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Today’s Trunk Show at Blaine’s to Feature Women’s Wear!


Yet another sign that women are taking over the world: A local menswear boutique is now featuring women’s clothing. Before you get too excited though, it’s for one day only and that day is TODAY!

Blaine’s Fine Men’s Apparel is hosting a trunk show and designer event to celebrate its recent facelift. With new ownership and a completely remodeled store, its hosting an event to celebrate the new changes as well as new fashions from Robert Graham.

In addition to the menswear featured at the event, Blaine’s is also featuring women’s clothing as part of the trunk show. They don’t typically carry women’s clothing at the store, but Robert Graham has some amazing looks for women for the summer.

The event will also feature wine tastings with Marty Piazza of Piazza Discepoli of Maderia , as well as the Cincinnati premier  of el Arco tequila, a venture headed up by Greg Meyer, Rocky  Boiman and Tony Bowne  from Cincinnati.

The trunk show will be held TODAY! from 6-9:30pm at Blaine’s Fine Men’s Apparel (9407 Montgomery Rd).

And as if you didn’t have enough reasons to come and shop, they’re giving you one more: 10% of all purchases will benefit the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati.

Krombholz Jewelers to be Featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

You’ve heard “Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend,” right? Well, no one knows that better than Krombholz Jewelers (aka the venue of our Night in White event next Friday!).

Well, diamonds and the Krombholz family will be the new BFFs of one lucky local lady. That’s because Krombholz Jewelers (a 70 year old company!) just snagged a great gig with the ABC network. The producers of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” gave Krombholz the honor of designing an engagement ring for the Dickinson family of South Carolina.

So, not only will the couple, along with their 6 children, get a brand new beautiful home, but India, the wife, will also get a specially crafted diamond ring, featuring the birthstones of each of their 6 children. As if this show wasn’t already a tear jerker! With only a matter of days, the jewelers at Krombholz designed a ring with a retail value of $17,000, but the sentimental value means so much more.

India’s husband, Bill, has served in the US Marine Cops for 17 years and is currently deployed over 7,000 miles away in Afghanistan. Because of his deployment and financial hardships, their home was hard to keep up with and was at the point of being inhabitable, so with the help of Ty and the design team, along with many South Carolina donors and volunteers, a new home was built in a week and the ring was presented to India by Bill, live via video chat, which meant a lot to him because he never had the chance to buy his wife an engagement ring.

Because of the great honor and recognition they have received because of this, Krombholz wants everyone to come celebrate with a viewing party, which will take place at Stir, across from their jewelry store in Olde Montgomery, on May 1 at 7 PM. Even though the public is invited, they are requesting RSVP’s by April 28, so be sure to contact them beforehand so you won’t miss out on the airing of the episode, along with a surprise video chat with India that is being planned for that night!

Most of us are well aware of the heart-wrenching series, so why not come shed a tear or two (or a million) while sharing some drinks with other Cincy Chic’ers? It will be a great time and a memorable moment for all who attend. Hope to see you there! (For more information on the event, check out Krombholz newsletter here. If you want to learn more about Krombholz Jewelers, read a great Cincy Chic write up here!

Thanks to BreeAnna Smith, my intern, for helping put this blog post together.

Enjoy Some Quality Play Time at Northside Tavern for a Great Cause!

To all you ladies out there who are craving a girls’ night out, then clear your calendars for tomorrow, April 20.  Join Monkee’s of Madeira (we just featured them in this week’s feature story for our “Shoe” issue on Cincy Chic!) in supporting a great cause while enjoying drink specials and quizzing your elementary school level facts and trivia.

The Northside Tavern is hosting an “Old School for Children’s Quiz Night” to help out the Cincinnati Junior Council for Children’s hospital. Not only will you get to be part the game itself, but there will also be chances to win give away prizes and raffle items! The happy hour specials will be from 6-8 PM, with the quiz game with start at 7 PM.

This is a perfect opportunity for you and your girlfriends to get out on the town and have some fun. So enjoy some liquid courage to test out your memory from the stuff you learned way back when. Even if you don’t win the game, you’ll at least win on having a fun night full of laughs. The tickets are  $12 at the door, which is a small cost to pay knowing its helping out such a great cause. You can register by clicking here! I hope you all can try and make it out. Don’t forget to bring your “A” game!

Thanks to BreeAnna Smith, my intern, for helping put this blog post together.

