This Week on Cincy Chic: Cincinnatians to Know

Cincinnatians to Know

nullConnector Chris Ostoich

The Queen City is full of royally remarkable people, so this week we recognize some of those who help make Cincinnati the city we love. And not many do so more than Chris Ostoich, so learn how this local leader works his magic in connecting the city and its people.

Find Comfort, Value in Valley View’s Temporary Housing
Moving to a new city for a job can be a headache, but find out how one local condo complex relieves some stress with their furnished long-term stay options without the long-term lease.

Spotted: Trendsetter Tamia Stinson
One Cincinnati-based magazine earns top marks for trend spotting from one so-called “fashion bible.” Find out how the editor reaches new fashionable heights by turning blogs into the new black.

Go Vibrant Founder Mark Jeffreys
A city is only as healthy as its residents, and this local man started a movement toward a healthier home. Learn how he plans to make the Queen City rank in the healthiest cities by 2020.

Bridging Broadway’s Stephen Samuels
He’s not taking a gamble on this one. Nope, this local Downtown advocate is ensuring that Cincinnati’s casino brings the maximum benefit to the city and its residents.

Cheers to the Careers of Jan and David Lazarus
This isn’t your average wine store, but the owners aren’t your average entrepreneurs. Learn how the owners’ backgrounds provide an unparalleled experience.

Model Manager and Maker Lori Colwell
One local woman helps aspiring models build their portfolios and get their foot in the door. Learn how her work helped turn a Cincinnati girl into an international super model.

Chic Spotlight: Leadership Leader Jessica Baron
This local woman is leading Cincinnati into a promising future. Read on to find out several ways for how you can join her movement and be a part of the process.

Orange on Green: Five Financial People to Know
Back in grade school dodge ball, you always wanted a stacked team, right? Now is no different. Our financial columnists name five people who will lead you to victory.

Express Picks: Soak up the Sounds of Summer
As we enter the hazy, lazy days of summer, kick back, relax, grab a portable bite (or several), and treat your ears to music al fresco, just as nature intended.

McCoy on Movies: “Salt” Movie Review
Jon Voight’s famous offspring is back in theaters now with a film that, given recent political events, might help boost the female action thriller genre … But should it?

Ask Patty: Relocating for Love
Is it safe to pick up and move for the one you love?  Our relationship expert points out you might want to lose your inhibitions and take the leap.

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Madeira Summer Sidewalk Sale

Madeira Summer Sidewalk Sale (click to enlarge)

I drove through Madeira yesterday afternoon to stop in Monkee’s of Madeira, a store I wrote about months ago but just got around to visiting.

Quiet little Madeira was hustling and bustling with life! Balloons out front of every store and lots of shoppers out and about. Not the norm for a random Thursday afternoon.

So, I go into Monkee’s and start chatting with Liz the owner. She said it’s Madeira’s Summer Sidewalk Sale this weekend. Now through Sunday, the sidewalks of Maderia will host this annual sale.

Wow. Talk about a great weekend for a sidewalk sale, seriously! So, get out and enjoy the sunshine with your family or girlfriends. From the looks of it, sales were ranging around 50-70%. So the discounts are not too shabby – will definitely make it worth your while!

Here are the dates and times: Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm, Saturday 10:00am- 5:00pm
For more information, visit the Madeira Chamber (

And just backtracking a little here… I absolutely ADORED Monkee’s of Madeira. I didn’t realize this, but apparently Monkee’s is a chain. But sort of the best kind of chain, where they are still rare enough (and Liz says her corporate is relaxed enough) to be considered pseudo-independent, but they’re big enough to get purchasing power for big name brands.

I kind of fell in love with some gold peep toes, a belt and an asymmetrical gemstone necklace (pics below), but due to a variety of reasons (namely me dropping my Macbook last week and having to buy an entirely new computer… but I don’t want to talk about that right now because I might cry) I didn’t buy anything.

I will be back though. Mark my Monkee-marveling words. Even if I have to bubble wrap all my expensive electronics for the rest of my life. I will be back. And I will buy things. Lots and lots of pretty things.

But until then…  watch and weep as I post the items I am absolutely lusting after.

Peep toes were $149 on sale (they’re my Fabushoe Friday for today BTW!), I didn’t check to see how much the belt was (I was too enamored with the wooden clasp… but she did say she can’t keep them on the shelves they sell so fast), and the necklace is by a local designer!

