This Week on Cincy Chic: Life’s Balancing Act

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Feature Story:

Life’s Balancing Act
A goal-achieving guru’s most coveted tips

Are you spending more time at work than at home? Can’t find time to relax? Take the advice of a seasoned business owner who’s been there, done that and learned valuable lessons from it all.

She shares her secret strategies so you can achieve the balance you desire. Whether that balance lies in simplification or happiness, her tips for trailblazing toward goals will help satisfy your thirst for success.

Department Stories:

Setting a Quick Pace for Hair and Face
After hitting snooze too many times, your morning routine needs to be compressed into the amount of time it usually takes to pick out shoes! Learn quick tips for how to get board-room beautiful in no time flat.

Addressing Your Specifications
Your wardrobe should fit your style, but more importantly, it should fit you. Learn how one local lady works her magic to make that happen.

Fuel Up for Lunch
What’s for lunch? How about a blood-pumping workout with a side of extra energy? These two exercise experts offer lunchtime workouts so you can return to the office — faster, stronger and more alert.

Being Wise to Prioritize
Feel like you’re at the bottom of your own totem pole? This local speaker and author helps fit “you” into your schedule. See how you can dedicate more to others by taking care of yourself first.

Putting Social Media on Your Side
Wading through the digital world of social media can be a daunting task. Keep yourself in check and on the right track by following these tips from a local web-savvy senorita.

Chic Spotlight: Laure Quinlivan, Parent and Politician
Life can be one long tightrope as you try to balance your priorities. Learn how this local woman has found tools to keep from falling and a mentality that keeps her going.

Sensible Fitness: Putting off Procrastination
Procrastination has the power to paralyze anyone in its path who’s not prepared for its wrath. Our fitness guru shares secrets to success from his experience with a former exercise procrastinator.

Cents & Sensibility: Rebalance to Stay on Course
For most career women, retirement plans are the biggest source for post-career funds, but those plans are often neglected. Read on for tips to keep your retirement funds on track and in balance with your goals.

Kirsten’s Kitchen: It’s all in the Timing

Our Chic Chef offers helpful hints for saving your sanity in the kitchen. Learn more about her secrets to a successful (and warm) meal.

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