Hats Off to this Trunk Show!

Every now and then people submit inquiries into Cincy Chic about things they want/need but can’t find, and ask for our opinions or suggestions. I received one a couple weeks ago from a woman, and she asked where she could get a nice derby hat around Cincinnati. I talked with someone else today at an event and this same question came up. So, I decided to start a new category of this blog called “Ask Amy.” Whenever I get a good question I think you’ll benefit from, I’ll publish the question and my answer. Click here to submit a question.

Here’s the question:

Hi Cincy Chic,

I was curious if you know of any hat shops around Cincinnati that has women’s hats for a horse race such as Keenland? Just let me know!


My reply:

Hi Stephanie!
Thanks for writing. I actually wondered the same thing last derby season, and found one really good shop in the entire Tri-State: Ms Martha’s Dress Shop in Ft. Mitchell KY. But I recently learned that they closed up shop.

Today I did some digging for you and asked some local boutique owners if they had any. I found two in Hyde Park for you: Sassy Boutique and Snap Boutique in Hyde Park. They aren’t super big or fancy. You may need to embellish them. If you want super big or fancy, you may be able to find some online. But if you’re not looking for that, and just want a cute hat to wear and to be able to try on here locally, those two shops are for you!

Hope that helps!

And just today I received an email from Amy at Soho (one of the boutique owners I asked when digging around) and she said Sassy Boutique is having a trunk show this Friday. Info below! Happy hat shopping!


Someone just emailed me this info. Thought it was good to share:

Amy, believe it or not I saw a ton of big cute hats at the TJ Maxx in Hyde Park.  I also saw cute dresses there – but you have to dig through the racks to find them!  Some were high priced hats, but the vast majority were reasonable!

Night in White Sneak Peek

I was on Fox19 this morning and did a sneak peek of the fashions that will be featured at this Friday’s Night in White event. All fashions are from Obsess Boutique in Montgomery, jewelry is from Krombholz Jewelers. If you’re interested in buying tickets or learning more about the event, visit cincychic.com/nightinwhite. Also, don’t forget to enter to win our Night in White teeth whitening giveaway contest! (It’s the last day to enter to win!) Lots of fun stuff! Hope to see you Friday!


BOGO Spa Services at Woodhouse!

I get asked all the time which spa, salon, boutique, etc. are my favorites. And I hate to pick favorites because I want to stay objective for editorial, and on the sales side, we have a lot of different clients who would get grumpy if they weren’t a fav. But sometimes I can’t help myself…

***imagine me climbing to the top of a mountain right now***


There. I said it. It’s my favorite spa. Ever. Above and beyond any and every spa I’ve ever been to around the world. Woodhouse is my favorite. Let me count the ways:

  • They are not a spa/salon, so you can actually relax without hearing the stylists yak in the neighboring room about their dates last weekend. And you don’t have to breathe in hairspray fumes when your massage therapist tells you to take a deep breath.
  • When you walk in, it just smells like tranquility. They always have the same scent, which is important because that scent brings back memories of all the other times I was there and had an enjoyable, relaxing time. At other spas, it always smells different, and that’s not as comforting to me.
  • They have the best, and fluffiest, robes ever. I swear they were made out of clouds.
  • They have awesome pre-packaged “all day getaways” which are great gifts – to yourself or someone else. I just gave my event planner and all her interns these all day packages and you would have thought it was Christmas. They loved it. Just a heads up, they have lots of Mother’s Day packages on here!
  • They go get Starbucks for you if you want something more special than their in-house teas and coffees.
  • They sell products from local artists in their lobby. (They are a chain spa, but they try to localize as much as possible. And I’ve been to other Woodhouse Spas in other cities, and Cincinnati has them beat by far)
  • They have the best men’s spa treatments. And they aren’t emasculating fru-fru treatments, either. They have a separate men’s lounge, which is super masculine compared to the women’s lounge. And then they have a huge menu of services specifically tailored and developed for the man. One of the owners of the Woodhouse is male (it’s a husband and wife who own it), so he makes sure his gender is well represented and taken care of at the Woodhouse!
  • They use all-natural products, so you’re not putting any harsh chemicals on your body. In fact, in this story Cincy Chic wrote about The Woodhouse Spa, the owner said “You could eat any of the products we use.” I wouldn’t recommend it, but hey, it’s nice to know it’s an option.
  • Because all their products – from foot scrubs to facial creams – are all are certified organic and natural, it’s the perfect place to send my die-hard vegans and vegetarians. If they don’t want things in their body, why would they want to put it on their body… the skin is an organ too, right?
  • If you’re a big recycler (I try to be), they recycle everything possible – even the little aluminum casings of their votive candles!

