This Week on Cincy Chic: Bringing Hollywood to Cincinnati

Bringing Hollywood to CincinnatiBringing Hollywood to Cincinnati

Local film industry seeks national attention

From state lawmakers to local producers, Ohio’s cheerleaders have started the ball rolling to make Cincinnati the next Los Angeles or New York as far as the entertainment industry goes. With new legislation, star-destined talent and a central location, the Queen City has what it takes to make that happen. So grab your bag of popcorn and sit on the edge of your seat. Learn how your beloved city could be making appearances all over TV and film in the near future.

A Salute to Fitness and Fun

Unleash your fighting spirit with these local trainers who entertain you as they train you. Learn how you can reap results with this fitness duo in the “comfort” of your own home.

Get Your Culture Fix Fast

From the best jazz performance you’ve ever laid ears on to the most underground art exhibit in town, one local insider fills you in on Cincinnati’s cultural opportunities with a free newsletter.

Queen City Fashions Earn Celebrity

Tame your tendencies toward wanderlust and the lights of Tinsel Town because right around the corner a local lady is dressing the brightest stars in Hollywood and beyond.

Plan for a Party

Mix work and play by throwing an office party. One local event planner makes it her job to tell you how you can have fun on the job.

Making up the Show

Transitioning from a humdrum life to the set in a show takes more than just self-confidence and courage, so this local company helps customers take on the look of the act they’re playing.

Chic Spotlight: Cincinnati Ballet’s Victoria Morgan

She lives every little girl’s dream occupation — a ballerina. Learn how this local entertainment powerhouse works to ensure the Cincinnati Ballet’s graceful presence in our city.

Sensible Fitness: Knee-Deep with Fat Knees

Fat seems to collect in the most undesirable places, but don’t knock those knees just yet. Our fitness guru weighs in on the truth behind “fat knees” and offers a helpful solution.

Cents & Sensibility: Making Sense of Investing Terms

A lack of terminology knowledge poses a barrier for a woman’s taking control of her investment portfolios. Our financialista covers some of the basics to keep the power in your hands.

Upcoming Events:
09.22.09 – eWomenNetwork “Accelerated Networking” Event
09.23.09 – Dine & Drink with Destiny
09.24.09 – Black and White Event, Tuscany’s 5th Anniversary Celebration
09.24.09 – Crafty Couture
09.24.09 – Wedding Mafia Cocktail Party
09.25.09 – Wearable Art Fashion show
09.30.09 – Bras with Flair on the Square 2009

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