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Victory Wellness & Medspa: ThermiVa

Aside from skin care treatments and weight loss programs, Victory Wellness & Medspa also offers a different type of treament – ThermiVa®.

According to Dr. Kerschner, ThermiVa® is a radiofrequency treatment that came out about two years ago. It aims to improve vaginal and pelvic fitness by gently heating tissue in the pelvis and vaginal areas to heal tissue.

Oftentimes, Dr. Kerschner says, women will visit Victory Wellness & Medspa with issues of incontinence, especially after having several children or when they are post-menopausal. With these cases, ThermiVa® will go in and restore muscle function around the urethra to help improve the issue.

Helping with incontinence isn’t the only benefit of receiving ThermiVa® treatments. The procedure can also aid in restoring vaginal tightness. Women who have gone through multiple childbirths find that they’re feeling a bit “looser” than they once did, but ThermiVa® an help tighten the muscle around the vagina and restore it back to its youthfulness.

ThermiVa® treatments can also help to increase sensitivity and sexual pleasure, Dr. Kerschner says.

Each ThermiVa® treatment is 45 minutes, and Dr. Kerschner says that you’ll need three sessions up front. And then, depending on the severity of the damage, you’ll need a maintenance treatment every 6 months to 1 year.

This non-invasive procedure also allows you to avoid surgery, which can keep you out of work and life for a while, as it as no downtime.

Dr. Kerschner adds that ThermiVa® treatments have a 98 percent satisfaction rate nationwide, and 100 percent of her clients are satisfied with their results.

Learn more about ThermiVa® and whether the procedure is right for you by visiting or by calling 513-936-3065.


NYR Organic Now MADE SAFE Certified

I told you about my friend Gina Johnson who introduced me to NYR Organic a few months ago, and I’ve been loving their products (their foaming bath and body oil are so dreamy!) I’ve been looking into possibly switching over some of my lotions and cosmetics to NYR, but I was confused when I started comparing. Some of my lotions say they’re “all natural” or even “organic” … what’s that mean? Which is better? I just want to know that what I’m putting on myself and my family is safe.

That’s why I love that NYR Organic just recently stepped it up a notch and got a third party involved to verify the safety and purity of some of their products. Currently, five of the NYR Organic products are now “Made Safe” certified with more products undergoing the certification process as we speak. I know that definitely helped me when I was comparing to know that a third party was fact checking the ingredients and putting their “Made Safe” stamp on things!

If you haven’t checked out NYR Organic, definitely go online and learn more about them and look through their online store. They’ve been leading the way in organic since 1981… before organic was even “cool”! ?? It’s actually the #1 selling skincare in the UK and Japan! Like I mentioned, I love their foaming bath and body oil, and I’m about to start trying out their baby line because it’s winning all kinds of awards! I’ll check back in with you in a couple months to let you know how it is! In the meantime, feel free to call or email (her contact info is at the top of this page) my friend Gina if you have any questions or want to try anything out!


Hair4Harmony 5k Walk/Run

This Saturday is going to be a GREAT day! Not only because it’s my birthday (woohoo!) but it’s also when the Harmony of Hope Foundation is hosting its Hair4Harmony 5k Run/Walk!

The event will start June 10 at 9:00 AM and benefit the Harmony of Hope Foundation, Inc., a Non-Profit 501 c(3) organization that raises awareness of children suffering from hair loss caused by cancer, alopecia, chemotherapy, and other serious illnesses. They also strive to encourage, empower and support families and loved ones thru this time in their life by providing free wigs, hats, wig care and support FREE of charge up to the age of 21. They are the only Non-Profit in the US that supports all hair loss and can support up to the age of 24 if the child is a full-time student!

When you sign up for the race, 100% of your Registration fee will be donated to this non-profit organization! Not many races can say that!

I’ve attended several Harmony of Hope events, and met many of the people — of all ages — who have been positively affected by this unique organization, so I always love supporting what they do.

The walk/run will be held at Armco Park in Lebanon. Early registration fees are $25 and $30 after June 6 (eek! That’s tomorrow, so hurry!!) Click here to RSVP!

8 ways to boost your confidence immediately!

Check out this super fun blog from my intern, Alexis, on eight ways you can boost your confidence – NOW!

