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12 Days of Seasonably Chic Showcase: Day 11

Rachel Lynn Studio "love" wire door hanger ($12)
Rachel Lynn Studio "love" wire door hanger ($12)

As the shopping season comes our way, I always find myself scrambling for great gifts for my loved ones. Well, scramble no more, ladies! At the Nov. 6 Seasonably Chic Showcase, you’ll find gifts for everyone in the family, and maybe even something for yourself! Ok, DEFINITELY something for yourself!  : )

Rachel Lynn Studio
This Etsy jewelry maker will be showing off her best handmade pieces this year. But, prior to making jewelry, Rachel Lynn from Rachel Lynn Studio was inspired by the 70 horses she looked after. Now she only cares for her two dogs but still makes beautifully crafted pieces from wire, fabrics and paint. And I really love the personalized wire name hanger which would be great for any baby shower, house warming gift or even in your own home. I was actually just at an event last week where Rachel was and I saw the “love” wire door hanger and I thought it was a necklace… I asked her if she could change the clasp and make it a necklace for me, so I can’t want to get that! How eyecatching would that be with an LBD and red heels… OH! On Valentine’s Day?!? AH! I’m really excited now!

DeGroot Handbag

DeGroot Handbags
In my book, a great handbag is a girl’s best friend. It’s like a puppy you don’t have to feed. I know I’ve told you about DeGroot Handbags before, but in case you don’t know, DeGroot bags are made by a local gal, Missy DeGroot, who specializes in high-end Italian leather handbags. I reeeeeeeally love her bags. Don’t tell my husband, but I have four and I’m contemplating making it an even five. : ) So, naturally I can’t wait to see the selection of handbags that DeGroot Handbags will bring to Seasonably Chic Showcase.

Here’s a little backstory on Missy: After starting the line 6 years ago, she’s been traveling the world for the most exotic and unique leather and fabrics. These bags have graced the cover of top fashion magazines such as Lucky, In Style, WWD, Accessories magazine, Glamour, Marie Claire and Elle.

It’s In The Details
After selling items on the road throughout the Midwest, founder Brenda Stradley realized there was a huge demand for her unique gifts in Mason, Ohio. She set up shop and has been serving the people of Cincinnati with everything a woman could want. It’s In The Details carries some great girlfriend gifts and head turning trinkets.

They sell everything from accessories, to shoes, to kid’s clothes, to wedding gifts. The boutique also has a wide selection of antique style jewelry at great prices. Below are some of my favorite pieces… they sure will make a statement at your holiday parties right around the corner!

Antique Accessories from It's In The Details

Scentsy by Cherie Winship
I love using candles around my house. You can get that scent of warm, baked apple pie without even stepping in the kitchen! haha! That’s why I am looking forward to stopping by Scentsy Warmers’ booth to see all they have to offer. These are no ordinary candles, my friends. They actually aren’t even candles, they are a low-watt bulb that melts specially formulated wax slowly, maximizing the fragrance time.

If you’re like me, and like your home smelling like you just finished baking, pick up the Bakery fragrance. Or if you love to smell of your favorite coffee shop, try the Scentsy Café. (I like coffee too much to rely on a candle for that scent… I get it the old fashioned way: From Mr. Coffee! haha!)

Each Scentsy comes in a Warmer which can be customer designed. They feature some beautiful colors, shapes and sizes. You could find a Warmer that matches any room in your house.

The Seasonably Chic Showcase will be on Nov. 6 at The Phoenix downtown from 10am-3pm. This event brings 40 of the Tri-state’s best boutiques and vendors – for women, men, children and pets – all under one roof for one day of spectacular shopping! The best thing about it? It’s free to get in! Just bring in a canned good for the Freestore Foodbank! Click here to RSVP!

Cincy Chic and Locals on Living, an affiliate of the Cincinnati.Com network, have teamed up to give away a prize pack of items from all the Seasonably Chic Showcase vendors that’s valued at $2,500! Click here to learn how you can win it!

PS: thanks to my intern, Holly Hoover, for helping me put this blog together.

