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My friend-in-fashion here on Locals on Living, Kasmira Kit with What I Wore Today, is helping to promote a fabulous event “Cocktails & Couture” at The Limited on Aug. 18.

Click here to vote on her contest, which ends tonight! And because that contest was so popular, The Limited was so kind to give us ANOTHER $50 gift certificate and wardrobe consultation to give away on Cincy Chic!

You can nominate yourself in an email to by telling us why you want a $50 Limited gift cert and a wardrobe consultation with internationally known designer, Jodi Arnold. The Cincy Chic staff will pick the top entries and have voting for 24 hours only! All the details are at

And here’s more information about the Cocktails & Couture event at The Limited! Hope you can come! The Limited says if this goes well, they’ll bring more designers in to meet and greet the fab fashionistas here in the Queen City! If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP by August 17 to

jodi arnold
Event Invite for the Cocktails & Couture night at The Limited (click to enlarge)

West Side Welcomes Fashion Boutique

uniforms for momsI grew up on the West Side so I can say this: The West Side is NOT the best side when it comes to fashion. (however, if you’re looking for a bank or a church on the West Side, you’ve hit the lottery! haha!)

Between Oakley, Hyde Park, Madeira and Montgomery, the East Side is bustling with boutiques galore. The West Side? Not so much. That is, until now.

An adorable fashion boutique opened up on Bridgetown Rd. on the West Side (in the heart of Bridgetown), but under the misleading name of “Uniforms for Moms.” They don’t carry uniforms or maternity clothes, which the name would lead you to believe. The owner luckily has good friends and clients who told her the name of her boutique was a really, really ridiculously bad decision. So, she’s in the process of changing it to “LouLou’s Boutique,” named after her late mother.

uniforms for moms loulous

I didn’t actually go to the Uniforms for Moms/soon-to-be LouLou’s Boutique store. She was at a shopping event I was at last week at the Western Hills Country Club.

She had some incredibly cute clothes and shoes at pretty affordable prices (i.e., I got an LBD for $30ish). It appears that the owner really focused on fashionable comfort. I loved her dresses, especially. Flattering and trendy silhouettes, but made out of really comfortable, wearable fabrics like cotton with lycra for a little give.

I fell in love with a comfortable cotton little black dress (see pic to the left). I also fell in love with a denim dress, but for some reason restrained myself and didn’t get it. I’ve been thinking about how great it looked, and how much I’d wear it, so I’ll probably make a visit to the store soon to snatch that up.

I took a few pics of the racks they had at the event to give you an idea of the kinds of clothes they have there. Definitely no mom jeans or uniforms here!

uniforms for moms loulous
Nancy, Uniforms for Moms Boutique Owner

uniforms for moms loulous
uniforms for moms loulous

This Week on Cincy Chic: Technological Girl

Technological Girlnull
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Finding Technology’s Pretty Side
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Engineering a Path for Women
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Touched in Time
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Upcoming Events at Cincy Chic

Aug. 11: Coffee Cluck
Aug. 12: Free Lunch ‘n’ Learn: Reading Through Financial Illiteracy
Aug. 17: Business at Breakfast
Aug. 17: Work Smart, Not Hard! Workshop
Aug. 18: Cocktails & Couture at The Limited
Aug. 19: Hot & Spicy!
Aug. 25: InnerCircles for Women Networking Lunch
Aug. 25: Fine Wine & Me Time
Aug. 26: Fall Into Fashion with Paris J. Boutique

New Rocker Chic Arrivals at 3 French Hens

My husband is a musician. And I run Cincy Chic. So, naturally, “rocker chic” is a look I like to go for when I go to his gigs.

It’s actually a tough balance to strike. Lets just suffice it to say you don’t want to look like Audrey Hepburn when you walk into a biker bar.

But I discovered one place in town that has great rocker chic wear – Three French Hens in Hyde Park. I heard they also have a store in Ft. Thomas, but I’m not sure – I’ve never been to that one. Their shop in Hyde Park is suuuuper cute. It’s right by Poeme on Michigan Ave.