Gold peep toe pumps... mmmm yummy
Wooden clasp belt, hand-beaded mustard band
Asymmetrical necklace, designed by a local lady!

Armani Earns an A+

Unless I win the lottery stat, I will not be owning a piece of Giorgio Armani Privé clothing any time soon. But a girl can dream.

Today, I stumbled across the new Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010/2011 collection preview video that was filmed at the recent Paris Fashion Week. I absolutely fell head over heels. I now realize why some of these pieces cost more than my first car!

Each piece in this collection is drop dead gorgeous. Very classy, feminine and timeless. Never before have I loved every single piece in a collection. But today, Armani showed me what an A+ collection looks like and I’m swooning.

I can’t wait for less expensive versions of these pieces start to pop up. I love muted, wearable colors. And I especially love the over-sized statement button(s). That’s a trend that would be super easy to implement by yourself you DIYers out there!

But for the dreamers out there… watch and drool.

PS This is the show that local hair stylist Vivian Moore did the hair for I told you about last month! YAY! Way to represent Cincinnati!


This Week on Cincy Chic: Indulge in Life

Indulge in Life null

Staff shares their splurges

Life is too short. So whether you stop to smell the roses or buy some shoes, that’s up to you, but splurging a little here and there definitely can boost your life’s fun factor. Keep reading as we divulge how we indulge.

Gowns Fit for a Goddess
Nothing fits like a tailored piece — except a garment designed and created just for you. One local designer takes this individual approach to offer clients truly one-of-a-kind gowns.

Concerts of the Future
If your favorite artist isn’t playing in the Midwest, you might not need to go across the country to catch the concert. Learn more about a hot new concert idea that’s taking on the Tri-State.

Stay Healthy with Indulgences
Believe it or not, splurges (yes, even that cheeseburger) can be part of a healthy lifestyle. One local personal trainer spills about her own indulgences and how you can keep yours in check.

Satisfying more than a Sweet Tooth
One local chocolate boutique is the prime spot for indulging a dessert craving. Read on to learn how one woman’s labor of love led to hundreds of new confectionery creations.

Beauty Worth the Investment
One person may see a ridiculous price tag while another sees a sound investment. Local makeup artist Nancy Dawson helps decipher what’s worth your splurge for your beauty regimen.

Chic Spotlight: SENATE Restaurant’s Lana Wright
Gourmet hot dogs, mouth-watering fries — this local lady and her husband offer culinary temptations worth your indulgence. Learn more about her and one of the hottest new restaurants in town.

Orange on Green: Splurge without the Guilt
Our finance father-son team shares how to indulge in life without the regret. Just follow these three financial steps and you’ll be able to have your cashflow cake and eat it too.

Total Body Wellness: How You Can Help
Last week’s column had many readers eager for a plan to change their own eating habits and help their community. Read on for these get-healthy tips.

Chic Eats: Grilled Haloumi Cheese with Poached Cherries
Tempt your taste buds and treat yourself to this fabulous wine and cheese pairing. Our Chic Chef shows you how to enjoy a little culinary splurge.

Express Picks: Gather Your Friends for Fun
Get together with friends and family this week to expand your experience: Carmen at the movies, Beethoven amidst the breezes, suits that really rock!

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Say Yes to the ALK Fashion Dress

ALK Fashion designer and founder, Amy Kirchen (left), and my friend Sara Celi

Without the perfect body, it’s tough to find the perfect fit.

So, since my prayers haven’t been answered to be a few inches taller yet, I was getting used to getting my dresses hemmed. That is, until I heard about ALK Fashion.

The designer, Amy Kirchen, is a local gal with a passion for fashion. About a year ago, she decided she wanted to make her own custom designs. And she specializes in cocktail dresses and formal wear. So, when you need to look good for a special occasion, she’ll custom make a dress perfect for you.

I know what you’re thinking… you hear the word “custom” and you think “expensive.” Not true with ALK Fashion. It’s actually really affordable in my opinion.

Most of her cocktail dresses go for a little more than $100. You’d spend that at any department store, and much more than that at some local boutiques and high-end stores like Nordstrom and Saks.

