Marvy Accessory Monday: Azhand Shokohi

Bracelet designed by Azhand Shokohi (click to enlarge)

I’m starting a new Monday trend… on Fridays, I have “Fab-u-shoe Friday“… and now on Mondays, I’ll have “Marvy Accessory Monday.”

I actually don’t have a ton of clothes. I like to just stick with basics with the wardrobe, and then keep things fresh and fun with accessories. Belts, bags, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, oh my!

So, when I have some accessories worth sharing, I’ll do so with this new Marvy Accessory Monday! Today, I’m sharing an accessory made by local designer, Azhand Shokohi.
I first learned about Azhand at Cincinnati Fashion Week. She did the jewelry in my #5 favorite look at the show. I met her for coffee just to learn more about her and that’s when I fell in love with this bracelet.

She made it from Italian yarn, added sparkle with a vintage broach, and … get this… a reclaimed piece from a chandelier! Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind because she uses vintage items and hand-makes each one.

So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece, and have a couple hundred bucks to spare on a local artist, I suggest you look her up to get your own marvy accessory!

Azhand Shokohi

Frank Pistachio Launches Line at Boogie Nights

Anthony Frommeyer
Anthony and Ashley Burnside, owner of Fetish, at the Sizzling Summer Fashion show Fetish did with the Junior League featuring the Frank Pistachio line.

Anthony Frommeyer, a local designer, was just featured in the Enquirer because of his Frank Pistachio line. He is launching the line on August 27 at the Hollywood Casino with a Boogie Nights Fashion Show with the help of Fetish Boutique.

You can find his line in boutiques across the country. Fetish Boutique in Hyde Park carries the line exclusively in the Cincinnati area. If you are interested in the show or his line, stop by Fetish. They have 40 tickets left for the show.

Fetish Boutique, Hyde Park
3451 Edwards Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208

Bucket List Balloon Ride

balloon rideWell, I’m officially going to have to change my “about me” page on Cincy Chic. For the past four years I’ve had it in there that one of my dreams is to ride in a hot air balloon.

To be honest that was kind of a hint to my husband in case he was ever at a loss for what to get me for my birthday or Christmas. But I should know better than to be anything less than obvious with the male gender, haha!

So, my friend, Rene, posted to her Facebook a couple weeks ago asking what was on her friends’ bucket lists. She was just curious and wanted to get conversation started, apparently. So, I posted “Ride in a hot air balloon.” She private messaged me immediately and said she had a friend who flies hot air balloons and that he would take us up. Granted, we were allowed to go up pretty much gratis (just paying the cost of gas) because he was finishing up his certification hours, and this was technically a “training ride” for him. So, there was a little risk involved. But he had been up in a balloon many, many times before, and there was a trainer on with us, so it wasn’t THAT big of a risk!

I couldn’t believe it. I absolutely freaked out! I’ve been wanting to do this for YEARS! And here was opportunity knocking down my door! She set it all up and up, up away we went!

Our balloon ride took us over Kings Island, the ATP tournament area and I-71. It was so quiet and peaceful (you know, except for the deafening blast of hot air every 30 seconds to make sure we stayed in the air). It was incredible and more breath-taking than I ever hoped it would be.

But right before we landed we did what’s called a “splash and dash” for fun. It’s where you take the balloon over a body of water, in our case a pond in a residential area,  and have it skim across the top of the water and then blast hot air into the balloon to bring us back up. This takes a ton of skill and obviously can go horribly wrong if not done correctly (hello, we were basically in a wicker basket attached to a big balloon). But Eric pulled it off flawlessly. You should have seen the faces of the people out on their decks watching us in that neighborhood though! haha!

I didn’t realize this but you don’t land in the same spot you took off from. And you never really know where you’ll land. Eric decided that a church playground area was a good spot for our landing. But it was right next to the neighborhood where we made a scene with the splash and dash, so every kid ran out of their houses to see us when they realized we were landing. Kids came out of the woodwork, no joke. Within minutes, there had to be 60 kids surrounding the balloon, hopping in the basket and “helping” Eric and his crew get the air out of the balloon. It was pretty funny.

So, after they got the balloon packed away, we drove back to our cars and I got my certificate of completion. As if all this wasn’t enough, Eric, who is also a Sommelier at A Bottle or Two in Mason, broke out a bottle of Moet champagne to toast to this big bucket list item being officially checked off my list.

I know I usually just blog about fashion and beauty here on my “Chic this Week” blog… but it was one of the most surreal experiences of my entire life and I wanted to share it with you. A huge thanks to Eric Faber with Balloon Adventures who took us up and my friend Rene for putting this together. It was a dream come true!

Check out the slideshow below that takes you through my adventure one picture at a time! Enjoy! I hope you get the opportunity to check something off your list this weekend!


Lafayette Ladies Day at ATP

lafayette 148I just found out about a brunch the ATP is putting on for us ladies. They’re partnering with Saks to do a fashion show at the event. The invite says Lafayette 148, a line carried in select Saks stores, will be the line that’s going to do the clothes in the show. So, I asked my contact at Saks if I could get a sneak peek of some of the items in this new collection before they walk the runway at next week’s event.

I actually had a really interesting conversation with the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Lafayette, Debra Clark. She said Lafayette’s Designer Edward Wilkerson recently took a trip to Rome and that’s what inspired this season’s collection. The Sistine Chapel in particular inspired the color palate and design structure for the items. Click here to see a video of Edward going more into detail about his trip and design inspiration.