12 Days of Seasonably Chic Showcase: Day 12

We’re less than two weeks away from the most fashionable holiday shopping event of the year! The Seasonably Chic Showcase will be on Nov. 6 at The Phoenix downtown from 10am-3pm. This event brings 40 of the Tri-state’s best boutiques and vendors – for women, men, children and pets – all under one roof for one day of spectacular shopping! The best thing about it? It’s free to get in! Just bring in a canned good for the Freestore Foodbank! Click here to RSVP!

To gear up for the big event, I’m doing a “12 Days of Seasonably Chic Showcase” blog series to feature all the vendors who will be involved, and some of my favorite items they’ll have at the event. Today I’m featuring the following vendors:

Votre Vu Duette (click to enlarge)

Votre Vu by Julena Bingaman
Pure Romance with Leslie Hoop
Peek of Chic
JennaClaire Handbag Studio

And here are my favorite items that they’ll have at the show…

Votre Vu: If you don’t know about this new French skincare line, you need to. I met Julena, a Votre Vu rep, about a year ago and she got me hooked. They have everything from tonics, masques and scrubs to some anti-aging frozen serum, but what I love best are their lotions. They’re not watery, oily, heavy or greasy.

New Pure Romance "Bliss" Clothing (click to enlarge)

My favorite lotion is their Duette – it’s lotion, lip balm and a mirror all in one! It’s really convenient to throw in my purse and have everything I need together. My husband’s favorite (on me, of course) is the “TARTE D’AMANDE Soufflé” … his reasoning? “Because it smells like birthday cake!” haha! I guess it’s true, the way to their heart is through their stomach! : )

Pure Romance: While most of their products are made for what goes on between the sheets, Pure Romance actually just launched a new line of products to use when you’re out of bed. Their new Bliss Clothing line launched last year, featuring tank tops, short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, a robe, hipster panties, hoodies and track pants and two totes. These clothes are very cute and made out of super comfy materials.

Sparkling Flower Collar at Peek of Chic
Sparkling Flower Collar at Peek of Chic

Peek of Chic: This is an awesome local company I recently found out about. They have gorrrrrrgeous jewelry, and a fancy new website too! I love that they have a huge range of jewelry and prices so you can either make an impulse purchase or save up for something a little more substantial. So, in light of that range, I found two things I love, one on each end of the spectrum. On the cheap chic end, I found these $40 tassel earrings (they’ll match the tassels on my sassy new purse!). On the high-end, I found this $505 “Sparkling Flower Collar” which is absolutely stunning. But I have to say, when I first read the name, I thought of cauliflower…. get it…. collar … flower… haha! Oh I crack myself up.

JennaClaire Handbag Studio: We traveled up north to find this boutique for you. They’re located up at The Greene Towne Center in Dayton. My favorite item at their store is their “It’s a Cinch” bag.

"It's a Cinch" bag from JennaClaire Handbag Studio
"It's a Cinch" bag from JennaClaire Handbag Studio

You can get the bag in a variety of patterns and then switch out the cinch belt around it to match your outfit, shoes or accessories. Also, another thing I love about these bags is the interior. Lots of pockets to keep everything organized, in its place and easy to find. The price is $115, but you get to customize every little thing about it. You get to:

* Choose your Main Exterior fabric
* Choose your Belt fabric
* Choose your Shoulder Strap fabric
* Choose your Bag Lining fabric
* Choose your Inner Zip Pocket Lining fabric
* Choose your Inner Patch Pocket fabric

Oh, and the last time I looked at these bags, I discovered a bonus benefit: you can wear the handbag cinch belt as a belt on you! Unfortunately, I tried the belt on and it’s a smidge too small on me. But if you are a size 0-4, the belt would fit perfectly and you’d be able to get even more wear out of your cinch belt! That’s what I like to call winning at life.

Here’s another way to win at life: Cincy Chic and Locals on Living, an affiliate of the Cincinnati.Com network, have teamed up to give away a prize pack of items from all the Seasonably Chic Showcase vendors that’s valued at $2,500! Click here to learn how you can win it!

Fabushoe Friday: Win Tickets to ‘Changing Shoes’

$24 shoes from Forever21
$24 shoes from Forever21

You’re getting a two-in-one special on this blog: First, I have to tell you about my discovery of the cheap but chic Forever21 footwear line; and second, I have to tell you about the giveaway I’m doing of “Changing Shoes” tickets!

