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Leeta Ruth Boutique

Right in the heart of Ludlow, Kentucky, is Leeta Ruth Boutique which just opened in 2016.
Created by a busy mom of two who wanted an outlet for her love of fashion and excitement for Ludlow’s new business development… she envisioned the transformation and restoration of this of historic building into the boutique of her dreams and made it happen.
The name was inspired by two women in her family, proudly pictured on the mantle, Leeta Ruth features clothes and accessories for women – everything from casual to dressy – that are stylish and trendy but still approachable, comfortable and affordable. I actually found them to be MUCH more affordable than most boutiques I’ve been in.
But what I loved most about it is that the owner, Kim, is who runs the shop during their limited hours (which by the way are Tuesday and Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4) and she’s very good about styling outfits that work for your personality and lifestyle.
Since she personally does all the buying for the store, she will hear what you’re looking for and know exactly what she has in store that would be a good fit. She also has an interesting eye for pairing girly with a little edge. For example, she paired a moto jacket with a casual dress and a dressy skirt that I would have never thought paired well, but they looked adorable together!
I also love that Kim supports other local small business owners like Lexington-based Southern Socks, Cincinnati-based Hank’s Pockets and an amazing local designer Mallory who hand makes clothing from vintage fabrics. Oh and she has a great selection of distressed skinny jeans and leggings — I wanted to buy the whole table. Tons of cozy sweaters, cute tops and great dresses – from casual to formal.
And they change their inventory weekly, if not even more frequently than that. So check back and check back often! You’ll definitely leave there wanting something, if not everything! Learn more on Facebook.

Top 10 Looks for Less

My favorite locally-based accessories site — — not only has super cute jewelry, scarves and gift items, but they’re also hosting an event in Columbus and Cincinnati to bring the site to you in a special in-person shopping experience!

You can also shop online with Facebook parties to earn shopping credits for the site, or fundraise. Learn more about those here.

Just to give you an idea of the adorable things you’ll find on the site (and the even more impressive prices), I pulled 10 of my favorite items currently on the site and their designer lookalikes so you can see how the site is your key to staying on trend without the price tag!

#1 – Blanket Scarf

Miss Em’s: $20

Harrods: $188


#2 – Infinity Scarf

Miss Em’s: $20

Polyvore: $118

#3 – Tassel Scarf

Miss Em’s: $14

Nordstrom: $138

#4 – Clover Earrings

Miss Em’s: $6

Ross Simons: $1,995

#5 – Rose Gold Leaf

Miss Em’s: $12

Stacy Nolan: $1,500

#6 – Mint Cuff

Miss Em’s: $14

Artbox Jewel: $423

#7 – Peach Teardrop

Miss Em’s: $6

Angara: $519

#8 – Tassel Earrings

Miss Em’s: $14

Nordstrom: $35

#9 – Turquoise Bead Necklace Set

Miss Em’s: $23

Saks: $120

#10 – Gold Oval Earrings

Miss Em’s: $6

Wahl Jewelers: $360

Pink House Party July 21!

Exciting news! We’ve partnered up with HOMEARAMA this year to host a super fun event — the Pink House Party! We will have Trouvaille the traveling fashion boutique truck there, with the truck for shopping outside and a freeze modeling fashion show inside, then lots of other pop-up shops, drinks and raffles, all to benefit Pink Ribbon Girls! That’s 5-8pm, and then you can check out all the gorgeous HOMEARAMA homes with even more boutiques featured inside each of those homes! It’s going to be so fun! More details below! Hope to see you there! 


Pink House Party

Join Cincy Chic and HOMEARAMA® for a night of shopping, sips, fashion and fun all to benefit the Pink Ribbon Girls!

When: Friday, July 21, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Where: 7570 Stillwater Drive, Maineville, OH 45039 {clubhouse} GPS: 1295 W US Highway 22 and 3, Maineville, OH 45039

Tickets: $20. Includes swag bag, 1 drink ticket, shopping, mingling, and a freeze model fashion show. Plus, it includes access into HOMEARAMA® {typically $16 at the gate} where there will be additional pop-up shops inside the homes, and a live band playing until 8:00 p.m.! All ticket proceeds benefit Pink Ribbon Girls.

RSVP: Learn more and get your tickets at:


Fashion Show Sponsor: Trouvaille Traveling Fashion Boutique 

Vendor booths: Sparkle for Good, Lipsense with Suzanne Goodpaster

Z Gallerie Now Open in Cincinnati {at The Kenwood Collection}

Back in the day before I watched HGTV or even had a home of my own to decorate, I’d spend hours walking around Z Gallerie (which was in Rookwood at the time) dreaming of how I’d fill my future home with all their fabulous stuff.

I liked their store in particular because it had a great mix of every kind of genre (modern, shabby chic, international, traditional, etc), and I loved the way they styled all their pieces. Gave me lots of ideas!

Then, when we did buy our first home, we got pretty much every piece of decor and furniture from Z Gallerie. It was like years of sending love letters to your classroom crush and then years later finally getting to marry them! haha!

Turns out, I got that pinnacle moment in just in time, because a year after we got everything, Z Gallerie announced that they would be closing their Rookwood store (I was seriously in mourning).

But turn that frown upside down because Z Gallerie is now BACK in Cincinnati in an even bigger and better space! That’s right, on Friday, June 23, they had the ceremonial ribbon cutting, and Z Gallerie officially opened its doors at The Kenwood Collection retail/office project next to the Kenwood Towne Centre in Sycamore Township.

