My Cincinnati Bell App from Cincinnati Bell

Between being a busy mom of a two, running a business and planning all our events, I’m on the go constantly. I’m actually rarely in front of a computer any more — I mainly just work from my phone. I love all my different apps and notifications. So that’s why the new My Cincinnati Bell app is awesome. It gives you access to your most important account and services information. You can access and manage your Cincinnati Bell phone, Internet, and Fioptics TV accounts with your Apple or Android smartphone.

You can pay your bill in a super quick three steps. You can view billing and payment history, check your current services and available services for your address, and even setup and manage Autopay through the app. You can also setup customized notifications for billing, payments and special offers including upcoming promotions and events. There’s also a great Help Center on the app that helps you find quick answers to your billing, payment and service questions. You can view frequently asked questions and even troubleshoot basic service issues in real time. There’s also an interactive map so you can see the Cincinnati Stores and Payment Centers closest to your location.

It’s really helpful for someone on the go who lives on their phone like me! It’s a free download on Google Play or the Apple App Store if you’d like to learn more or check it out for yourself!


NYR Organic Now MADE SAFE Certified

I told you about my friend Gina Jonson who introduced me to NYR Organic a few months ago, and I’ve been loving their products (their foaming bath and body oil are so dreamy!) I’ve been looking into possibly switching over some of my lotions and cosmetics to NYR, but I was confused when I started comparing. Some of my lotions say they’re “all natural” or even “organic” but NYC just recently stepped it up a notch and got a third party involved to verify the safety and purity of some of their products. Currently, five of the NYR Organic products are now Made Safe certified with more products undergoing the certification process as we speak. I know that definitely helped me when I was comparing to know that a third party was fact checking the ingredients and putting their “made safe” stamp on things!

If you haven’t checked out NYR Organic, definitely go online and learn more about them and look through their online store. They’ve been leading the way in organic since 1981… before organic was even “cool”! 🙂 It’s actually the #1 selling skincare in the UK and Japan! Like I mentioned, I love their foaming bath and body oil, and I’m about to start trying out their baby line because it’s winning all kinds of awards! I’ll check back in with you in a couple months to let you know how it is! In the meantime, feel free to call or email (her contact info is at the top of this page) my friend Gina if you have any questions or want to try anything out!

Review: Your Stylist

Jackie, the founder of Your Stylist is a stylist who not only does personal shopping but she also does closet audits and style assessments to help women simplify and streamline their wardrobe. And once she helps clients rid themselves of the items that don’t fit their look or body, she donates them on their behalf so her clients still get the tax write off! How awesome is that?
Jackie said she chose to donate to DFS because they exclusively help women and so does she! Plus, both Jackie and her mom are abuse survivors, so that’s another reason why this cause is close to her heart.
The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. So, through Dress for Success, women not only leave with a work-ready wardrobe, but also the skills and support they need to do well personally and professionally!
Jackie says her clients love knowing that the items from their Closet Audits goes to DFS, and it’s even helped her clients let go of items easier knowing it’s going to women in need.
Clients also love that she takes the items and donate for them at no additional cost. *The drop off process is simple:   Jackie brings the donation downtown to Portaluca where the employees and volunteers record the donation in the store’s log, she’s given a receipt card upon drop-off, then she simply gives that to her client so they can claim it on their taxes if they wish to.
Jackie says she and her team love sneaking in a shopping trip while they’re at Portaluca because they always have amazing designer pieces at a fraction of retail prices! Plus, all the sales benefit Dress for Success, so she feels even better about any purchases she makes!
Jackie says anyone can look great on any budget …and that’s something she can provide as well in terms of my services. That’s right, wardrobe styling isn’t just for the rich and famous!
Learn more about Jackie and all her different services at

Back to School at a Girls’ World

I love Girls World. Such a hidden gem. It’s located right in the heart of Old Montgomery and it’s a boutique just for girls! They have everything from formal and casual wear, for newborn girls size 14, plus TONS of fun accessories, decor and gift items.

I love following them on social media because they do all their own photoshoots with local girls, so you can see all the latest and greatest that just arrived, plus you might see a familiar face too!

This is a sneak peek of their Back to School photoshoot that they’re doing to showcase all the new stuff they have in stock to make your girls look too cool for school this year.

And actually, they’re having a “Back to School Party” on Aug. 12 from 11 am to 2 pm and it sounds SO fun! It’s a kid-friendly event where you can enjoy an afternoon of shopping, snacks, crafts, and fun pics together, plus a fashion show at noon!

Learn more about the event here.

From the Publisher of Cincy Chic