Not all their stuff is rocker chic, but they do have a few hidden gems that are great groupie gear. They also have items perfect for blinging up a boring outfit. So, when I heard they just got back from market and have a ton of new arrivals, I couldn’t wait to check those out.

Below are pics of all the new stuff they got in. I’m in love! Lots of bling, glitz, and rocker chic couture! I can see myself at his next gig in the gray cotton dress with the cross necklaces and leather band bracelets!

Three French Hens
Three French Hens

Kardashian Sisters Show Love to Local Designer

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Kardashian sisters sure know how to steal the limelight. But I just discovered that these sassy sisters are showing a little limelight love to Dayton native, Althea Harper (designer from Season 6 of Project Runway).

I follow Althea on Twitter and she recently posted something about the Kardashians wearing items from the ALTHEA HARPER FALL 2010 collection for her promo shoot with Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 5.

Pretty cool! Check it out!

Kourtney Kardashian in an Althea Harper color block dress design

I got the pleasure of meeting Althea in June at an event Cincy Chic promoted for Paris J Boutique. Teresa, the owner of Paris J Boutique, is working on getting her back here in the next couple months for another event, so check back soon for more details about that.

And, can I just say, I’m pretty proud of myself for forecasting this sheer trend back in Feb! Stay tuned for more daper dopplar radar here on Chic This Week – where the fashion news comes first.

haha! Have a great weekend everyone!

Jodi Arnold, Designer for The Limited, Coming to Cincy!

Exciting news on the local fashion front! An internationally known designer, Jodi Arnold, is coming to the Kenwood Limited on Aug. 18 (event deets below). The Limited is celebrating by hosting a free event with cocktails, fab fashion and big discounts (up to 40% off!).

I found out about it after The Limited stumbled across my blog and wanted to work with me, the blog, Cincy Chic, and my blogger friends to get the word out about the event. I’ve loved the Limited for years, so of course I was interested.* But I didn’t know much about Jodi so I did my homework…

I found out Jodi has her own label, and has for more than a decade. She recently started a collaboration with The Limited where she designs an exclusive line for them. I took a gander at the lookbook for Jodi’s Limited designs, and I truly fell in love. They are the perfect outfits for where I am in life right now: Professional by day, socialite by night.

It’s tough to strike this balance though. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run home after work to throw on something a little less corporate and something a little more fun and fashionable.

But in several of Jodi’s designs, the fun and fashionable is built in to the professional and polished attire. Take a look at the slideshow below and see for yourself. Some of the outfits I can see myself wearing a blazer or cardi over for work, and then slipping that off to wear Jodi’s cute dress or embellished tunic out for cocktails with the girls.
jodi arnold with the limited

So, I can’t wait to meet Jodi now when she comes to town! And I can’t wait to try on some of these outfits that would save me so many drives home for a costume change!

See below for all the event info. And make sure you click here to visit my friend Kasmira with What I Wore Today ….we’re having a contest to win an exclusive one-on-one wardrobe consultation with Jodi Arnold and a $50 gift certificate to The Limited! (Hurry! Deadline to participate in the contest is midnight Aug. 5!)

jodi arnold with The Limited
Who: The Limited and Designer Jodi Arnold
What: Invite you to an exclusive fashion presentation and cocktail party, including 40% off, giveaways and gift bags (while supplies last)
Where: The Limited,  7875 Montgomery Road
When: August 18, 6-9pm
Why: Celebrate the spirit of the modern woman and discover your own freedom of expression. Jodi will be on-hand to answer your questions about fashion and to share with you her latest looks of the season, designed exclusively for The Limited.

Please RSVP by August 17 to

*The Limited is now a Cincy Chic client! We are doing a sponsorship of the event and also helping them get promos on Fox19, in Reach Magazine and other media outlets! I’m really hoping to make this event big so we can work together more and more in the future! Hope you can come!

