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Spend With Cincinnati: Simply Zero

“I’ve always believed that each and everyone of us can make a positive impact in this world through the choices we make no matter how big or small” 
Rachel, owner of @simplyzero_ lives a waste free lifestyle and is here to show how you can too! Even a small lifestyle change like composting or using reusable towels over paper towels can make a huge impact! 
All orders are shipped 100% plastic free or she offers free local pickup! Check out their website to see all the amazing waste free products offered and do your part to help keep our earth healthy 💚🌎

Chic Review: I’m No Different Than You

We had the AMAZING opportunity to read “Peter’s Perfect Pipes” and “I’m No Different Than You,” written by local authors!

“Peter’s Perfect Pipes” is all about a little boy who suffers from asthma. The kids were able to learn more about the medicine he uses to help his lungs so he can breathe better.

We have some friends with asthma, so it was a great opportunity for the kids to learn more about how they know someone with this and how their life is different because of it.

The other book, “I’m No Different Than You” is about a little girl with Sickle Cell Disease. My littles were able to learn more about how blood cells have different shapes and how there are different medical treatments available to help them.

The great thing about these two books is that they were written by local authors who make the stories a lot of fun while also teaching them about how people are different in an easy-to-understand way.

The books are perfect for a variety of ages and helps them understand more about things they hear and learn about at school.

They also help children understand that there are a lot of things that make us different, but they also make us unique. And while we’re different, there are also a lot of things that make us all the same.

You can learn more and get your copy at .

Spend With Cincinnati: Oasis Face Bar

The time has to come to finally tame those brows and give some love to your skin🤩 @oasisfacebarcincy is NOW OPEN to offer a variety of skin treatments, waxing, and tinting! Click the link in their bio to book your appointment today and make sure to check out their amazing products offered on the site! 
Plus they are HIRING! If you are an esthetician looking to join their team, email your resume to

Spend With Cincinnati: Grainwell

Something about this pandemic has made small sayings like this one extra special to my heart 🥺 
@grainwell is a local handmade wood shop started by 3 sisters! They are beautiful pieces made custom just for you! From signs to cutting boards to coasters, they have anything you could ever need! 
Plus check out their story for adorable new teacher gifts! With the end of the school year coming up teachers deserve a little something to say thank you!