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Stop Traffick Fashion Launches New Website

Snapshot of the new STF site - (left) Emily, founder of STF, and (right) Tamia with The Style Sample

There are two things I love in this world (aside from my hubby and puppy): fashion and philanthropy.

And there’s one fashion-focused online shop/organization/social movement that embodies both: Stop Traffick Fashion (STF). They’re all about raising awareness and abolishing human trafficking, all through fabulous fashion items for sale on their site.

Palm Beach necklace

Speaking of their site, STF just launched a sweaky clean new website and I’m LOVING it! The photos are of local people, donning fab STF fashions! If you look closely, you’ll even see LOL‘s own Tamia from The Style Sample! : )

The new site is easy to navigate, learn more about human trafficking, and most importantly SHOP SHOP SHOP! All the funds support victims of human trafficking and creating a new, sustainable life for them! Each item has a story behind it, so make sure you take a look at the new site when you get the chance!

I just got the STF newsletter and found about their new arrivals that hit the scene with this new site. One that I’m just absolutely adoring is the Palm Beach necklace – what a great summertime wardrobe staple! STF is also doing a giveaway to celebrate the new site, so click here if you want to learn more about that.

I’m really excited for Emily (STF founder), and I love her new site! I think you will too! Check it out!

Wearable Art Fashion Show Artist of the Day: Amy Kirchen

Amy Kirchen fab clothing designs (click to enlarge)

The Wearable Art Fashion Show is approaching quickly, make sure you check out Cincy Chic’s website to learn more about this fabulous event, benefiting Kenzie’s CLOSET! Each day leading up to this event we have been featuring one artist per day and today’s artist is Amy Kirchen.

At Friday’s event Amy Kirchen, showcasing her 2011 fall line, will dress all of the models. She says, “attendees can expect: fun prints, bright colors to simple and chic cocktail wear”, all pieces that would be essential to any Cincy Chic’s readers wardrobe. Amy Kirchen believes, “From trendy accessories to a bold pair of shoes a statement piece can instantly enhance your look and how you feel”.  These kinds of statement pieces are exactly what we can expect from her clothes, and all the other artists featured this week for the Wearable Art Fashion Show.

We recently featured Amy Kirchen on Cincy Chic about her new Boutique opening in Milford. She says, “My boutique offers the latest trends from New York to L.A. I cary small quantities of each piece so you will truly have something unique”. Please visit her at the Milford location or visit her website: to view her work. Here at Cincy Chic we are all excited to see what she has in store for the fall season and what the models will be wearing at the event.

Remember to get your tickets for the Wearable Art Fashion show here or to bring a dress to donate to Kenzie’s CLOSET.

Wearable Art Fashion Show Featured Artist of the Day: Serket Jewelry

Serket Jewelry (click to enlarge)

Our Wearable Art fashion show is almost here – I can count the days left on one hand now! For more information about this event or to buy tickets, click here! Leading up to the event, I’ll be featuring one vendor a day from the event so you can learn more about what’s in store for you at this fab fashion show!

Today’s featured artist of the day for the Wearable Art Fashion Show is Lyn Bucalo, owner of Serket Jewelry. If you have attended a Cincy Chic event lately then you have already seen her work worn by the models. This will be no exception for Friday’s event; the models will be accessorized by her one of a kind jewelry!

Lyn uses top designers like Channel, Oscar de la Renta and Dannijo as inspiration to keep pushing herself to come up with one of kind pieces, keeping up with the latest trends. At the Wearable Art Fashion Show, Lyn says attendees can expect, “Layers of necklaces and bracelets, as well as the hot look of the season feathers! Some of the necklaces are even bigger and junkier than before with gobs of beads and chains draping from your neck”.  After her fashion show at the Red, Pink and Blue event, we are all excited to see her new styles.

Lyn’s favorite pieces and best sellers are her necklaces, when designing them she has more options in materials to explore new creations. Some of the materials she uses to create her jewelry include: vintage jewelry, scarp booking materials, craft supplies, shells, broken jewelry, flip flop jewels, hat pins and charms, really the sky is the limit. The Serket Jewelry Facebook page is filled with pictures of her innovative jewelry and most recent pieces.

Lyn Bucalo will be at the Wearable Art Fashion show with her jewelry. Please take a look at the Serket Jewelry website. They are also for sale in three local Cincinnati boutiques: 4U Fashion Boutique (downtown), Knickers of Hyde Park and The Little Red Gift Shop (Montgomery). Their style keeps changing so keep checking back to their website to see the most recent Serket Jewelry pieces!

The Wearable Art Fashion show is coming up soon, check out the Cincy Chic website to learn more about the event and to get your tickets.