I don’t know how Amy does it, making these affordable custom dresses. I should probably tell her to raise her prices – that is, after I buy MY dress. : ) My friend Sara just got a dress made for her (to celebrate keeping off 35 lbs for 2 years YAY!), and she had a really good experience. Read all about it here.

ALK Fashion at Red, Pink and Blue Fashion Show on June 25 (click to enlarge)

ALK did our Red, Pink and Blue fashion show at the end of June… above is a picture of all her latest designs. (click here for all the pics from the show)

I love all the bright colors! We just did a fashion show with Cala Ossidiana last night, and she had some of the same bright colors. *light bulb over head* I think I spot a trend! : ) I’ll be posting pics of the Cala Ossidiana show next week when I get the pics back from the photog. Have a great weekend!

Sneak Peek: Swimsuit Fashion Show featuring Ben-Gals!

My team and I are suuuuuuuuuper excited for this Friday. We’re putting together a swimsuit fashion show featuring the BenGal cheerleaders and the NYC-based couture swimsuit line, Cala Ossidiana. Today, when the girls came to the office for their fitting, I snapped a couple pics to give you a sneak peek of the fab fashion we’ll be featuring at this special show. Here are all the details and the pictures are below. I hope you can make it!

A Chic Swimwear Show
When: Friday, July 23, 6-9pm
8179 Princeton Glendale Road
West Chester, OH 45069
Make a splash with this fashion show featuring Cincinnati Ben-Gal Cheerleaders and the hottest swimwear trends from NYC-based designer Cala Ossidiana. Also enjoy shopping and product sampling with Votre Vu with Julena BingamanPerfections SalonBooty Parlors by Shannon Fink, Flocktails, Microderma Mitt, Parvali Designs with Stephanie McManama & Meredith Fancher.
Music provided by The Wise Owl will have drinks available for purchase, as well as complimentary hors d’oeuvres.
Official After Party:
The Wise Owl
6206 Mulhauser Rd.
West Chester, OH 45069
Event is free to attend. No R.S.V.P required. Enter to win a free weekend Lexus lease and a beautiful silver bracelet from Richter and Phillips. Brought to you by Cincy Chic (, an online publication for women in Greater Cincinnati. Sponsored by Lexus RiverCenter. For more information, go to

Christmas in July

Today I was reminded of how much I love my job and the cool people I get to meet because of it. I met with a wonderful woman named Tracey Vest. She emailed me saying she made her own accessories and handbags, and wanted to be a vendor at some of our events.

When she first walked in, I noticed she was a bit shy and unassuming. A stark contrast to the loud, ostrich feather handbag billowing off her shoulder. I told her I loved her bag and she said it was one of her designs.

Hmm… ok, tell me more, I’m IMPRESSED…

She proceeds to pull a myriad of “look at me” items from her bag. A leather print fur clutch, flower headbands, and feather cuffs… I’m still shocked at all the loud pieces this quiet woman created.

I asked her where she got her inspiration and she said her grandmother had a passion for flashin’ her fashion. She apparently never left the home without her neck, ears and every limb and finger accessorized. She said her parents loved to go out on the town and she loved to watch them get glammed up. And today, she helps others glam up and grab attention with her eye catching, hand-made pieces.

Turns out, she’s been featured in Essence Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine and her items were recently in an episode of “Ugly Betty.” But she was so humble about it! If my designs were in a national TV show or magazine, I’d be shouting it from a rooftop. But no, not Tracey!

With things as unique as this, I asked her if I could try on a few to take pics for the blog. I couldn’t help but fall in love with two of her headbands, and she GAVE them to me because she knew I’d be a good advocate for her with all the running around I do. I couldn’t believe how generous she was. It completely made my day! So, today is kind of like Christmas in July in Amyland! YAY! Ho Ho Ho! Merrrrrry July 20 everyone!

Feather headband (one of the ones I got!) ($65)
Bangles ($35)
Floral headband (one of the ones I got!) ($18)
Feather cuffs ($65) cute would these look with a strapless LBD?!?
Leapord clutch ($350)

This Week on Cincy Chic: Best of the Blogs

Best of the Blogs
Eight great local blogs

They blogged. You voted. We dug in a little deeper to find out what makes them so special. Keep reading to see which blogs were voted the best in the city by Cincy Chic readers, who obviously have great taste in what they choose to read.