This Week on Cincy Chic: Cincinnatians to Know

Cincinnatians to Know

nullConnector Chris Ostoich

The Queen City is full of royally remarkable people, so this week we recognize some of those who help make Cincinnati the city we love. And not many do so more than Chris Ostoich, so learn how this local leader works his magic in connecting the city and its people.

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Spotted: Trendsetter Tamia Stinson
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Go Vibrant Founder Mark Jeffreys
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Bridging Broadway’s Stephen Samuels
He’s not taking a gamble on this one. Nope, this local Downtown advocate is ensuring that Cincinnati’s casino brings the maximum benefit to the city and its residents.

Cheers to the Careers of Jan and David Lazarus
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Model Manager and Maker Lori Colwell
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Chic Spotlight: Leadership Leader Jessica Baron
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Orange on Green: Five Financial People to Know
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Express Picks: Soak up the Sounds of Summer
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McCoy on Movies: “Salt” Movie Review
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Ask Patty: Relocating for Love
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Share the Chic!
Throughout the month of August, one new Cincy Chic Facebook friend will be randomly selected to win a cut, color, and makeup application from Lucid Salon. We’ll contact the winner and ask them who told them about Cincy Chic. That person will also win a cut, color, and makeup application from Lucid Salon, too! Click here to visit our Facebook page:! So, what are you waiting for? Share the Chic!

Contest runs from August 1-31. One winner will be randomly selected at midnight on August 31 and contacted via e-mail.

Upcoming Cincy Chic Events:
Aug. 12: Free Lunch ‘n’ Learn: Reading Through Financial Illiteracy
Aug. 17: Business at Breakfast
Aug. 17: Work Smart, Not Hard! Workshop
Aug. 25: InnerCircles for Women Networking Lunch
Aug. 25: Fine Wine & Me Time
Aug. 26: Fall Into Fashion with Paris J. Boutique

Madeira Summer Sidewalk Sale

Madeira Summer Sidewalk Sale (click to enlarge)

I drove through Madeira yesterday afternoon to stop in Monkee’s of Madeira, a store I wrote about months ago but just got around to visiting.

Quiet little Madeira was hustling and bustling with life! Balloons out front of every store and lots of shoppers out and about. Not the norm for a random Thursday afternoon.

So, I go into Monkee’s and start chatting with Liz the owner. She said it’s Madeira’s Summer Sidewalk Sale this weekend. Now through Sunday, the sidewalks of Maderia will host this annual sale.

Wow. Talk about a great weekend for a sidewalk sale, seriously! So, get out and enjoy the sunshine with your family or girlfriends. From the looks of it, sales were ranging around 50-70%. So the discounts are not too shabby – will definitely make it worth your while!

Here are the dates and times: Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm, Saturday 10:00am- 5:00pm
For more information, visit the Madeira Chamber (

And just backtracking a little here… I absolutely ADORED Monkee’s of Madeira. I didn’t realize this, but apparently Monkee’s is a chain. But sort of the best kind of chain, where they are still rare enough (and Liz says her corporate is relaxed enough) to be considered pseudo-independent, but they’re big enough to get purchasing power for big name brands.

I kind of fell in love with some gold peep toes, a belt and an asymmetrical gemstone necklace (pics below), but due to a variety of reasons (namely me dropping my Macbook last week and having to buy an entirely new computer… but I don’t want to talk about that right now because I might cry) I didn’t buy anything.

I will be back though. Mark my Monkee-marveling words. Even if I have to bubble wrap all my expensive electronics for the rest of my life. I will be back. And I will buy things. Lots and lots of pretty things.

But until then…  watch and weep as I post the items I am absolutely lusting after.

Peep toes were $149 on sale (they’re my Fabushoe Friday for today BTW!), I didn’t check to see how much the belt was (I was too enamored with the wooden clasp… but she did say she can’t keep them on the shelves they sell so fast), and the necklace is by a local designer!

Gold peep toe pumps... mmmm yummy
Wooden clasp belt, hand-beaded mustard band
Asymmetrical necklace, designed by a local lady!

From the Publisher of Cincy Chic