1. Put on those jeans that fit

Image: Pinterest

There is absolutely nothing more uplifting than your favorite pair of jeans. You know, the ones that are skinny enough that your booty looks super cute but not so tight that your bladder is crushing. A good pair of jeans can be just as comfy as your leggings without the desire to pair it with your high-school boyfriend’s XXL t-shirt that you painted the house and rescued a dog with.

2. Listen to rap

Image: Pinterest

I promise, it’s scientifically proven! Make a playlist of your favorite rap songs; whether it’s Tupac or Iggy Azalea, that song with that kick-ass beat that you love being injected directly into your brain will have you walking like Tyra Banks.

3. Take a long shower

Image: Reader’s Digest

Hot showers themselves can already relax and rejuvenate yourself, but getting out with clean hair, shaven legs, and exfoliated skin that smells like berries can have you feeling like a whole new person.

4. Read inspiring mantras

Image: Pinterest

Having to always lift yourself up alone can be exhausting, but reading one-second blurbs from powerful women who want to lift you just as high isn’t. It’s a great pick-me-up and just as easy as scrolling through Twitter.

5. Call someone who loves you

Image: Simply Super Heroes

Nothing boosts an ego like someone who loves you. Whether it’s your dad, your nana, your cousin, or your partner, you know they will hype you up and give you every bit of strength and confidence you need to get through whatever it is you need to get through. Think about it, have you ever called someone who loves you that much and felt worse after it? Probably not.

6. Put on matte lipstick

Image: Livingly

We don’t wear makeup for men, we wear makeup for ourselves, but even then, there’s nothing more annoying than lipstick smudged all over your face. Matte lipstick gives you that bold statement you’re looking for without compromising your lip liner and keeps people mesmerized all day long.

7. Power Pose

Image: Susie’s Heartpath Blog

Power posing is the up-and-coming trend to boost confidence. Pick a pose, any pose, that makes you feel powerful – if you were on a billboard, what would it look like – and do that pose in the mirror for 30 seconds. Feel that feeling of power sweep over you and when you’re ready, go out and conquer the world.

8. Do something kind for someone else

Image: BlogLovin’

There’s always a sense of internal gratification that comes from doing something nice for someone else. It was unprecedented, unasked for, you just did it because you’re an awesome person. Whether you held the door open for the person behind you or bought a homeless person lunch, no one asked you to do it, you just did it out of the kindness of your heart. That’s pretty awesome, take the awesomeness through the rest of your day.

The Barre Code Opens April 22!

A few months ago, we caught wind of (and of course wrote about) an exciting new fitness studio would be making its way to downtown Cincinnati… The Barre Code!

Essentially it’s a one-stop shop for cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and restoration. The Chicago co-founders, Ariana Chernin and Jillian Lorenz, developed a full-bodied program six years ago, determined to change the way women perceive their own strength: the focus is always placed on what we have to gain, not lose. And women are loving it! In fact, it was named by Self Magazine as one of the best workouts in the country!

Each class is unique, routines change weekly, and new formats/classes will be introduced throughout the year. Core classes, all 50mins in length, cover all of the body’s needs in a holistic exercise regimen:

  1. The original “Barre Code,” is a total-body workout of isometric holds, heavy repetition, and deep stretching
  2. The “HIITRestore” class empowers clients to reach beyond their physical, mental, and emotional limits on a three-dimensional ride of plyometrics, speedwork and agility training, paired with extensive stretch
  3. The “TBC” or bootcamp class focuses on full-range-of-motion strength training, in addition to HIIT movements

But even though the concept was started in Chicago , it’s still very much locally owned and operated! TBC Cincinnati is owned by downtown Cincinnati resident Michelle Ziegler. She has more than 15 years of dance experience and discovered The Barre Code while living in Chicago in 2013. She quickly felt at home, loved the classes, instructors and wide range of formats. In 2015, she auditioned and was selected to train as an instructor. Since as early as she can recall, aspiring for what she “wanted to be when she grew up”, Michelle has always had a strong desire and passion to run her own business one day. That one day is now!

It wasn’t until she became part of The Barre Code family that she recognized the unique opportunity to join the franchise network and make her lifelong dream a reality. She’s mom to a 6-month old daughter and is extremely proud to be raising her family in Over-the-Rhine.