Ok, I could go on for days, but I should probably cut to the chase of why I’m writing. I got a notification that the Woodhouse is doing a buy one service (50 minutes or longer) and get one free on April 6 only, while spots last!

That’s a great deal! I’ve been a client of theirs since they opened three years ago, and I haven’t seen them do a sale like this before. Get in while the gettin’s good, girlfriend!

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Animal Affection

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Win a Jimmy Choo Shoe Wardrobe

They are some of the most expensive shoes money can buy. Each one hand-stitched and haute couture. They’re Jimmy Choos.

Normally, you’d have to shell out a good $800 to own a pair of these show stopping shoes. But I just got an email from Cincinnati Saks telling me about a contest where you can win an entire Jimmy Choo shoe wardrobe!

Apparently, here’s how it works: You create any outfit using at least one pair of shoes from the Jimmy Choo 24:7 collection and save it on this Closet Couture site. You can style outfits using Choo handbags, too. Contest ends on April 10th. Jimmy Choo will pick the three winners to receive a shoe wardrobe.

Not sure what they’re basing their decision on (doesn’t even explain this in the contest rules either) but I do know that there are Jimmy Choos at stake so I will be creating lots of outfits on this site to hopefully fit their fancy. Can you believe that? They’re not just giving away one pair. They’re giving away a whole wardrobe of these posh pumps! (I did some digging and it only ends up being three shoes they’re giving away, but still, that’s pretty good!)

After playing with this Closet Couture site to submit my first look, I’ve decided I REALLY like it. You can “follow” certain designers and/or stores, and see what their latest and greatest stuff is. You can style your outfit using the dresses, tops, skirts, pants, belts, blazers, shoes, etc on the site. It looks like you can even upload pics of your own clothing to incorporate those items into the outfits you style on the site. I didn’t try that uploader function out yet, but I love the concept.

I did, however, create a look that I absolutely LOVE! For the past month, I’ve been on the look out for a pretty white dress for our Night in White event this weekend (tickets are almost sold out by the way, get yours today!). I had in my mind that I didn’t want a bright white, I wanted it to be kind of a winter white/cream or even beige-y color. I actually really liked the dress Stacy London was wearing when I interviewed her last week. In that interview, she mentioned that nude, beige, and other muted tones are in for Spring/Summer, so I for sure want to get a dress in one of those colors.

I found the perfect dress and shoe for this week’s big event! (Pictured below – using Closet Couture’s cool outfit sharing tool!) Now, all I need to do is find an extra $1200 laying around to purchase this lush look. :-/ Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Night in White


  • Lance Mirrored Sandal
  • Ports 1961 Lace Bodice Sheath

And while we’re talking about Choos, we published an interesting article on Cincy Chic a while back about heels raising havoc on foot health – and why Jimmy Choos are an exception to the rule. Click here to read the article and learn why you get what you pay for when you buy Choo’s shoes.

(Stacy) London Meets Cincy (Chic)

stacy londonOn the first of April, I always second guess any good news and wonder if I’m going to be the butt of yet another April Fool’s Day joke.

For good reason, too, as today my day started with a fake engagement announcement from a friend and my husband announcing on his Facebook page that he’s going to be a dad (I’ve since had to clarify to a lot of people that I am, in fact, NOT pregnant).

So, when I got an email mid-morning asking if I’d like the opportunity to meet TLC’s “What Not to Wear” star, Stacy London, today at 1pm, I was admittedly suspicious. I immediately thought it was a joke. Someone on my staff looked up the email author’s name and contact info and determined it was a verified PR rep for the Pantene brand. So, I responded and said – as professionally as possible – “YES YES YES YES YES I’ll be there! Oh… my ….God… She’s my idol, I watch the show all the time, I love her I love her I love her!”

I happened to be working from home today (actually from my backyard because it was so pretty), so I jumped in the shower and then… dun dun dunnnn … stared blankly into my closet. I was meeting Stacy London, the sheriff of all Fashion Police. What to wear? Or more importantly, what NOT to wear?

I hadn’t done laundry in quite a while, so the pickins were slim. But I decided on a strapless LBD with a lime short sleeve cardigan over top, classic black pumps and a chunky lime green necklace.

So, I get to P&G headquarters downtown and learn why Stacy is in town. She was filming a live webcast where she announced the next Pantene spokesperson. They announced that they are doing a call-out for Pantene users to submit a video of themselves and enter to win the opportunity to be the next Pantene spokesperson. Whoever wins will get to be a part of the world’s first live reality TV ad.

