Ask Amy: Good Stylists in NKY

Got an email last week from someone asking if I could recommend a Northern Kentucky-based stylist. Thought it would be a good Q&A to share as an “Ask Amy” post. Feel free to share in the comments section below if you have a stylist to recommend in any of the areas Carey asked about. PS: I love that she called me “Queen of all that is Chic!” … Can I legally change my name to that? That would be awesome. Almost as awesome as Princess Consuela Bananahammock.


Dear Queen of all that is Chic!
Morning! Need your help! Did you have a recommendation for someone who does great (relatively inexpensive) hair color in NKY.  More specifically the Bellevue/Ft. Thomas/Newport/Covington area?
Thanks much!

Hi Carey!

The person I go to is in Florence. Her name is Leslee Biddle and she works at Uniquely Senise. Here’s the number there: 859-282-6555 She’s one of the best (and most affordable) stylists I’ve ever met!

I’ve been going to her for several years, so I can’t speak on a personal level to the following, but I’ve heard they’re good too:

  • Sue Beck at Salon Beck Downtown. Here’s a story we did about Sue at Salon Beck and some unique color offerings (and express treatments they do): Also, my friend Chris goes to Samantha there and says she is great.
  • I’ve also heard good things about Sableux Salon, which is right next to the Crestview Hills Mall. At Red, Pink and Blue, they did the hair for all the models and gave free cuts to all the attendees. My friend Lauren just went to a stylist named KC there. Lauren said it’s the best job anyone has ever done on her hair! I’ve had several other people say reeeeally good things about other stylists at Sableux too. My contact there doesn’t do hair, but if you email her, she’ll be able to tell you who’s good, if you explain your hair type/the look you’re going for: Kelley Oehler <>

Those are really the only four stylists in the areas you’re looking in that I’d feel comfortable recommending. Hope this helps!


Save The Date: Retrofittings

Last year, I went to Retrofittings for the very first time. Oh… my … gosh… what a cool event! I loved all the creativity! It’s like Kasmira‘s flair for funky vintage fashion meets my newfound fav fashion blog “New Dress A Day.”

Here’s the event concept: UC DAAP students get items from St. Vincent de Paul, recreate them into something fashion-forward, worthy of a fabulous fashion show. People purchase tickets to the show, and all proceeds benefit St. Vincent de Paul.

The only thing I didn’t like last year is how crowded it was. It was at the 20th Century Theater in Oakley. I was literally crawling over people to get to a half a seat available when I got there. Good problem to have for them, because it’s so popular. But it was kind of annoying that it was so crowded.

Well, apparently other people shared my same gripe and said something to St. Vincent de Paul. So, this year they’re holding it at the Hall of Mirrors! This is the first time they’ve changed the venue. Granted, the HoM has a very different vibe than the 20th Century, but I think this is going to help take the event to a whole new level! And hopefully I won’t have to climb over anyone this year!

Cincy Chic is helping them to promote it this year. Here’s the save the date card so you can have all the info if you’re interested in going!

Bra Making Party!

Cincy Chic is working with Locals on Living again for the fourth annual Bras with Flair on the Square campaign.

Here are all the details for this year’s event:

Get together with your gal pals, get crafty and bedazzle a bra however you’d like! Drop off your bejeweled bra donation to any Widmer’s location in the Tri-State area August 30-September 24.

We’ll display these decorated bras on Fountain Square, Friday, Oct. 1 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. During this time, you can have lunch on the Square, check out hundreds of decorated bras on display, and cast your vote for your favorite! After work, join us back on the Square for happy hour 5-7 p.m. to sip on a Ta-Ta-tini. At 7pm, Fountain Square will transform into a runway for a fabulous fashion show. The top 10 favorite bras will be up for auction – to benefit Susan G Komen For the Cure – at the after party at Tonic on 4th.

Purchase your fashion show ticket at Tickets are only $15/person and include a reusable tote bag stuffed with swag!

Also, we’re going to honor breast cancer survivors at the end of the fashion show! Click here to learn more about the contest and prizes valued at more than $3,500!

Last year we honored Heather Ray, who we unfortunately lost in Feb. this year. I feel very lucky to have met her because of Bras with Flair ’09. This year, we will honor Heather, and remember her brave fight and the inspiring life she lived.

