This Week on Cincy Chic: Loving to Laugh

Loving to Laugh

Loving to Laugh

Adding humor to a relationship

If laughter is the best medicine, one reader and her husband are self-medicating with all of the pranks they pull on each other. Learn how this couple pulls a good one (or two) on each other without sacrificing their relationship.

Whose Line is it anyway? It’s Hers!
Her life is a stage. She uses it to teach and to perform. Find out how improvisational comedy has helped this local woman find herself even in the not-so-funny times.

Eliminating Laugh Lines
You have the right to pursue happiness – without the worry of wrinkles. Learn how one local company can keep you naturally beautiful with their natural skincare line that fights those fine lines.

Laugh off Stress
A new form of yoga can help you relieve tension and stress, by laughing it off. Cincy Chic spoke with a certified laughter yoga teacher to find out what all of the ha-ha is about.

Duel it Out
When it comes to entertainment, this local bar will have you singing, dancing and laughing all night. Learn just what this new venue has in store for you.

Funny Fashion
Whether it was a wardrobe malfunction or a “What was I thinking?” moment, Cincy Chic asked you to share your funny moments in fashion, and here are the top two (with a little bonus).

Makeover Mania: Megan Blunt
Having never colored her hair, this soon-to-be 30 year old dove into a new look with her Cincy Chic makeover. See and read how her dramatic change all took place.

Chic Spotlight: Shadowbox Star Stacie Boord
This performer literally makes it her job to make you laugh, so go behind the scenes of that comedic relief and find out more about this sketch comedienne.

Sensible Fitness: Punny Medicine
Having a good sense of humor might not heal your humerus if it breaks, but it will help heal your soul. Our fitness guru shares a story that might make you appreciate the English language.

Cents & Sensibility: Feeding the Urge to Purge
Look around your home and think about all of the stuff you have that you don’t really NEED. Our financialista shares tips on purging these items while adding extra cash to your wallet.

Patty: Three’s Company or a Crowd?
When it comes to friendships, it’s often “the more the merrier,” but what happens when one friend feels left out of the equation? Read on for some tips to quelling jealousy and staying friends.

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