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Review: Miss Saigon

This post was written by Cincy Chic contributor Kelly Maglocci

An untold tale, as old as time.

The story, set in 1975 and originally played in the early 90’s, casts light upon cultural issues that are more relevant now than ever; how women are treated, immigration, refugees that would do anything for a better life in America, the destructive, enduring effects of war and our comfortable distance from it all.

Kim, a Vietnamese prostitute, is swept off her feet by an endearing, American G.I, Chris. After a night of passion and promises, the two are separated as the Americans evacuate Vietnam after the war. The tragic love story that ensues 3 years later as the characters converge in Bangkok and discover how much has changed, yet stayed the same, is fatal.

Kim, a victim of the war, is still in love with Chris, her life revolving around honoring his memory, while he has created a new life in America. You see that Kim never gave up hope and can’t help but feel that she deserves so much better.

The vibrancy of the costumes and high energy of the musical number “The American Dream” dramatically contrasts the formal solemnness of “Bui Doi,” a song about the abandoned, orphaned children left by American soldiers after the war. The interactive set, expert light design and captivating cast culminated in the portrayal of an escape from reality and the illusion of opulence.

Kim’s powerful solos “I’d Give my Life for You” and “Little God of my Heart” show just how deep a mother’s love goes and there was nothing she would not do in the plight to give her son a better life.

The bone chilling and heart wrenching ending leaves you feeling sad and hopeless.

Miss Saigon opens our eyes to the reality of the catastrophic nature of war and American responsibility- a harsh truth to face.

Playing at the Aronoff now though April 21.

Chic Review: The Madison Event Center

Cincy Chic held our first event of 2019 at The Madison Event Center, and I have to tell you… in 13 years of running Cincy Chic, this was the EASIEST one we’ve ever hosted.
The team there made it a breeze, the newly-revamped facility was GORGEOUS, the location was amazing (right next to Hotel Covington, minutes from downtown and right in the heart of everything happening in Covington), and FREE parking.
I thought I’d give you a little rundown of my favorite things about the space in case you’re thinking about hosting an event here soon — they host everything from weddings and expos to baby showers and retirement parties. Learn more about them and contact them at
Ok… so here’s my list of why I love The Madison Event Center so much!
#1) THE TEAM: The team at the Madison has has more than 25 years and 10,000 events under their belt so they have a TON of experience, making events a BREEZE to host with them.
#2) LOCATION: I really loved the location – super close to downtown and all hoppin’ places in Covington. After our event, we walked across the street and had drinks at the SUPER chic Hotel Covington. We were *this close* to asking Pete’s parents to watch the kids so we could spend the night at the hotel — we didn’t want to leave it was so pretty and fun! 🙂
#3) SO MUCH INCLUDED: Other than the free parking for your event guests, other included amenities at The Madison include:
On-site kitchen & Executive Chef to personalize your menu
Complimentary wireless internet
House sound system and AV equipment
Table linens chair covers, napkins all included
Choice of centerpieces
Room set-up adapted for your type of event
#4) FLEXIBILITY: They hold a variety of different events here — from corporate meetings to weddings to expo events and even a runway fashion show like we had there! They have 6 ballrooms— several of which are recently renovated — and each provide a unique look to fit any style or budget.
#5) YUM: Their food was awesome too – I got SO many comments about how DELICIOUS it was. They do buffet or seated dinner with unlimited beer, wine and champagne. Their menu is completely customizable too – they told me “if you want it — we will make it.” How awesome is that?
#6) POSH PERKS: And for you fashionista brides, enjoy the perk of being a “Madison Bride” and receive discounts from Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Bridal!

Review: Laser Hair Removal at Wolf Medical 

There are a TON of options out there when it comes to laser hair removal, so I thought I’d share why I decided to go to Wolf Medical for mine in case it might help if you’re considering it, too!

1. First off, the owner, Dr. Bradley Wolf has been in practice since 1990 — now specializing in hair restoration and laser hair removal — so its safe to say that Wolf Medical knows hair with nearly 30 years experience! Definitely impressive.

2. Second thing that sealed the deal for me is that you buy per-session with them. Thats different than most other places offering laser hair removal, who lock their clients into a package with several sessions. Everyone needs a different number of sessions (like me with fair skin and dark hair may need fewer) or may need them at different times. Why pay for all those sessions up front when you can wait to see what you need and pay then pay at that time?