Wearable Art Fashion Show Artist of the Day: Robin Ewers, Audreyesque

Our Wearable Art fashion show is less than one week away! For more information about this event or to buy tickets, click here! Leading up to the event, I’ll be featuring one vendor a day from the event so you can learn more about what’s in store for you at this fab fashion show!

The Wearable Art Fashion Show artist today is Robin Ewers, owner of Audreyesque. She takes every woman’s favorite accessory, shoes and turns them into a work of art. She was recently featured in Cincy Chic, helping convince every woman it is necessary to add a one of a kind piece by her to their shoe collection!

She will be bringing four pairs of shoes for the models to wear the night of the Wearable Art Fashion Show, all specifically hand painted for the event. However, she is keeping them a surprise until that night!  The photos shown are of the classic blank and white movie icons: Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Robin is extremely excited to be apart of the Wearable Art Fashion Show this Friday, July 22 at Lunar Lounge with all the proceeds benefiting Kenzie’s CLOSET. She says, “I love Cincinnati, and to be a part of making our city more aware of the talent that is hidden here was a no brainer for me”.

At the Wearable Art Fashion Show Robin will be taking orders for both her shoes and necklaces from her handmade Audreyesque Eyeconic necklaces line. The night of the event she will be giving 25% off to all shoe orders taken at the event and 20% off all necklaces she sells at the show. Please take a look at her website to help get your orders ready: !

Wearable Art Fashion Show Featured Artist: HeartStrings

Heartstrings by Noelle necklace

Our Wearable Art Fashion Show is one week away! I can’t wait! (for more information about this event or to buy tickets, click here!) Leading up to the event, I’ll be featuring one vendor a day from the event so you can learn more about what’s in store for you at this fab fashion show!

Today’s Wearable Art Fashion Show featured artist is Noelle Schwartz owner of HeartStrings. I first told you about her here when I made a necklace with Noelle for my mom for Mother’s Day. Noelle’s jewelry is all customized hand stamped jewelry and personalized gifts. As a mother of three boys, she uses her business as a creative outlet and what every woman needs a little girl time. Using her family as inspiration, she wants to give other people a way to showcase what is important in their lives.

The picture shown is her favorite piece and bestseller. It is three discs with kids names on them paired with a little heart charm, her modern twist on “mommy jewelry.”

Even though names seem to be the most popular she has put race times, weight loss goals, graduation/wedding dates and favorite mottos on them for recent customers. Because Noelle uses small tools to individually stamp letters and symbols onto various pieces of metal, customers can get creative on personalizing their jewelry. Check out her site – – to view all the different styles, metals, charms and to get your creative juices flowing to come up with your very own “works of heart,” as Noelle would say!

Noelle will have a table at Cincy Chic’s Wearable Art Fashion Show on Friday, July 22 at Lunar Lounge with all the proceeds benefiting Kenzie’s CLOSET. Noelle will be taking orders at the event and even making some pieces onsite!

Birthday Bikini

Birthday bikiniAnne, the owner and lead designer for Cala Ossidiana, found out from a little birdie (aka Facebook) that it was my birthday and I was going on vacation soon. Anne asked me where I was staying (I just thought she was curious!) so I told her. Next thing I know, there’s a package waiting at the resort for me yesterday with a birthday card and Cala Ossidiana bikini inside from Anne! So sweet! I tried it on, and it fit perfectly! I especially love the bottom – it’s not stringy and it’s not a boyshort or skirt either! Cala Ossidiana will also be decking out Ben-Gal cheerleaders this Saturday at the Cincinnati Profile Summerfest event. It’s a free event, and I’m so excited about this Ben-Gal swimsuit fashion show I’m putting together! Make sure you RSVP and check it out!

New Tracey Vest Feather Earrings

My new peacock feather earrings by Tracey Vest

I just adore Tracey Vest. She’s a local designer who has a mantra of “go big and fabulous or go home.” I’ve written about her a bunch here on my blog.

She’s known for her big statement accessories, especially with the use of feathers. Well, she’s up to something new: feather earrings. And I’m obsessed.

I’m now a proud owner of several pairs: bright pink, light pink, black, and… my favorite… peacock.

Without fail, I get at least one compliment every time I wear the peacock ones. (The last one came from a very unsuspecting quiet emo boy on Fountain Square. Very funny!)

They’re about $25 for a pair, and they’re sooo comfortable. Dare I say… light as a feather? : )

Definitely check out Tracey’s new earrings for yourself. She has a great website, but her Facebook page is updated with all her newest creations. She also has inventory at Eulas in Silverton, too!