They are doing this to promote their new customized Pantene products, which they claim are custom-built around your individual “hair personality.” So, click here to submit your video and tell them about your hair personality that could make you the next Pantene spokesperson! And click here (you have to put in your contact info first FYI) to view the webcast that Stacy was in town for… um, just a warning, Bret Michaels randomly stars in this video too. I wasn’t prepared for it and don’t really understand it, but hey, I guess they figured women love dirty hot musicians so why not throw him in to make the big announcement. Apparently, the winner of this contest gets to go on tour with Bret… hmmm… good thing they’ll have lots of Pantene on hand to sanitize themselves after being on THAT tour bus! haha!

stacy londonI did notice that they mention at the end of the webcast that you can go to pantene.com/freesamples to get free samples of the new customized Pantene products they just released. It’ll take you to a page that lets you sign up for a P&G Everyday Solutions membership. I actually just signed up for this last month. One of my friends who works at P&G told me I needed to sign up and I love it. P&G sends you samples and coupons for all their new products. It’s a free membership, so I definitely recommend it.

So, back to Stacy. I know you’re probably wondering what she was like. Especially those of you who are HUGE fans of her show like me. I watch it all the time, I absolutely adore her and Clinton, and think the show is brilliant. I was hoping she was nice, because if not, I’d have to find a new hobby for my lazy Saturdays. Well, lucky for me and my laziness, she was extremely nice. The first thing out of her mouth was a compliment (said she liked my lime green cardi, by the way). She was very personable, and was really easy to talk to. She had a very BIG personality, was very animated and was really quick on her feet with jokes and jabs at Clinton.

I asked her if she was friends with Clinton before the show, because they seemed to get along so well, even in the first season. She said no, but she did meet him at auditions and they sparked the chemistry before ever walking in front of the producers, and they were fast friends from that day on. Actually, she explained the relationship as “brother and sister who have been stuck together on a long car ride.” She loves him to pieces but they know how to get on each other’s last nerve. I told her I had a brother nine years older, and could totally relate. She said Clinton was nine years older than her too. I nodded and smiled in belief, at which point, all her hair and makeup crew busted out laughing and promised to tell him she said that.

She was a blast to interview. I really had a great time and I learned a lot. She of course talked about all the new announcements Pantene had today, but I couldn’t leave her without asking which Spring and Summer trends to keep an eye out for. And oh my goodness, after asking that question, it was like the flood gates of her brain opened up. She must have rattled off literally 20 Spring/Summer trends without blinking an eye. I got video of it all, and I think you’ll really enjoy it. Check it out below!


A Weekend Full of Spring Style

sohoIt’s no secret: I love Soho Boutique. I’ve written about them several times before. But I just want to put my personal opinion out there (it’s a blog after all) to say that I think Amy Maynard, the owner, is one of the smartest business people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I adore her creativity, tenacity and personality. She’s a really great person, truly, and as a bonus, she has a posh boutique with dangerously cute couture.

And it sounds like this little firecracker struck again. I just learned that she has planned a weekend full of fun, fashion and fabulousity!

Soho is a client of ours at Cincy Chic, but even before I found out about this through that relationship, I found out on their facebook page. Yeah, I’m kind of turning into a creeper on my favorite boutiques’ FB pages. But hey, there’s good info there!

So, I was on Soho’s FB page and found this promo last week. It detailed what sounds to be like the best weekend ever, for every local woman, especially if you have a prom-aged gal at home.

On Friday, April 9, Soho’s bringing in Jen Dixon (of the Hunter Dixon clothing line), drinks and a 15% off sale.

On Saturday and Sunday, April 10-11, Soho’s having more of a prom-themed event. So bring your daughters to get free hair and makeup consults from local professionals and book appointments for the big day. Also get $30 off a $100 purchase. Sororities, wear your letters and get an additional $5. There will also be a Phoebe Couture trunk show going on at Soho all day on Saturday and Sunday to show off all the great pieces in that collection.

I’m going to go on Saturday in hopes that the white dress on the Phoebe site is there in my size. It would be perfect for our Night in White event!

PS: Just a heads up, Amy is helping us plan a Hyde Park shop hop for this summer, so stay tuned for that!

Morning Dash Sale at Alligator Purse Today!

I just caught wind that Alligator Purse is having a super sale this morning. They’re calling it a “morning dash” sale and it’s only from 8-10am this morning. So, sneak in before work … blame it on the traffic… dog… your kids… whatever you have to do! : ) Alligator Purse doesn’t have store-wide sales like this often! Here’s the email I received with all the info! Happy Dashing!

Alligator Purse invites you to a “Morning Dash Sale,” just in time for your Spring getaway!

Rise and shine to join us in store Wednesday, March 31st from 8:00am to 10:00am only for 15% off your entire purchase!

*Additional discounts and previous purchases excluded.
*Sale ends at 10:01am.

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