3. They have a ton of happy reviews and five-star ratings online. It’s a good sign I’d be a happy client, too! 

4. Theres no pressure when it comes to a consultation. You meet with a state-licensed professional, not a sales rep, who has your health, results and best interests in mind – not the sale. 

5. You dont just meet with any licensed professional when you come in for a consultation, you meet with THE licensed professional who will perform your procedure. So, you know that’s who will walk you through the process if you like them and feel comfortable with them.

6. Consultations are free, and if you choose to get the procedure, you can have your first session the same day as your consultation. 

7. Their technology is top-notch at Wolf Medical. They use the industry-standard workhorse laser: The Candela GentleLase Plus as well as the Alexandrite, which treats the widest range of skin types with the fewest number of treatments. Fewer treatments = less time and money I have to spend on it!

8. I really appreciated how transparent they are about pricing at Wolf Medical. All of their prices are listed on their website and Facebook page. All very affordable pay-as-you-go treatments, rather than requiring upfront payment that requires financing. Just as an example, my underarms were just $50 for a session!

HIGHLY recommend them. If you have any questions or want to book a consultation, contact Wolf Medical at 513-774-0400 or on their website.

Chic Review: Natural Beaded Rows at Salon Mosaic

My hair started getting super thin, and I was talking to a friend about it. She told me she had the same issue and she got Natural Beaded Rows from a woman named Michele who owns Salon Mosaic in Kenwood.

Michele is one of the one stylists trained to do these Natural Beaded Rows, or “NBR,” in the Tri-State area. They give you the look of natural, full hair which I definitely want because my hair is starting to get thin and it’s not a good look!

What I really liked about NBR over other extension options I looked up is that there’s no glue or tape involved. So, it’s better for your natural hair — the glue and tape-in ones really damage it and I didn’t want that. These NBR hair extensions also hide better and don’t slip out. I can pull my hair up in a bun, braid, or pony tail, go on a run, swimming, you name it, and you can’t see them and there’s no issue with them.

The method for how they do this is really interesting too. So you first come in for a quick consult where the stylist gets a look and feel for your natural hair. Michele then custom colors your extensions so your real hair and the extension hair has a seamless blend. Then you come in for your second appointment and the hair extensions are placed in rows in the hair by creating a “track” with an exclusive bead and string technique. Wefts are then placed on the track and sewn in. The extensions are then cut and blended to your hair. Then you’re styled and on your way!

The NBR extensions use really high quality 100% human hair. I honestly can’t tell which hair is mine and which is the extension when I run my hands through my hair now!

You’ll spend about 3 hours getting the extensions put in, but from what I read that’s actually a lot quicker than some of the other methods). Then, after you get your extensions in, you come back every 5-10 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows, to get them adjusted. Michele can also touch up your color, cut and style while you’re there so you feel fresh and new again.

When I looked in that mirror after everything was in and styled, I seriously wanted to cry! It looked so beautiful, so natural, so ME! I never thought I’d be one to have extensions, but now that I have them, this is what I’ve wanted my hair to look like for a long time! I’ve seriously never loved my hair more!

Click here to learn more

Chic Review: 2018 Foodie Cincy Deck

This small family business, husband and wife team Brian & Gina are going on their 6th year rolling out the 2019 Foodie Cincy Deck for “foodies” to drool over!

For $20 (normally they’re $40, but use the code CINCYCHIC at for 50% off to make them only $20) you get a deck of cards that has $10 off vouchers for 52 of Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky’s best local & independent restaurants. That’s $520 in savings!

The deck covers restaurants from all over the Greater Cincinnati region. No national chains, only chef-driven/owner-operated restaurants. From downtown to Middletown, from Anderson to Union, KY- Foodie Cincy has done the work for you on where to dine and support the best local eateries.

Included in the deck are a few hidden gems and some great new hot spots, along with some of Cincinnati’s most established restaurants.

They can be used for over a full year until Dec 31 2019. It’s great to use for fun date night ideas throughout the year — it’s also a perfect gift for birthdays or the holidays, a perfect stocking stuffer and unique gift for any “foodie”!

A minimum purchase of $30 or more on food purchases is required to get the $10 off. Can’t be used on alcohol/tax/gratuity, but it’s good for everything else! See each individual restaurant card for any special exclusions. (48 of the restaurants have $30 minimum, 4 restaurants have $40 minimum)

Each card is able to be used only once and you give the card to the server upon use. Only one card is allowed per bill.

Remember to use the code CINCYCHIC to get 50% off the $40 retail price to get the deck for only $20.