Body Bling

Body ArtStuds, sequins and spangled styles are all in this season. But what’s a girl to do when she needs just a bit more flair than her fashion options can offer? Rock your body! Your body art, that is.

Body Art was listed as one of the top trends for Spring 2010 by one of my favorite fashion blogs, “The Skinny.”

But, with any fashion trend forecast, the first time I see a new look, I think, “No way will that ever be in fashion.” But then it grows on me. And then I magically find one of every color in my closet one day.

That happened with leggings and skinny jeans, and I’m almost there with shoulder pads.

I’m not one to draw attention to my legs, so you probably won’t ever find me with a temporary Chanel tattoo plastered all over my legs (unless I made myself believe that the “CC” stood for Cincy Chic! haha). But I can see this becoming an actual trend. Think about it. It’s like having a tattoo you get to change your mind about, or change with the new trends. It’s a fashion-forward commitment-phobe’s dream come true!

I especially think the Chanel body art will fly because of similar, already existing tattoos on celebs like Nicole Richie. But we’ll see.

I did find a Body Art option that may be more appealing, and let’s face it, more chic than fake tattoos. And it’s brand new to Cincinnati!

It’s called Minx Cincinnati. And these will make you feel fabulous from your fingertips to your toes. Because, well, they go on your fingers and toes!

MinxCincinnatiAt the Progressive Shopping event we hosted up at the remaining Homearama homes tonight, I met the woman who’s “minxing” (as she calls it) here in Cincinnati. Her name is Veniece Hughes and she said this new type of body-shop-meets-body-art-meets-manicure uses a flexible custom polymer that is heated and applied to your nail.

Not only do the designs come in 170 eye-catching patterns and colors, they also provide a slick nail look that:

  • Requires no drying time necessary
  • Is perfect for “winter” pedicures because you can slip your shoes back on immediately after your pedi
  • Prevents chipped polish problems (Veniece said her Minx pedicures, $65, last 4-6 weeks and manicures, $45, approximately 5 days)
  • Has no toxic or harsh chemicals for application or removal

I absolutely fell in love and I want to have a “Minx and Mingle” party with my girlfriends! How fun would that be?! They had a really cute black and white polka dot pattern that I will be getting. They had houndstooth, zebra, cheetah and checkered print, too!

Enjoy the video below I took of Veniece explaining this new exciting “body bling” option we now have in Cincinnati. Check it out!


Call or e-mail to set up an appointment (513) 254-6620

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