The men and women battling breast cancer like Heather did is exactly why we do this event every year. This is a fun way to raise funds and awareness, so that one day, we can end breast cancer forever.

To support this event, I’ve been a part of two bra bedazzling parties for Bras with Flair already (photos below), and I encourage you to do the same! Go to to learn more about the event!

bras with flair
The bra all the Locals on Living bloggers made together! It's so fun! (click to enlarge)
bras with flair
The bra making party we did at Stone Creek West Chester with the HBA! (click to enlarge)

This Week on Cincy Chic: Fall Trend Report

nullFall Trend Report
City named innovation hub

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Bras with Flair on the Square 2010
For the fourth annual event, decorated bras will fly high on Fountain Square to promote breast health. See how you can get involved with this unique and innovative way of finding a cure!

ULTA-mate Arrival
It’s here! That’s right, ladies, Cincinnati now has another ULTA Beauty location. So learn how this new beauty store/salon comes just in time for your fall makeup makeover.

“Expect Great Things” in Fall Fashion
One department store continues a recent trend toward more stylish offerings. Learn how the company has changed its “look” and what advice their trend expert has for you to change yours this season.

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Modern Milkman (with a Side of Fruits and Veggies)
While the days of the milkman are long gone, one local entrepreneur updates that old trend by delivering fresh, local and chemical-free food to the doorsteps of hundreds of Tri-Staters.

Entering the Mind of a Company
An organization is only as strong as the people who sustain it. Learn how one growing career works to help companies find the right people for the job and retain those employees.

Chic Spotlight: High-Fashion Hair Designer Vivian Moore
This local woman flew to Paris to design hair for Giorgio Armani’s Fashion Week show. Read on as she shares stories of her experience and insider tips on this fall’s hair trends.

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If your bottom doesn’t feel very itsy bitsy in that teeny weeny bikini, keep reading. Our fitness columnist shares the best exercises out there to tone and lift.

Orange on Green: “Boring” is the “In Thing”
Save your hot trend fixes for your wardrobe. But when it comes to your finances, traditional is the way to go. Find out why our financial columnists recommend against the latest money fads.

Express Picks: Enjoy the Great Outdoor Events
As many in the performing arts take their annual late-summer siesta, there is still plenty to do here in the Cincinnati region — most of it in or having to do with the great outdoors.

Chic Eats: Carrot Cupcakes with Brown Buttercream
With fall around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about cool weather cooking. Our Chic Chef gives you a preview of the flavors of fall with Spiced Carrot Cupcakes with Brown Buttercream.

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Aug. 25: Fine Wine & Me Time
Aug. 26: Fall Into Fashion with Paris J. Boutique
Sept. 1: Eisen University
Sept. 7: eWomenNetwork “Accelerated Networking” Event

Marvy Accessory Monday: Embroidered Galoshes

I was at this event at Snap Boutique in Hyde Park and found today’s Marvy Accessory: Embroidered Galoshes.

The ones that first caught my eye were the “Who Dey” ones. They would come in quite handy with all the rainy/snowy Bengal games sure to come – and *bonus* they’re super cute! Then I saw some with “UC” on them… I got to thinking, hmm, can you get anything put on these adorable galoshes?

So, I asked someone at Snap what the story was with them.

She said they’re $85 and you can get anything you want put on them (embroidery is included in the cost). You can choose the color of thread they use to embroider too. She said they’ve had everything from sorority letters to skulls embroidered on them.

She said monograms are also an option. I thought about it for a minute. And being that my name is Amy Storer-Scalia, that would make for an “ASS” monogram … sure, would be a great conversation starter, but I think I’ll pass. : )

I’m seriously considering getting some. I just can’t decide what to get embroidered on them. Ideas?

snap boutique
Who Dey galoshes (click to enlarge)
snap boutique
UC galoshes (click to enlarge)


A funny convo started on my Facebook page about what an Ocho Cinco fan should get embroidered on their galoshes…
ocho cinco

Brush Factory to Open Retail Location in Oakley

Just got news that the Brush Factory is opening a new retail location in Oakley! I’m so excited for them! Their space in Brighton is truly amazing, so I can’t wait to see how they’re going to top themselves at this new location!

