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Chic Review: Power Blendz Pure 21

I’ve done 21-day cleanses before but I wanted to try this one because it don’t use artificial sweeteners, it’s non-GMO and all natural.
Basically, it’s a three-week program that cleans and detoxifies, then resets your body to better absorb nutrients while also helping you create new habits that will make for long-term success.
They make it pretty foolproof to follow. When you sign up to do the system, the package comes with a PURE 21 Guide which has detailed meal planning, recipes, nutrition tips and a goal based exercise strategy. Everything from a list of what to get at the grocery, what to eat and how to make it. Really made it super easy for me.
My favorite part of the system was the PRO-WHEY 100% whey protein isolate that’s all natural, non GMO and gluten free with no artificial sweeteners — I got the chocolate flavor and it’s sooo yummy! The system also comes with a blender bottle; the PURE START natural cleanser and detoxifier packets; ADVANCED PROBIOTIC digestive and immune system health and balance; DIGESTIVE NZYMES restore the normal digestive function; and VITA PLEX which has over 30 high quality vitamins and minerals.
You just follow what the guide says to do and take each day, and you all the sudden start to feel better. Trimmer, more energy, better mood. I definitely noticed a difference about a week in, and by the end of the three weeks, it was dramatic.
I lost a little over six pounds and I’m back into my pre-pregnancy clothes again. But more importantly, I FEEL better. I sleep better, no more sweets cravings and energy crashes, my mind feels less foggy, and did I mention that I’m back into my pre-pregnancy clothes again three months after the third baby? Talk about a mood booster!

Transformation Tuesday: Figure Aesthetics

Happy #transformationtuesday! Did you know that Figure Weight Loss has a sister company called Figure Aesthetics? Figure Aesthetics has advanced body sculpting called UltraShape Power and VelaShape III, a dynamic duo in body sculpting that will help you with stubborn fat to give you the look you’ve been working hard for.
VelaShape is the world’s most trusted treatment for cellulite reduction and UltraShape Power is painless with no freezing or downtime while permanently destroying 32% of subcutaneous fat cells.

Transformation Tuesday: Tim and Judy’s Story

Happy #TransformationTuesday, Chic’ers! This is Tim and Judy on their first visit back to Figure Weight Loss! This amazing couple is down a combined total of 31 pounds!

If you and your spouse, partner, or buddy want to get in on the weight loss together, check out the “More Success Together” campaign from Figure Weight Loss with this coupon!

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