Pictured in this blog are the shoes I’m wearing today. I got them at Forever21 for $24! I was pretty skeptical of Forever21 at first, thinking it was only for teenagers, but then I found some really great tops, jeans and sweaters there. And just recently I found their footwear department.

I’m rough on my shoes, so it’s difficult to justify spending any more than $30 on them unless they’re for special occasions. So, I was in love with F21’s footwear, because most pairs were in the $20-$30 range! And they were super cute and on-trend! I was good and only got one pair. But in the words of the Terminator… “I’ll be back!” : )

Ok, now for the giveaway! After writing about “Changing Shoes” at the Aronoff Oct. 18, the PR people promoting the show contacted me and said Tina Sloan loved the blog and wants to give away tickets to the show on it! (ahhhhh!!!!!)

So, I set up a contest on our Cincy Chic Facebook page. Post a pic of your favorite pair of shoes before midnight tomorrow (Saturday Oct 16) on the Cincy Chic Facebook fanpage wall, and you’ll be entered to win one of two sets of tickets to “Changing Shoes” up for grabs. Two winners will be selected to win at midnight Oct. 16 and will be contacted at that time! Good luck and hopefully I’ll see ya at the show!

Save the Date: Seasonably Chic Showcase!

As much as I love shopping, holiday shopping always stressed me out. As I’ve said before, I don’t like to get things people pick out for themselves. I like to put a lot of thought into it and give them something special. Great in theory, but finding those one-of-a-kind things are a full time job.

It wore me out to drive all over town to shop the local boutiques for unique gifts, and the big holiday shopping expos overwhelmed me. I wished there was a happy medium. A few vendors with unique stuff for men, women, grandparents, kids and pets – all under one roof. Annnnnnd it’s useful to see fashion shows when you shop because it gives you ideas for  who would look good in what. Oh, and it’s always more fun to shop when you’re drinking a cocktail. : )

So, I took my wish list for what I’d love to have in a holiday shopping event and created it! It’s called the “Seasonably Chic Showcase.” The second annual event will be going on Saturday November 6 at the Phoenix downtown.

To get you all excited about the event, and I put together a giveaway where you can win goodies from our Seasonably Chic vendors (valued at $2,500+!). All you have to do is enter and you might be randomly selected to win! Click here to learn more about and enter the giveaway. Click here to RSVP for the Seasonably Chic Showcase. And click here to RSVP to the brunch ‘n’ learn we’ll have at 12:30 at the Seasonably Chic Showcase!

Seasonably Chic Showcase Invite
Seasonably Chic Showcase Invite (Click to enlarge)

Seasonably Chic Showcase

‘Tis the Season to be Chic! Join us on November 6 from 10am-3pm for a fashionable holiday shopping experience downtown at The Phoenix (812 Race St.). This holiday shopping event will bring all the greatest local boutiques and vendors – for women, men, children and pets – all under one roof!

One canned good, which will be donated to the Freestore Foodbank, is the admission “fee.” The first 100 attendees will receive a swag bag* (valued at $300+) and at noon, 100 more swag bags will be distributed to attendees. Also enjoy complimentary Frisch’s pie tastings, a free brunch ‘n’ learn, fashion shows at 11:30am and 2:30pm, and free gift wrapping!

Platinum Sponsor: Frisch’s Big Boy
Gold Sponsor: Fischer Homes
11:30am Fashion Show Sponsor: LouLou’s Boutique
12:30pm “Botox & Brunch” Sponsor: Kurtzman Plastic Surgery (RSVP here for brunch)
2:30pm Fashion Show Sponsor: Little Liza Jane’s Boutique
Hair and Makeup Sponsor: Sableux Salon & Spa
Swag Bag Sponsor: Widmer’s Cleaners
Auto Sponsor: Superior Automotive Group