Bloggings of a Workout, Writing Guru
From the Queen City to Tinseltown, hamstrings to heartstrings, authoring to anxiety, Stacy Sims – owner of Pendelton Pilates – covers it all in her blog.

PR Biz Buzz
He’s passionate about the practice of public relations in the digital age. See how this local man and his two blogs are capturing the attention of CNN and The Wall Street Journal.

The Most Beautiful Blog in Town
She makes healthy beauty products for a living, and for fun, she discusses”all things girly” on her blog. Read all about it and see how you can join in on the fun.

Eating with her Mouth, Speaking with her Keyboard
The voice behind The Food Hussy blog, shares her newfound love of Cincinnati with her readers by writing about her life, one meal at a time.

I See Londyn, I See Fashion
Like fashion? You’ll love BlogFashion. Written by a local lady who goes by Londyn, this blog features creative ideas for mixing and matching, helpful hints and flattering ideas.

Chic Spotlight: Will Fly for Food Blogger Christina Baita
She blogs about her life in the skies and the food in her belly. Learn more about this blog that will give you wings ‹ and a hunger for healthy food.

Total Body Wellness: The Meat You Eat
Everyone’s talking about free-range this and grass-fed that. Read on to find out if it’s worth the purchase and how it will affect your health.

Orange on Green: Taking it with a Grain of Salt
With today’s new media, more information is available at your finger tips than ever before. So this week, our financial gurus help prevent that information from turning into disaster.

Express Picks: Assorted Entertainment
From the opera to a mega-garage sale, this week’s events columnist sings a full range of options that will be music to your ears. Find something fit for your schedule here.

“Inception” Movie Review
Following the success of “The Dark Knight,” Christopher Nolan returns with “Inception,” but is the movie a dream or a nightmare? Check out our reviewer’s take here!

Ask Patty: Mixing Business with Pleasure
The workplace may be an easy place to meet singles, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the ideal place. Our expert weighs in on why work relationships may not be the best decision.

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InnerCircles for Women Networking Lunch
July 29:
Prodesign Eyewear Luau/Trunk Show

Designer Diapers? Now I’ve seen everything

limited-edition denim-style version of Huggies Little Movers diapers

I’ve blogged about a lot of designer wears in my day. Shoes, denim and even designer hair extensions. But never, ever, in a million years did I see this one coming.

Designer ….get this…. DIAPERS.

Now, I’m not a mommy blogger, nor am I a mom, or even close to being one any time in the foreseeable future (well, maybe in a little while… my husband is 10 years older than me). But when I saw these adorable denim print diapers I knew I had to post about them.

These limited-edition denim-style version of Huggies Little Movers diapers rolled out in May and they’re a HUGE success. Apparently, they’ve already sold more than 2 million packages of the diapers in North America (not too shabby considering there are about 12 million infants in diapers in the U.S. right now).

Not that I keep up on this industry, but according to this Ad Age article, P&G is countering with a limited-edition fashion offering of its own this month: A series of 11 diaper styles from designer Cynthia Rowley called “Pampers by Cynthia Rowley Collection,” available exclusively at Target and

From the looks of it though, Cynthia shouldn’t quit her day job as a clothing designer for a future in diaper decor. The denim diaper is #1 in my book. Cynthia, that means your design gets a big ol #2. Get it? Oh, diaper humor is fun.

UPDATE: After I posted this, someone messaged me and said the Huggies designer diaper TV commercials were offensive and sent me a link. I think the commercial (note: it’s titled “I’ve got chic in my pants” LOL)  hilarious and not the least bit offensive. Video below. Tell me what you think!


Cincinnati Boutique Sale This Weekend

The Cincinnati Boutique Sale is here this weekend! YAY! It’s so exciting! All the best boutiques in Cincinnati are under one roof, with great prices! I plan to check it out today after my spinning class! I highly suggest you stop by this weekend – the earlier the better because it’ll be picked over by the end! They are offering their best prices of the year, and it’s a great way to see all the boutiques from across the Tri-State all in one place. See you there!

PS: There’s a contest running on Facebook right now where if you RSVP to the Cincinnati Boutique Sale, post on the event wall, you’ll be entered to win a $15 gift card! Click here to participate!cbs


From the Publisher of Cincy Chic