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Chic Review: Fit Mama in 30

Being a mom of three now (how is that even possible?) I’ve really struggled over the past few years to find the time, patience and know-how to take care of ME.

Some mom friends of mine told me about Fit Mama in 30 — said it was life-changing and that I had to check it out. And now I’m one of those people telling my friends and you the same thing!

The thing I love most about Fit Mama in 30 is that the two women behind it really know their stuff. Cari is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist; Bailey is a registered dietitian and personal trainer. They’re both moms who understand how difficult it is to fit in diet and exercise – and just basic self-care – when you have little ones, so they created a membership-based community and fool-proof guide that makes it VERY easy to fit a mom’s wellness into a her busy life.

Over the past few years, I’ve tried almost every kind of diet, spent hours meal-planning every week, plus hours on the treadmill, counting calories and macros, and I was always disappointed in the results and it got kind of defeating. Fit Mama in 30 is truly different — it makes it easy to get in the best meals and workouts with your limited time, and it takes out all the guesswork wondering if you’re doing the right things. They give you a really easy to follow guide, show you how to track your success and that just fuels you to stick with it because you see results!

Like for example, they have these dietitian designed meals you can make in under 30 minutes and they give you these organized grocery lists so you can quickly shop for what you need. It even gives you a guide to split up your plate to eyeball portioning so you don’t waste so much time weighing and counting every last calorie or macro.

I love the recipes too – they change weekly and they’re family friendly so no one ever gets get bored!

Then their 30 minute daily workouts you do whenever it works for you that day, in your own space with just some basic equipment like hand weights. I love that their kids appear in some of the videos – it’s very real life and encourages me to get my kids involved in my workouts too!

That community aspect is huge, too. When you become a member, you get access to the private FB group filled with Mamas just like you! Plus, you have nutritionist and trainer access at any time!

After the first month, not only am I seeing a difference in inches lost, but I feel like I have more energy, balance, and happiness than ever. It really gave me the guide I needed to quickly carve out a little time each day to fill my cup, and get the energy I need to live my best mom life!

HIGHLY recommended. So if this is something you’ve struggled with too, definitely check it out. Learn more about it at

Review: The At Home Chef

The At Home Chef recently did a dinner party I helped host for a friend’s engagement celebration. I love planning events and hosting parties, but I always end up exhausted afterwards from all the work it takes to put them on, and never feel like I spend enough time enjoying my friends/family because I’m busy cooking, serving and cleaning up the whole time!

With The At Home Chef, all I had to do was give a few ideas I had and he ran with it, came up with a menu, researched all the wine pairings, then did all the shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning at the party…it was the easiest, most enjoyable, and memorable dinner party because I was able to actually spend time and celebrate with everyone! I’ll never host a dinner party without Chef Ken now!

Review: COO-On-Call

I’ve been working with Jane Schulte for YEARS on time management training – it’s seriously life changing! And I was SO excited when I heard she is launching a new business called COO-On-Call!

We recently featured her on Cincy Chic and learned more about her inspiration behind launching the brand and how she plans to help other business owners in the region!

Check out the video to hear more about her new venture!

Happy Taco Tuesday from Bubba Rub!

Happy Taco Tuesday! We’re all about tacos and believe it or not this recipe from Bubba Rub is AMAZING!

Check out my favorite taco recipe – the whole family loves it!

BubbaRub Tacos (Beef/Pork/Chicken):

1 lb Beef/Chicken/Pork/Turkey/Etc.
BubbaRub Dry Rubs to taste
Crunchy Taco Shells
Oriental Slaw
BubbaRub Sauce
Shredded cheese (white cheese)

Make pulled pork/chicken per the recipe, or ground beef/turkey with BubbaRub Dry Rub. Starting with the crunchy taco shell, layer meat, slaw, cheese and drizzle BubbaRub Sauce of your choice on top. Simple, creative, and absolutely delicious!

I would normally think of a dry rub for a taco recipe but this rub just makes everything taste better – from veggies, seeds, salmon, and chicken to ribs, roasts, and burgers.

There are TONS more recipes on the website!

And now that grilling season is FINALLY here, I thought I’d reshare this video because this is a MUST-have around the house – especially for everything grilled!

Review: An Epic Staycation at 21c

As parents of three, we needed a little getaway but I didn’t want to go far. I decided to surprise Pete with a weekend stay at Cincinnati’s 21c Museum Hotel, right in the heart of downtown!

It’s the 100-year-old Historic Metropole Hotel, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, reimagined as a multi-venue contemporary art museum, an award-winning 156-room boutique hotel with a seasonal rooftop Cocktail Terrace, and home of Metropole Restaurant.

We stayed in the Corner Suite, which has tons of room to spread out, a huge bathroom with a shower and soaking tub — and lots of fun little artistic touches.

We started our stay at Metropole’s bar and lounge area! They had tons of craft beers on tap, house-made cocktails, Bourbons and a great selection of wines. We HAD to have their infamous Burnt Carrot Salad, and a couple other little small plates to share. So yummy. I loved sitting at the bar and watching them make some of the drinks and food!

I had a Cincy Chic fashion show event that night a block away, so we walked there. On our way back, we enjoyed exploring a few downtown hotspots. 21c is so close to everything – we actually never had to drive to get anywhere the entire weekend!

That next morning, we slept in – I haven’t slept that well in AGES – and then ordered the most delicious Room Service breakfast EVER.

To burn it all off, we decided to go out for a stroll. 21c is on the Streetcar line, so we hopped on the next one to come by. We got a great tour all over downtown and stopped off in Over the Rhine to check out all the awesome new shops that’ve popped up there, grab coffee and meet up with friends.

That night, we got all dressed up for our reservations at Metropole Restaurant. Pete and I are still talking about that dinner — It was so delicious and so fun! Metropole’s menu is a modern spin on old world ingredients and preparations — like fireplace cooking. And you’re surrounded by tons of fabulous art and their signature yellow penguins that will pop up for a visit. The always-changing menu features local farmers and producers, hearth roasted meats, fish and vegetables; grains; and housemade charcuterie. We enjoyed their cauliflower soup, monkfish, pork chop, Jerusalem Artichokes, delicious wine pairings, and topped it all off with the Metropole Candy Bar for dessert.

Afterwards, we walked around the museum at 21c that’s open 24/7/365. It was such a fun night – and we never left the building!

In the morning, I went for a run and took in some great scenery of the city, then a bubble bath back at the condo – that definitely never happens at home with three kids! Then we got a couples massage at the in-house spa at 21c. It was the most amazing couples massage room, complete with steam shower and soaking tub where you can do a lavender soak with your partner after your couples massage.

We finished off our fabulous weekend with brunch at Metropole, which they’re known for. We had their homemade pop tarts, fresh fruit, breakfast burritos, and delicious drip coffees. It was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend – we’ll definitely be back!

To learn more, or book a visit for yourself, visit