I can see where he’s coming from with the breath-taking colors, architecture and design at the Sistine Chapel. My husband and I went there for our honeymoon and we just stood there for hours craning our necks at the ceiling of that beautiful building.

Seeing the colors in this new collection, it’s like a personified version of the Sistine in the form of fibers and fashion. It’s amazing. I love the bold colors, classic silhouettes and daring finishes. Knowing a lot more now about the Sistine Chapel, that’s what it’s all about and I applaud Edward for capturing it in his collection.

My three favs in the Lafayete 148 knit collection (click to enlarge)

I can’t wait to see the pieces in person next Tuesday at this ATP Lafayette Ladies Day Brunch! When I was talking to Debra, she also mentioned that Lafayette is known for their knits. My brain can’t comprehend “knit” right now with this awful heat out, but the pics she sent were pretty. A couple of them were marmy (which knits can easily be if you’re not careful), but I pulled three of the pieces she sent (in the animated pic to the left) I thought were classic, but cutting edge and on-trend.

Debra said these pieces will be carried at the Cincinnati Saks, so you know where to go if you want to add one of these classic couture pieces to your wardrobe. Speaking of couture, they’re not cheap. But you get what you pay for. Here’s the pricing info on the pieces pictured to the left:

Italian Silk V-Neck with Flower Detail ($298.00)

Stretch Merino Hand-Stitch Chain Cardigan ($298.00)

Cozy Flannel Asymmetrical Cardigan ($268.00)

And here’s more info about the Lafayette Ladies Day Brunch if you’d like to attend! Click on the image to enlarge, and go to if you want to get tickets to it!

lafayette 148
Information about the Lafayette Ladies Day Brunch (click to enlarge)

Be a Winner

My friend-in-fashion here on Locals on Living, Kasmira Kit with What I Wore Today, is helping to promote a fabulous event “Cocktails & Couture” at The Limited on Aug. 18.

Click here to vote on her contest, which ends tonight! And because that contest was so popular, The Limited was so kind to give us ANOTHER $50 gift certificate and wardrobe consultation to give away on Cincy Chic!

You can nominate yourself in an email to by telling us why you want a $50 Limited gift cert and a wardrobe consultation with internationally known designer, Jodi Arnold. The Cincy Chic staff will pick the top entries and have voting for 24 hours only! All the details are at

And here’s more information about the Cocktails & Couture event at The Limited! Hope you can come! The Limited says if this goes well, they’ll bring more designers in to meet and greet the fab fashionistas here in the Queen City! If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP by August 17 to

jodi arnold
Event Invite for the Cocktails & Couture night at The Limited (click to enlarge)

West Side Welcomes Fashion Boutique

uniforms for momsI grew up on the West Side so I can say this: The West Side is NOT the best side when it comes to fashion. (however, if you’re looking for a bank or a church on the West Side, you’ve hit the lottery! haha!)

Between Oakley, Hyde Park, Madeira and Montgomery, the East Side is bustling with boutiques galore. The West Side? Not so much. That is, until now.

An adorable fashion boutique opened up on Bridgetown Rd. on the West Side (in the heart of Bridgetown), but under the misleading name of “Uniforms for Moms.” They don’t carry uniforms or maternity clothes, which the name would lead you to believe. The owner luckily has good friends and clients who told her the name of her boutique was a really, really ridiculously bad decision. So, she’s in the process of changing it to “LouLou’s Boutique,” named after her late mother.

uniforms for moms loulous

I didn’t actually go to the Uniforms for Moms/soon-to-be LouLou’s Boutique store. She was at a shopping event I was at last week at the Western Hills Country Club.

She had some incredibly cute clothes and shoes at pretty affordable prices (i.e., I got an LBD for $30ish). It appears that the owner really focused on fashionable comfort. I loved her dresses, especially. Flattering and trendy silhouettes, but made out of really comfortable, wearable fabrics like cotton with lycra for a little give.

I fell in love with a comfortable cotton little black dress (see pic to the left). I also fell in love with a denim dress, but for some reason restrained myself and didn’t get it. I’ve been thinking about how great it looked, and how much I’d wear it, so I’ll probably make a visit to the store soon to snatch that up.

I took a few pics of the racks they had at the event to give you an idea of the kinds of clothes they have there. Definitely no mom jeans or uniforms here!

uniforms for moms loulous
Nancy, Uniforms for Moms Boutique Owner

uniforms for moms loulous
uniforms for moms loulous

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New Rocker Chic Arrivals at 3 French Hens

My husband is a musician. And I run Cincy Chic. So, naturally, “rocker chic” is a look I like to go for when I go to his gigs.

It’s actually a tough balance to strike. Lets just suffice it to say you don’t want to look like Audrey Hepburn when you walk into a biker bar.

But I discovered one place in town that has great rocker chic wear – Three French Hens in Hyde Park. I heard they also have a store in Ft. Thomas, but I’m not sure – I’ve never been to that one. Their shop in Hyde Park is suuuuper cute. It’s right by Poeme on Michigan Ave.

Not all their stuff is rocker chic, but they do have a few hidden gems that are great groupie gear. They also have items perfect for blinging up a boring outfit. So, when I heard they just got back from market and have a ton of new arrivals, I couldn’t wait to check those out.

Below are pics of all the new stuff they got in. I’m in love! Lots of bling, glitz, and rocker chic couture! I can see myself at his next gig in the gray cotton dress with the cross necklaces and leather band bracelets!

Three French Hens
Three French Hens

From the Publisher of Cincy Chic