Treat Mom, Help Local Women with Sarah Center Spring Sale

Thinking back to Mother’s Day, I remember my mom cherishing the gifts that I made myself. I remember painting a cardboard box with something that kind of resembled an “M” “O” “M” and she kept it for years… she used it as the container that held her hairspray and brush in the bathroom. (She used those a lot – Lots of hairspray and teasing in the 80s you know)

As I grew up, I made things like jewelry. And I’d use stones like Amber (her fav) that would make it special and personalized for her. The things that took the most time and were from the heart seemed to mean more than a simple store bought card or an unoriginal gift card.

But as I grow up even more, I’m getting too busy to make those hand-made items I would love to make for her. Now she’s spoiled though (but I still love you mom if you’re reading this! haha!) so I can’t revert back to Planet Unoriginal and get her boring gifts.

An example of Sarah Center jewelry (click to enlarge)

That’s why I was so excited to learn about Sarah Center. They’re helping you out with giving a deep meaningful gift for those us busy bees for this coming Mother’s Day.

Sarah Center is affiliated with the St. Francis Seraph Ministries and is located in Over The Rhine. The center will be hosting a Spring Sale which will include handcrafted quilts, jewelry and lots more!

The women who make these unique gifts are the real reason to give this sale your time and business. Because OTR is mainly populated with poverty, Sarah Center brings the women of OTR together to build lasting friendships and help each other reach their full potential, helping to give the women stability regardless of their home life.

If you can’t make it to this sale, then check out the site for the Sarah Center to help give back or give information on how to help by clicking here. You can even check out the jewelry and quilts that have been made to get an idea of what will be showcased at the sale. Giving heartfelt gifts to our own mothers is a blessing, so let’s give back to those mothers who deserve it most!

Thanks to BreeAnna Smith, my intern, for helping put this blog post together.

Great Deals, Great Cause at 4th Street Boutique

The 4th Street Boutique is hosting a Back Room Sale which will include some great designers such as Armani, Marc Jacobs, and Oscar de la Renta. The back room at 4th street is the room that usually holds the high end merchandise at the store, hence the name of the sale!

The sale only happens twice a year and it includes not only designer clothing, but also jewelry, handbags, belts, hats, scarves, and shoes.  The prices range from $25 for a belt to $500 for a leather jacket. Who could miss this great of an opportunity?

The store will be open today and Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM and Thursday and Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM. Those of you who are interested, check out the stores facebook page to get more info on the sale. So stop by the 4th Street Boutique on your lunch breaks starting on Wednesday to help out a great cause and get a little bit of shopping in!

Thanks to BreeAnna Smith, my intern, for helping put this blog post together.

LBDs at Cheers to Art!

Everyone knows a little black dress is a wardrobe staple. But could LBDs now be an interior design staple, too? I think so!

My girlfriends and I visited a cute new place in Madeira called Cheers to Art! I found out about them because they’re a Cincy Chic client! It’s a painting studio with a bar… so I thought how PERFECT for one of our weekly Champagne Tuesday outings! We’re all very creative gals, so it was fun to see us show our personalities through our painting!

We got there and they had a few big tables set up with canvases and brushes at each seat. At the front of the room was the inspiration painting that the owners of Cheers to Art! (a super cute married couple) picked out. You can go on the calendar on their site and see what they’ll be painting that night, or you can book the place out for a private party if you have a big crowd. It was me and three of the CT girls, and then there were two other big groups of fun gals.

We painted a little black dress at our night while enjoying a couple bottles of Poema sparkling wine. Jill, one of the owners, helped us learn how to paint the dress, but encouraged us all to take creative license, which we did… especially after a few sips of the bubbly! 🙂

At the end of the night we went around the room to look at everyone’s paintings and it was so fun to see how different everyone’s turned out. Just even within our group, we had Aymie’s who’s was full of fun and flair, Monika put a cute belt on hers, I put some tulle on the bottom of mine (a painting technique I figured out accidentally but ended up teaching another girl across the room) and Lauren painted a gold dress (gold *is* very trendy right now… you go Lauren, such a trend setter)!

The CT girls and I had SUCH a great time! Check out the video below to share in our fun that we had at Cheers to Art!


Wear the Prestigious without Paying the Price!

