12 Days of Seasonably Chic – Day 5

The whole point behind these “sneak peek” blogs is to give you a taste of what will be available at this Saturday’s Seasonably Chic Showcase. Today’s blog is about Le Sucre Bakery and boy do I wish I could literally give you a taste of what this business has to offer!

Le Sucre specializes in amazing one-of-a-kind wedding and special event cakes. I’ve been to a Le Sucre cake testing before and you have never experienced anything like these cakes before. They’re developed with a European baking style and literally topped off with an artistry that belongs in a museum. Think “Ace of Cakes” for the Tri-State!

Le Sucre’s philosophy is that no two cakes should ever be the same. Break the traditional mold and have a cake that going to fit your ideas, event theme, color selections and personality but also wow your guests with the site of a unique looking and incredible tasting cake.

Le Sucre will be doing cake testings at the Seasonably Chic Showcase holiday shopping event, which will take place on Nov. 7 from 10am-3pm at the Phoenix Downtown. Watch the video below to learn more about Le Sucre Bakery, see some of their creations, and find out more about the Seasonably Chic Showcase!

Cincy Chic and Locals on Living, an affiliate of the Cincinnati.Com network, have teamed up to collect your seasonably chic secrets and ladies around the city have answered the call. Click here to check out the top 10 seasonably chic secrets and vote for your favorite. The winner will be chosen November 4, 2009!


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