This Week on Cincy Chic: Boutique Week

Boutique WeekBoutique Week

Local flavor, fashion to savor

Have an itch for a niche? Look to this new business that spun an old factory into one fierce shop. From vintage hats to shoes made from scratch, local designers offer head-to-toe attire. So discover this hush-hush hotspot where you can furnish, fashion, alter and create — all in one place. Read More>>

Playing Grown up Dress Up
Your wardrobe should be just as fun as you are, and this local boutique has what it takes to make that happen. Read how the owner never really put playing aside as she helps customers tap into their own imaginative style.

Vowed Excellence

Get rid of your old way of thinking about wedding planning and accept this boutique’s new concept. And with your borrowed ideas, you won’t have to be blue on the big day.

Catching a Glimpse of Beauty

Who has time to spare for pampering and prettifying any more these days? This salon and spa has a special menu of time-saving services to keep your schedule on time and your look on trend.

No Ifs, Ands or Putts

Decided to get your workout on the golf course instead of at the gym? Read on to learn how this local boutique takes “golf chic” beyond the plaids and argyles of yesteryear.

Little Dog, Big Bite

Even in this dog-eat-dog world, this local advertising agency can’t seem to bite off more than it can chew. Learn how two women keep boutique service with corporate thinking.

Chic Spotlight: Soho Boutique Owner Amy Maynard

Hard work, travel and vision go into getting those fab finds on your local boutique’s shelves. We interview one local owner to get behind the scenes of a Cincinnati shop that’s oh so Soho.

Sensible Fitness: Cellulite Fact vs. Fiction

No woman wants her legs to look like they’ve been injected with cottage cheese, but what can you do about the inevitable cellulite? Our fitness guru exposes the fact vs. fiction of the issue.

Cents & Sensibility: Money-Saving Travel Tips

As we settle in for the dreary winter months, you can’t help but think of a trip to somewhere warm and sunny. Our financialista offers ways to save a few bucks while still escaping to paradise.

Ask Patty: Keeping the Spark through Pregnancy

Who said starting a family has to interfere with having the intimate life you deserve? Our sexpert sheds a little light on how to keep your bedroom flame burning.

Kirsten’s Kitchen: Think outside the Takeout Box

Our Chic Chef shares new ways to enjoy food with friends and family. Read on to learn how you can spice up your entertainment with culinary twists!

Media Maven: “Sherlock Holmes” Movie Review

No detective — fiction or not — has the reputation of Sherlock Holmes. Our Media Maven shares evidence on whether this classic tale lives up to its predecessors.

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