Booth Sponsors:
Votre Vu by Julena Bingaman
Pure Romance with Leslie Hoop
Peek of Chic
JennaClaire Handbag Studio
Rachel Lynn Studio
DeGroot Handbags
The Plastic Surgery Group
It’s In The Details
Scentsy by Cherie Winship
Kennedys Clothier
Casa DeLorenzo
Silpada Designs with Jane Klumb
Purdy Everyday
Sweet Petit Desserts
Tastefully Simple by Anna Weinel
Elizabeth’s Closet~Baubles, Bling & More!
Smallprint Jewelry
Holte Eyewear
Elysium Originals
Tracey Vest
Thoma & Sutton Eye-care
Carolyn & Company Dance Productions
Arbitrage Clothing
Tulips On Erie
The Sassy Mama Boutique
Monkee’s of Madeira
Junior League of Cincinnati
Miss Selby’s Soap
The Longaberger Company with Kim Artmayer
Artfully Disheveled
Corwyn Apparel
Go To Gal Cincinnati
Exclusive A Tamra Berry Studio

Click here to RSVP (not required, but appreciated!). The suggested place to park is the Garfield Garage located on 9th St. (cost is $2)

Brought to you by Cincy Chic, an online publication for women in Greater Cincinnati, and Locals on Living an affiliate of the Cincinnati.Com network.

*Swag Bags will not be available until after the doors open at 10am

Retrofittings Tomorrow!

Pendant from Krombholz Jewelers to be auctioned off at Retrofittings tomorrow
Pendant from Krombholz Jewelers to be auctioned off at Retrofittings tomorrow

I’m soooooo excited to go to Retrofittings tomorrow! They moved their location from the 20th Century to the Hilton Netherland Plaza.

We actually interviewed Retrofittings’ Chairperson Tamie Sullivan this week in Cincy Chic and she did a great job of explaining what the concept is, the importance of the event as a fundraiser, and the trends you’ll see tomorrow!

Speaking of trends… I was just talking with Lee Krombolz who we’re working with to develop a holiday trends story for. I found out he’s a huge supporter of Retrofittings, and has been for years. He created a great piece of jewelry for the event this year. From what I understand, it will be sold in a live auction at the event. I got a sneak peek of the piece and I love it! I love that gold is making a big come back… and floral too!

I also found out another nugget of Retrofittings yumminess. People who are attending RetroFittings will be able to use their tickets and receive a 25% discount on any clothing purchase at area St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores the weekend after the event.

I’m going with my girlfriend who I make jewelry with, and we love buying up old necklaces at thrift stores and garage sales. So, we can’t wait to get ideas at the show and head to the store and buy up some vintage bling with our discount! Hope to see you there!

Jewelry Bootcamp: A Free Lunch ‘n’ Learn

Here’s a cute event we’re putting on at Cincy Chic I thought you might be interested in… Krombholz Jewelers is doing a “Jewelry Bootcamp” to let you in on everything you need to know before you buy your next piece of jewelry. The luncheon is free to attend (catered by Embers too!) but only the first 80 will get in. Click here to RSVP.


Jewelry Bootcamp 101

Everything you need to know about jewelry, but are too afraid to ask!
October 20, 2010
12:00 – 1:00pm
Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
of Commerce Learning Center
3rd floor, Carew Tower
441 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Shopping in jewelry stores can sometimes be intimidating. Join Lee Krombholz, award winning jewelry designer and owner of Krombholz Jewelers, for a fun and enlightening understanding of jewelry and your own personal jewelry style, all while enjoying a complementary lunch from Embers Restaurant. Using photographs and live sparkling jewels, Lee will guide you to a better understanding of current jewelry, a fashion show, how to identify your own personal style, and how jewelry is made. What could be more fun than a great lunch and talking about jewelry?
Warning: Lee will be using beautiful photographs of jewelry for his presentation that might cause momentary loss of breath or even short term weakness!
Brought to you by Cincy Chic, an online publication for women in Greater Cincinnati (

Changing Shoes

“Momma always says there’s an awful lot you could tell about a person by their shoes. Where they’re going. Where they’ve been.”
– Forrest Gump

A really interesting play will be showing soon at the Aronoff… featuring a soap star who will be sharing her personal journey spurred by one of my favorite things in life: shoes.

I copy and pasted information from the event page for you:

Changing Shoes
Tina Sloan searches for the meaning of life…in a closet full of shoes

October 18 – 7:30 PM
Aronoff Center – Jarson-Kaplan Theater

Tina Sloan, 67, best known for her 26-year role as nurse Lillian Raines on the CBS daytime drama, Guiding Light, announces the Cincinnati debut of her one-woman show, Changing Shoes on October 18, 2010, 7:30 PM, at the Aronoff Center’s Jarson-Kaplan Theater. Alternately hilarious and deeply moving, Changing Shoes is the story of a television star who suddenly faces the greatest challenge of her career – getting older.