We did this Cincy Chic story on the Brush Factory back in January. Then they were at Cincinnati Fashion Week (they were my #6 favorite look of the show!). And now they’re opening a second location! Yay for them! Here’s the info I just received … hope to see you there!

Brush Factory Presents:

A new retail location opening celebration in the Oakley shopping district!

Soft Opening Celebration
3227 Madison Road
Friday September 3, 2010
7pm – 10pm


Store hours begin September 17, 2010
Tues – Sat 10 – 6
Sun 10 – 4

brush factory
brush factory

Pump’s 10 yr Anniversary Specials

Just saw this posted to the Pump Salon Facebook page:

Come out this weekend and Rock with Rookwood Pump for their 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! That’s right all weekend long we will be celebrating. There will be a DJ onsite tomorrow spinning your favorite tunes, giveaways AND… Today (8/20) and tomorrow (8/21) we have haircuts for $19.80 (Designer Level Only) and FREE Sebastian Conditioning treatments with any color service. Call now to schedule an appointment (513) 841-1110 ext. 1

Thought you might want to know about it! By the way, the Pump and Mitchell’s (Pump’s parent company) Facebook pages are awesome! Mitchell’s does a “Find Out Fridays” where they post a video showing you the technique behind certain services/treatments they offer. And Pump, which caters to a younger/funkier audience, does “Happy Flippin’ Fridays” where they show embarrassing childhood photos of their stylists. It’s hilarious.

The Fabulous Fatima

Me and Fatima wearing her signature "FlowersFromFatima" designs ($15/two clips) (click to enlarge)

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a girl named Fatima Spencer. She said she’s a senior at Xavier and loves reading the blog. She was inspired to write to me after reading this post I did on Tracey Vest, who is a local designer of accessories.

Fatima is a budding entrepreneur who has been dabbling in the accessories design world for the past 13 years. Yes, let’s do the math… she’s 20 years old now, so she’s been making and selling accessories since she was 7.

I asked her what inspired her to start designing at such a young age. You know, since I was probably playing with my imaginary friend, making mud pies, annoying my brother, or something else much less productive than starting my own fashion accessory business at that age.

She said she was part of a community beautification project, and that’s when she fell in love with nature. She started to wear flowers behind her ear, and eventually started making and selling silk flower hair accessories. Those designs evolved and she started to add some sparkle with Swarovski crystals.

I love love looooooooved this "FlowersFromFatima" design. Very classy. ($19.95) (Click to enlarge)

Today, she is the owner and designer for “FlowersFromFatima” with an online Etsy ecommerce site, and is sold in two local boutiques. I asked her to come to the Cincy Chic office so I could check out her designs in person.

First off, let me just tell you how completely gorgeous this girl is. If her accessories don’t get her into Lucky Magazine soon, she’ll be in there as a model for sure. Equally as beautiful were her designs. You can tell she’s been at this for more than a decade.

Everything was very well-made, and in pretty little packages. You could buy one of these pieces and give them as gifts in her chic clear boxes with purple ribbon. She said she does a decent wedding business – a big demand for plum and gold colored items this year she said. And I see on her site, she also has items for little girls too.

Everything she creates has a flower/nature theme. And, now knowing her story, makes her designs even more special. Her prices range from $15 for two small clips to $35 for the bigger pieces, so they’re very affordable. I encourage you to check out the fabulous Fatima!

Curious about Keratin?

Maria Swafford, a model/BenGal cheerleader who gets keratin treatments, at the swimsuit fashion show

A few weeks ago, we did a swimsuit fashion show. Perfections Salon did the hair and makeup for all the models. My event planner, Libby Hodapp, said something to the stylist (Sarah Caudill) about the models’ hair holding up so well to the heat and humidity. Which was surprising because it seriously felt like it was 200 degrees that day and the humidity was so thick it was tough to breathe!

Turns out Sarah did keratin treatments on a lot of the models’ hair, which is why their lovely locks were behaving so well. One of the models in particular, Maria Swafford, had the keratin service done on her extremely curly, coarse and frizzy hair. Maria vouched for the treatment and told Libby that the treatment changed her life.