Cincinnati is about to take the concept of a consignment shop to a whole new level for us fashionistas. The Glass Zipper Boutique (GZB) is opening its doors to the women of Cincy in just a couple of weeks, on April 16. The owners of the shop were inspired by the idea of “rediscovering, recycling, and reclaiming fashion,” so their grand opening date fits perfectly with the “revival” season of spring!

Not only will GZB be offering a wide selection of gently (and extra emphasis on “gently”) used clothing, handbags, accessories and shoes, but they will also be selling new items as well. You can either shop or donate… or both!

They love brands such as, BCGB, J. Crew, Juicy Couture, D&G, Michael Kors, and many more and many many more!  If you do decide to donate your spring/summer designer items, you will get 50% of the profit (talk about easy money making), and the cash of your sold items can be picked up at any time while the boutique is open. How convenient is that? All they ask is that the items are freshly cleaned and in the best condition possible.

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about having the opportunity to be decked out in the latest mega designers, with only having to spend a fraction of retail! That, my friends, is called winning at life! : )

The boutique is located in Pleasant Ridge at 6058 Montgomery Road, at the corner of Montgomery and Woodward. So be sure to check them out on April 16, for a little indulgence and a great opportunity to glamorize your spring and summer wardrobe without breaking the bank!

Also, “Like” their page on Facebook to get all the latest news about their boutique by clicking here.

Thanks to BreeAnna Smith, my intern, for helping put this blog post together.

Trunk Show Monday – Stock up on Chic Shades

We’ve had a long winter, but today’s pretty weather is just a reminder that the sun is ready to shine! (That’s right snow, you’re not welcome here anymore)

Make sure you’re ready for the sun in some new chic shades! There’s an event coming up where you can shop at 20% off! It’s going to be at Cincinnati EyeCare Team in West Chester. Check out all the other event details below! See you there!

Eyewear Trunk Show

Monday April 4th, 2011
5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Cincinnati EyeCare Team
8629 N. Pavilion Dr. (at Union Centre Blvd & Rt. 747)
West Chester, OH 45069

Event Description:

The trunk show will include eyewear from Versace, Prada, Oakley and more! Choose from our vendors’ full line of sunglasses and eyeglasses. Shop to enhance your look, see clearer and protect your eyes!

Want More!??

Tell us where you heard about our event and receive 20% off your purchase. Register to win a pair of designer sunglasses, Rx lenses and other great prizes!

Kenzie’s CLOSET and Dhani Jones Team Up!

Think back to your high school days. Looking back, there is one night that you plan to make the one night you’ll remember with the friends you will never forget: Prom.

The whole last few months in school before summer are spent building up the courage to ask your dream date to go with you or waiting for him to ask you, and of course,  finding the perfect dress or tux.

Although your memories of your night might not be described as perfect — maybe “awkward” and/or “entertaining” instead — some people from your high school couldn’t go because they didn’t have the resources to do so. Maybe the money they did have was used to help their parents to pay the bills, or maybe they couldn’t work because they had to stay home everyday to watch their younger siblings so their parents could work. It really makes you think, doesn’t it?

Well, now those kids (who are facing even MORE money troubles with the bad economy) are getting the help and attention they deserve thanks to Kenzie’s CLOSET.

KC is driven by their mission to give the financially disadvantaged juniors and seniors of local high schools in our community the prom night they deserve by supplying them with dresses or suits and the necessary accessories that they otherwise couldn’t afford. In the last 6 years that the non- profit organization has been in existence, KC has dressed closed to 600 students.

This year the organization has the help of our Cincinnati Bengals linebacker, Dhani Jones. The proceeds from the newest bow tie in the NFL player’s collection of specially-designed bow ties for Jones’ “Bow Ties for a Cause” organization are going to immediately help with the expenses of KC to make their mission possible for 2011.

The bow tie also has a sterling silver bowtie-themed necklace to go along with it, for all the women fans of Jones, if an actual fabric bow tie doesn’t fit your style. The bow tie, which just recently landed a spot in USA Today, and necklace are available at the Kenzie’s CLOSET website here, and are priced at $57.00, which charmingly matches Jones’ jersey number for our Bengals.  So, go online and help the kids in our community. It’s a great cause, and just think what a difference you’d make on our next generation by making their prom night dreams come true!

One of Dhani's famous bow ties

Dhani's new bow tie necklace for women

Thanks to BreeAnna Smith, my intern, for helping put this blog post together.