Tickets are on sale now at www.CincinnatiArts.ORG, (513) 621-ARTS [2787], and the Aronoff Center Ticket Office.

Spanning more than 40 years of her life, Changing Shoes begins when Tina has a chance encounter with an old pair of shoes. The shoes launch Tina on a journey through her past, from sexy starlet to leading lady to daytime matriarch, ultimately forcing her to confront the question: “What do I have to do to stay in the game?” Will Tina refashion herself or will the inevitable march of time force her into retirement? As one of the characters in the play tells her: “Always wear your own shoes, otherwise your feet won’t know where to take you.”

Changing Shoes will then tour the United States with performances scheduled in Pittsburgh, Houston, Palm Beach, Jupiter, and many other cities, culminating in a full production Off-Broadway.

About Tina Sloan – co-author and actress
Tina Sloan has appeared in the Woody Allen films Celebrity and The Curse of the Jade Scorpion. She can also been seen in The Brave One with Jodi Foster, Changing Lanes with Ben Affleck, The Guru with Marisa Tomei, and People I Know with Al Pacino. On television she has appeared in Guiding Light for 26 years, Somerset, Search For Tomorrow, and One Life To Live. She has been seen on Law & Order SVU and Third Watch. The release of her new book, Changing Shoes, published by Penguin, will be on September 16, 2010 – the one year anniversary of when our beloved Guiding Light went off the air.

About Joe Plummer – co-author and director
Joe Plummer is the Artistic Director of the award-winning New York theater company Poor Tom Productions, and is currently Artist-in-Residence for Sand, Surf and Shakespeare in Palm Beach. His television credits include the series The Smoking Gun Presents… and Disorder in the Court.

For more information, visit


Handbag Event – Thursday, October 7th – McAlpin Condos

The Carbotti bag I got at CDS' closing sale... it's sassy and tassely!

Sady Cincy Designer Shoes did close recently ….. a moment of silence please …. but I have good news! The woman who owned CDS, Carrie, still has stuff (mainly handbags) left and she needs to get rid of it asap! She lives at The McAlpin downtown on 4th, so she’s having a handbag sale there. So, if you didn’t get to visit the closing sale at CDS, or you want a super cheap handbag… check it out!

I got a green bag at the CDS closing sale for fall and I LOVE it! I didn’t think I’d like the tassels on it, but now I do… makes me feel sassy! haha! Here’s all the info below about the sale (I copy/pasted it from a mass email Carrie sent out about the sale.)

Date & Time:
Thursday, October 7, 2010 – 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

McAlpin Condos – Downtown – Club Room
15 W. 4th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

As many of you know our physical store closed on September 26th, 2010.   We still had inbound shipments arriving for handbags.    Our customers do not want us out of the shoe & handbag business.   While we are undecided if we will offer shoes again next Spring, we have decided to continue to offer some of the finest handbags in the World.    We will be working fashion events all over the city in the next few months.    We would like to invite you to our first event this Thursday, October 7th, 2010 anytime from noon until 3 p.m..    This event is being held downtown at the McAlpin condos club room located at 15 W. 4th Street, Cincinnati, OH  45202.   These beautiful Hermes, Birkin like “Kelly” Style bags are imported directly from Italy and are less than the cost of a designer handbag you could purchase at a department store.    We hope to have some of our “custom” lines available during this event as well.   You will be able to pick a style and colors for a handmade designer handbag by Vin Baker.  We also have some shoes left over from our closing sale and will be selling those as well.   We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!!!!   If you can not make our event and would like to schedule a private appointment to see the bags,
please call Carrie or Katie at 513-284-9957.

Win a Red Carpet Makeover

I don’t know about you, but I love celebrity style blogs. Any free second I get, I’ll check in to the Celebrity Style GuideFab Sugar, Couture Candy, Frugal Fashionista or People‘s photo galleries of the celebs workin’ the red carpet.

Well, now, instead of letting the celebs have all the fun, you can be the one looking ravishing on the red carpet thanks to a neat contest that Paris J Boutique is putting on. I just learned about it on their facebook page! I copied the info on their page and pasted it below.