Libby really worked hard on that swimsuit fashion show, and hinted to me that she was curious to try out this keratin treatment … which, who knew, had life-changing potential! haha! Sooooo… what’s a boss to do? Of course, I treated her to her first treatment!

The only trade-off is that I got to follow her process for my blog! I knew other people had probably heard of this keratin stuff before,  but didn’t try it because of the cost (can range $300 to $500, depending on length and density of the hair being treated). So, here are all the deets about the process and Libby’s results…

Libby getting the keratin formula applied to her hair


Right off the bat Libby got a drycut from Kenneth. They cut it first to give it the perfect style. Kenneth said without this step, any imperfections would be really visible once the hair is smoothed. (Think of keratin as laminating a piece of paper. Any wonkiness will show even more once the keratin is on)

I love love love her new haircut! Libby was a little freaked out that he took off so much, but I think it frames her face well and looks polished and professional.

After that, Sarah washed Libby’s hair with clarifying shampoo to remove any product/chemical build-up. Then she applied the keratin smoothing treatment. I learned a lot about keratin in this process. I thought this was interesting… Since the product is not a chemical, there aren’t timing or over-processing concerns (being a brunette-gone-blonde, I know oh too much about over-processing!).

When they put it on hair, it adds strength, elasticity and moisture back into dried up and frizzy hair. The smaller keratin molecules get inside the hair and work from the inside out. The larger molecules coat the hair, preventing damage from environmental bad guys like UV rays/water/heat. My dad is a science teacher… he’ll be so proud that I just talked about molecules! haha!

Libby getting her hair flat ironed

Something else I should mention to keep an eye out for: not all keratin treatments are alike. Some keratin products out there contain formaldehyde or the cosmetic-grade formalin. So, make sure that where ever you go, ask if their keratin product contains any of these ingredients because they’re carcinogens. I made sure Perfections doesn’t have any of those things in their formula, so I don’t need to worry about any lawsuits from Libby being exposed to toxins. : )

Ok, enough science talk. Next step was to blow dry Libby’s hair to about 70%. Then, Sarah started a flat-ironing process. They had a special flat iron designed specifically for keratin treatments, and that sealed the treatment into the hair. And voila! Libby had beautiful, smooth, soft, sleek and shiny hair!

After a week, I asked Libby how things were holding up. She said it’s awesome. Her blow-dry time was cut in half, and she barely, if ever, needs to use a straightening iron now. The only bad thing is that was wasn’t allowed to wash or wet her hair for 72 hours after the service, and she had planned to be at the pool with her kids that entire weekend. So, keep that in mind if you do get this treatment… block your schedule for a few days. You can’t get in pools, or wet your hair in showers for a few days.

before and after
Libby, before and after her keratin treatment

But she said it was worth it to have more manageable hair. She works full time – and has a baby and a toddler – so every saved second counts!

As a bystander, I can tell you that her hair doesn’t look dry or coarse. It looks really shiny and healthy. I keep waiting for her to do that Pantene hair swish every time she walks by now. haha!

I hope this gives you a little insight into a keratin treatment! Perfections Salon is actually a client of ours at Cincy Chic, so I’m sure they’d love for you to call them (513.984.2555) if you want to get a keratin treatment for yourself. But no matter where you go, remember to ask about those ingredients I mentioned so it’s a happy and healthy keratin experience! And ask about the down-time too, I hear that can vary. Feel free to email me at astorer at cincychic dot com and tell me about your keratin experience where ever you go. I’d be interested to hear how other people like it!

*After I posted this, I got a question from a friend asking how long it lasts. According to this site, it softens curls/waves for up to three months, and keeps it conditioned for about six months.

This week on Cincy Chic: Yearning for Learning

Yearning for Learningnull
“Teachers’ aid” organizations

Knowledge is the key to success, so this week Cincy Chic focuses on educational opportunities around the Tri-State. A couple of these opportunities even have easy ways for you to contribute, so read on to discover how you can help foster local kids’ futures.

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Hard Hats off to Education
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Achieving Shear Genius
Beauty doesn’t always come naturally, but one local cosmetology school is here to help. Offering cutting edge techniques, this local college of hair design contributes to a more beautiful Queen City.

Educational Eats
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Teaching Chic Abroad
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