The new furniture and home décor store becomes one of 72 operated by the Los Angeles-based Z Gallerie nationwide, but the only one in Greater Cincinnati.

Z Gallerie is located on the first floor of Kenwood Collection’s retail space. They’re open Mon – Sat: 10 am – 9 pm and Sunday: 12 pm – 6 pm. Learn more at

5 Items You’ll Wish You Had This Spring Break

My intern Alexis Piascik is headed out to Spring Break this week (LUCKY!), so she wrote this as a guest post as a helpful guide to anyone else headed out too! Thanks, Alexis!

Spring Break is right around the corner and I’m sure many of you are itching to get out of the office and into that beach chair that’s been patiently waiting its arrival back into sunlight – I know I am – but one of the biggest questions I always find myself asking in the days leading up is “what should I bring?” and I’ve finally decided on 5 items to keep me comfortable and chic that have locked a place in my suitcase and, in my opinion, should in yours too.

1. These yoga mat sandals from Sanuk

Move out of the way, flip flops, there’s a new sheriff in town. Yoga Slings are all the rave, so naturally, I bought myself a pair and I can tell you it was hands down the best $20 I’ve ever spent, every time the thermostat cracks 60° I break them out and wear them everywhere. The yoga mat soles and cloth straps give your feet a comfortable cushion all around, just like classic walking shoes do, but now they’re stylish sandals that won’t give you that awkward sock-tan.

2. A Floral Sarong

Sarongs are a classic beach cover-up. Being able to tie them so many different ways allows you to go from relaxing at the beach, to perusing the shops, to dinner at a new restaurant without having to change. They’re lightweight, dry quickly, and choosing a floral one will keep you right on trend for spring, without even trying.

3. A Classic Floppy Hat

Between the sand, salt, and sun, you’re bound to have a few unwanted bad-hair-days this Spring Break, but no worries! Spritz a little cold water on your hair and throw on a classic floppy hat and now you’ve just got chic beach waves – while simultaneously giving your face a little extra protection from those harsh UV rays.

4. Linen Shorts

Linen shorts are a perfect addition to your spring break wardrobe. Other than being super comfortable, lightweight, and stylish, linen allows tons of air-flow and is considered a good heat-conductor, meaning it can absorb a ton of water before even feeling wet and will keep you cool all day long.

5. An Oversized Flannel

One thing many of us forget about when packing for spring break is that sometimes it gets cold. I know, hard to believe, but I have the solution! It’s the same solution we use every fall – oversized flannels. They look absolutely adorable tied around your waist during those hot, sunny days, but once the sun sets and the temperature begins to drop, you can just untie it and throw it on and now you’re covered without having to worry about having lugged a jacket around all day.

Success in the Queen City: Rana Schiff

(This is a guest blog post by my fabulous editorial intern Kelly Crotty)

Rana Schiff with her husband, who she says is a huge support of her career and success.
Rana Schiff with her husband, who she says is a huge support of her career and success.

You know what I love more than anything? I love a success story.

Being the bold, empowered and successful women Chic’ers are, I know you’re familiar with how challenging yet rewarding it can be to build a life and career you love.

Which is why I sat down with local corporate talent Rana Schiff who has risen through the ranks at Cincinnati’s favorite grocery retailer, Kroger, and is now the general manager of Kroger’s Center of Recruiting Excellence. She has revamped the candidates hiring experience while managing over 200 employees.

Read on as we discuss work life balance, challenges working women face and the career risk she took to fulfill her passions. 

Rana, from what I understand you had a wonderful childhood but there were challenges as well.

I am proud to have immigrated with my family to the United States in the late 1980’s from Persia. When I moved here I didn’t speak English and had to learn the alphabet in the second grade, which put me at a disadvantage against my peers. With time I picked up the language and learned my way. Since then I am proud to have completed both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Do you think anything in your youth prepared you for success?

My background helped shape who I am today as an individual as well as a leader in an organization. 

What obstacles have you faced as professional woman navigating career success?

Similar to many others who came before me I have faced obstacles along the way. Some I would relate to being a woman and others just simply being a professional. Overall, my challenges are not any different from others. Work life balance, building my leadership skills and managing my image. The list goes on and on.

Your career started in risk management but that didn’t stop you from taking risk in your own life.

I sure did! After being in Risk Management for over a decade I made the transition to Human Resources. I’m grateful to work for a company who saw potential in me and gave me the chance to make this move. I have loved every minute of it.

My advice to others thinking about making a career change is to GO FOR IT! What do you have to lose?

What advice would you give professional women as they navigate their careers?

  • Do what you love and love what you do!
  • Don’t be afraid to take a chance. It’s good to be uncomfortable with the role you are going to take and challenge yourself.
  • No matter what the feedback is or the source of the feedback, consider it a gift. See what you can take from it.
  • Own your career, no one else will!

What are your thoughts on work life balance? How do you manage it?

Work like balance is an interesting topic. It means something different to everyone and everyone manages it differently. I have found that I am the only person who knows my own balance in life and I need to manage to what is appropriate for my life and circumstances. Unfortunately, it’s not a one size fits all model. I encourage everyone to understand their lives and make the adjustments necessary to be happy at home as well as at work.

It’s not easy to make a name for yourself in a large company especially one that is rich with talent and innovation but Rana saw that Kroger is also full of opportunity and she has established herself as a leader while making a career change. Rana is a bonafide Chic’er, she’s bold, empowered and successful!