This Week on Cincy Chic: Haute Home

Haute HomeHaute Home

Place-polishing trends from Paris

You eat there. You sleep there. You live there. So your home should be a stylish safe haven for you to relax and enjoy. To help make that happen Cincy Chic turned to a local expert to pass on the latest trends from Paris and beyond.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside
Plants don’t just add to your home decor. They actually can improve your health. Get some insider’s secrets on how you can go green for you and your decor design.

Achieving an Attractive Abode
Just as you put on your makeup and fix your hair, your space needs some primping too. This local expert helps you give your place a makeover in just three steps.

Designing her Dream
With experience from New York to L.A., this Cincinnati designer finds her niche in her hometown. Find out how her imagination and creativity have led her to award-winning designs.

Accessorized Design
Two local businesses show how you can accessorize to up the style factor in your space and create a home that’s as fashionable and trendy as your wardrobe!

(Art) Hanging Out
Businesses need great design elements too, and this local venue turns to community artists for its decor. See how you can join in the fun and enjoy art over hors d’oeuvres.

Chic Spotlight: Artist Robin Ewers
This artist’s pencils offer clients personalized touches to their decor, and her paint brushes transform the old into a stylish new. Read on to learn more about this talented Tri-State artist.

Sensible Fitness: Space-Saving Workout Equipment

Even with limited space, you don’t need to give up on the idea of a home gym. Our fitness expert weighs in on what workout equipment can give you effective results.

Cents & Sensibility: Spring Cleaning Your Finances
If your financial filing system consists of a basket full of receipts, warranties and paycheck stubs, read on for tips to organize the documents you need to keep and help you decide what to toss.

Ask Patty: Breaking up a Bromance
Guys’ relationships can walk a fine line between “wing man” and “bromance,” so our relationship expert helps the men in your life make sure they are sending the right signals.

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