This Week on Cincy Chic: Imagine, Create, Inspire

Imagine, Create, InspireImagine, Create, Inspire

Six ways to tap into your creativity

The last time you unleashed your inner artist, your mom smiled awkwardly then stored your work for “special” occasions. That masterpiece might not have seen the light of day, but a local “chief imagination officer” gives six simple steps to rediscover your inspired side and make your decorative dreams come true.

Create Your Own Wardrobe
Tailors can alter an existing creation to fit your body, but read on to learn how three local companies offer products that you can customize from the start to fit your form and style.

Motivating Your Assets

Boot camp might get your booty in shape, but it probably won’t keep your attention for the long haul. Get creative with your workout with this local studio that will keep you coming back.

The “Custom-her” is Always Right
Your ideal beauty routine should be as individualized as your face shape and expressions, and this Cincinnati company works with customers to discover that ideal routine and put it in action.

Sip, Sample, Create!
Whether you’re a connoisseur or a beginner, grab your regular cocktail crew and head to this local wine bar/winery to create and enjoy something different — sippable art!

I Saw the Sign
Ace of Base would sing the praises of this Cincinnati man and his company. His signs, banners and other products stand out from the crowd with the creative approach behind them.

Chic Spotlight: Marketing Art Director Kim Wehby
The world’s always more interesting with creative concepts. Learn how this Tri-State woman taps into her imagination to help throw that twist in the mix and how you can do the same.

Sensible Fitness:  Flair and Flavor for Dishes to Savor
Whether you excelled in art or majored in math, you can conquer your lackluster meal routine. Our fitness guru offers ways to put two and two together for a delicious equation.

Cents & Sensibility: Creative Ways to Save Money
When it comes to tight budgets, you have to tap into your creativity to keep your bank account happy. Our financialista has new tips for saving a couple dollars while saving your lifestyle.

Ask Patty: Just Friends?
Real life “When Harry Met Sally”: When is it OK to cross the line of friendship and step into something more? Our relationship expert offers some advice on the relationship possibilities with friends.

10.28.09 – Sacksteder’s Interiors Kenwood Place Grand Opening

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