Also, something else to think about… I know feather extensions are super popular right now (but not exactly practical for life in the professional world). So this is a way to add some fab feathered flair when you want to!

Fashion-Inspired Interiors

My friend Litsa Spanos (who owns ADC, Art Design Consultants) recently started a new blog. It’s all about interior design trends, inspiring ideas, and features on local artists. I’m helping her insert video in her blog, which is exciting because I’ve been learning so much and meeting so many amazing local artists in the process.

Litsa Spanos, owner of Art Design Consultants

Her most recent blog was really interesting, and because it was fashion-related, I thought I’d share it with all my fashionista readers here on my blog! Below is a little snapshot of her most recent blog post. If you want to read the whole post, and see the video I produced for her, click here! (Oh, and PS we just wrote this awesome story on Cincy Chic about another thing she’s working on: The Scar Project. Click here to read all about that)

Are you unsure about your personal style? Is that large wall in the entry way empty and dying to be filled? I’m here to tell you—there is no need to stress any longer. There are indeed ways to find your style of art and discover a feel and look that fits your space and personality! Look in your closet!

Looking through your wardrobe is a great way to begin honing in on your own style. Consider the colors you tend to favor, and the shape or structure of your wardrobe…

  • Do you tend to choose earth tones or bright colors?
  • Do you wear a lot of patterns?
  • Do you like a simple outfit with clean lines or a relaxed look with lots of layers?
  • Do you prefer feminine floral patterns or things with masculine flare like a leather jacket or boyfriend blazer?
  • Or do you—like me—enjoy several looks? No personality is one-dimensional, why would your style be any different?

Your fashion style can easily correspond with your taste in artwork. Bright colors and bold patterns could mean you enjoy abstract and/or modern art. If you find yourself wearing soft neutral tones, and cozy winter sweaters you may like canvas paintings with romantic tones or whimsical brush strokes—looks that bring warmth and comfort to any room. If you like feminine florals and summer dresses you may also like floral art—whether it is traditionally “realistic” or representative. If you like fashion that portrays strength—structured blazers or leather accents, you may like copper or metal art that expresses confidence…. keep reading here….

Lingerie Trunk Show to Benefit Bad Girl Ventures

Ladies, lingerie and libations - all for a good cause. See how you can get something pretty for "the girls" to support Bad Girl Ventures at this Saturday's trunk show.

They say well-behaved women rarely make history. That’s exactly why the history-maker herself, Bad Girl Ventures (BGV) founder Candace Klein is hosting lingerie trunk show this Saturday.

BGV is a micro-lending organization serving Tri-State women daring and determined enough to launch the business of their dreams. Klein is partnering with two other local business owners Monika Rathnayake and Arlene Aranzamendez who founded MARA, a luxury lingerie line, for a lingerie trunk show June 25 from noon to 4 p.m. at La Silhouette in Madeira. Donations and a percentage of all sales will go to support BGV.

Me and MARA co-founder Monika Rathnayake

Since founding BGV in 2010, Klein has raised almost $280,000 in capital, funded 15 businesses, provided six full months of classes, and supported more than 100 women who have applied to go through the BGV process.

“It’s always been my passion to help other women,” Klein says. Rathnayake and Aranzamendez share Klein’s passion for empowering and inspiring women. And they’re doing so one undergarment at a time.

MARA, named after the founders’ initials, is headquartered in Cincinnati, its designers are based in Manila and the items are manufactured in Sri Lanka. Each piece is meticulously designed and developed from the finest laces, silks and satins from across the world.

The event will host a meet-and-greet session with MARA & BGV founders and loan recipients. Shop the collection while indulging in wine, appetizers and sweet treats from Chocolate Latour. You will also be able to enter for a chance to win fabulous raffle items at the trunk show.

La Silhouette Lingerie, also a woman-owned business, is located at 6914 Miami Avenue in the heart of Madeira. Click here to RSVP.

A Brush with Celeb Bling

Karen's design, which was featured in Miranda Lambert's wedding (click to enlarge)

Last week, I told you about the  jewelry trunk show featuring the bling that country music star Miranda Lambert wore on her big day. The designer of Miranda’s bridal jewelry, Karen Lindner, is based right here in Cincinnati! Karen has been featured in several national publications, including InStyle, and we’re just so lucky to have this talented local lady right here in the Tri-State (Oxford, to be exact).

Ilene Ross, my partner in crime at Cincy Chic, got the opportunity to go to the trunk show and chat with Karen to talk with her about the pieces on display, what it was like to have pieces featured in a celeb’s wedding, and how she even got her pieces in front of a celebrity’s stylist.

Watch the webcast below as Karen spills all the details in this exclusive Cincy Chic interview!