So, make sure you check out TBC Cincinnati soon to open, located at 615 Main Street, just a few blocks from Fountain Square and on the streetcar line. It’ll be perfect for downtown residents and professionals looking to sneak in a workout before work, during lunch or after a busy day!

To learn more about The Barre Code, click here. You can also follow the Cincinnati studio on Facebook.

Three Tips for Cruelty Free Living!

My intern Alexis Piascik and I were talking about this topic and it was REALLY interesting! So, I asked her to wrote this as a guest post! Thanks, Alexis!

cashew cheese


Cruelty free eating is essentially going vegan; it just sounds less intense, and can actually be really easy! Substitutions are easy to find and often come with tons of benefits. Meatless meat generally has more protein than regular meat, dairy-free milk doesn’t have to be refrigerated, and going cruelty-free simply requires more consumption of fruits, vegetables, and other organic foods, which all have immense health benefits. And if the inhumane treatment of chicks, pigs, cows, and turkeys isn’t enough, the environmental impacts of the meat industry are no joke either. The extensive water consumption, CO2 emissions, and land use have contributed greatly to global warming.

However, if going vegan is too intimidating, there are tons of other ways to save a few animal lives and live cruelty-free.


Make-up is something most of us use almost every single day and essentially pay for every day causing the industry to bring in more than $50 billion dollars annually in the U.S. alone (according to Why would you put that kind of money towards testing on bunnies, mice, and guinea pigs when it’s so easy to pick up a different brand? It may be disappointing to find out your favorite products have caused a rabbit to lose its vision or a mouse to lose its leg, but there are tons of popular and reliable brands that don’t test on animals including Urban Decay, NYX, elf, Bare Minerals, and Wet ‘n’ Wild. A more extensive list can be found here [hyperlink to ] but simply googling your favorite brands works just as well. Most brands will advertise if they’re cruelty-free, and if they’re staying silent, it probably isn’t good news – MAC, Maybelline, and L’Oreal are just a few.


What do you use more frequently and more regularly than your clothing? For some of you fast-fashion and bargain shoppers, some good news may be ahead; both polyester and cotton are cruelty-free fabrics! And there are plenty of other plant fabrics and man-made materials that are cruelty-free such as denim, rayon, and jersey but some pretty common cruel fabrics include wool, cashmere, silk, leather, fleece, suede, and anything that includes the animal and/or the word ‘skin’: alpaca, camel hair, snake skin, etc. The good thing though? There are vegan alternatives for practically anything: faux fur, faux leather and Soysilk are just a few of the alternatives. Modern Technology has even allowed us to create fabrics out of things like wood, seaweed, and soybeans to create more cruelty-free fabrics. Read more about the different kinds of alternatives and where to find them here.

Living cruelty-free doesn’t mean you’re snobby or “crunchy,” it just means you’re being a little more intentional about your decisions to help out your health, the health of others, and even the environment!

Cincy Chic Review: Occam Dining

Occam Dining… The name comes from Occam’s Razor, a problem-solving principle where – when considering different hypotheses – you choose the one with the fewest assumptions.

So it makes sense that their concept would be simple and uncomplicated. It’s like the fancy restaurant comes to you. And they create seasonal menus that highlight each ingredient in a simple and elegant way.

Each unique menu is designed to not repeat any highlighted ingredient throughout its entirety. They also keep track of each client’s menu, so if you hire them more than once, you’ll always get something different but delicious. Unless you fall in love with a dish (which we definitely did … their butternut squash soup was AMAZING… so we’ll ask for that when we hire them again!)

The entire experience is tailored to the client and their guests’ needs… we just gave them a list of dietary and allergy restrictions, likes/dislikes, things like that, and then they created the menu and wine pairings from there! They even printed out a customized menu with personalization of our dinner party theme at the top… such a nice touch!

The best part – other than the DELICIOUS food of course – is that they brought everything … from the food and wine to the plates, glassware, and cloth napkins. They only request some fridge space. That part was SO nice because the host could be enjoying their time with us instead of shopping, prepping, cooking, serving, cleaning up and never getting to enjoy their guests or the party they’re hosting.

To learn more about them, visit their website, “like” them on Facebook or follow all their foodie adventures on Instagram! Or, even better, you can contact them to schedule a foodie adventure of your own with them! Highly recommend it!