Chic This Week: Cincinnati’s Blogosphere

Cincinnati's BlogosphereCincinnati’s Blogosphere

Blogs begin new media outlet

Remember when blogs were seen more as a public diary than a credible media outlet? After coming such a long way, blogs are gaining steady recognition in the Tri-State. A few locals share how little blog sites are making a big difference in their businesses, industries and lives.

Styling a Magazine

Blogging has taken the fashion industry by storm and has inspired this local woman to expand her blog to the next level. Learn more about the fashion blogsphere in her niche magazine.

Find the Funny in Dating Follies

Whether you’re dating, married or your relationship status is “complicated,” every gal has had a rough date or two. Read on to learn more about the dating mishaps of this local blogger.

Staying Healthy, One Post at a Time

What started as a personal money-saving endeavor has transformed into a blog that saves money for thousands of readers. Learn how you can stay healthy without breaking the bank.

Branding Yourself an Expert

Just as you only see the world as you perceive it, customers only see a company as they perceive it. One local blogger helps companies create positive perceptions to win over clients and their business.

Chic Spotlight: Blogger Lisa Desatnik

While some bloggers write about what’s happening in their lives, this local lady writes about positive things happening in Cincinnati. Learn more about her, her blog and her “sidekick.”

Ask Patty: Laws of Attracting

Beyonce called all the single ladies, but not every woman wants to answer that call. Our relationship expert fills you in on how to find and keep that special someone.

Sensible Fitness: Strengthening Your Natural Girdle

Forget those Spanx! You can take advantage of your body’s natural slimming abilities by following the advice of our fitness guru and building up one particular muscle.

Cents & Sensibility: Banking on the Net

Online banking and ATMs have added convenience to our banking lives, but checking your account balance anywhere at any time comes with new pitfalls. Our financialista helps you avoid costly overdraft fees while banking with ease.

Upcoming Events:

10.14.09 – October Coffee Cluck
10.15.09 – Chemistry for Charity: Date Auction
10.21.09 – David Yurman Trunk Show
10.22.09 – Cosmetic Dermatology: A Free Lunch ‘n’ Learn
10.22.09 – Progressive Shopping Event at HOMEARAMA Site
10.24.09 – 4th Annual Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash
10.27.09 – eWomenNetwork “Accelerated Networking” Event
11.07.09 – Seasonably Chic Showcase

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