

Alex and Ani
Gourmet Du Village dip mix

I love putting together gift baskets by combining a few different small items to personalize the gifts for each person I’m giving them to…
– For my fashionista foodie friends, I’ve given a Gourmet Du Village dip mix paired with a Mud Pie dip spreader, and an Alex and Ani bangle bracelet she can add to her arm party collection
– For my friend who walks to her downtown job from her condo in OTR, a pair of their recycled finger-less gloves, paired with a blanket scarf and boot toppers (gives you a cute look of tall sweater socks and lace at the top of your boots without the bulk of big socks
– For my mom who loves to travel, a travel jewelry wrap and a CHART metalworks necklace to remind her of home.

A Village Gift Shop at the Century House is located at 3 Village Square 45246. They’re open Monday – Wednesday 10-6 Thursday and Friday 10-7 Saturday 10-7 and Sunday 12-5.

From the Publisher of Cincy Chic