This Week on Cincy Chic: Wedding Wonders

Wedding Wonders

Wedding Wonders

Say “I do” to something new

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want your guests to remember it just as much as you do. Well, look no further than these three Tri-State vendors who have what it takes to make your day stand out from the traditional crowd and add special touches to your special day.

Learn what three trends are right up the aisle for any Cincinnati bride to help her achieve her dream wedding that will be forever memorable. So find out exactly what Cincy Chic is raving about.

Everybody Dance Now
All eyes will be on you and your husband as your share your first dance together, and this local man can help you polish your presentation so that you can give an applaud-worthy performance.

Acquire Your Attire
With the gown, dresses and tuxes needed to dress up your wedding, just the wedding attire can be a headache. Before you start popping ibuprofen, though, head to this brand new bridal shop.

A Kiss of Jewels
A wedding gown wouldn’t be complete without accessories. So learn how you can dress up your dress with a local designer’s internationally recognized pieces.

Fit and Fabulous Bridal Guide
You want to look your best on your wedding day, and fitness universe champion Brooke Griffin wants to help. Read how you can get fit with a free download of Griffin’s bridal guide.

“The Sugar,” Aww, Honey, Honey
This local cake designer is bound to send any bride into a sugar frenzy. By marrying flavor and design, his creations will have you wanting them for your ultimate wedding cake.

Planned Perfection
When she couldn’t find software to streamline her organization, one local wedding planner developed it herself. Now, she offers her tools to other event planners and wedding vendors – and brides.

Beautifying the Bride
The months leading up to the big day can entail some major stress, so do yourself a favor and turn to these local ladies who take out the pressure and put in the pampering on your wedding day.

Chic Spotlight: H&RS Event Planner Andrea Schmidt
From favors to flowers and dresses to DJs, weddings entail details galore, and three local women make it their job to organize it all. Learn how they throw events fit for the President – literally.

Sensible Fitness: Wide Bride Syndrome
It’s every bride’s worst nightmare: “Here comes the bride, all fat and wide.” But our fitness guru helps you turn this nightmare into motivation for a long-term lifestyle.

Cents & Sensibility: Wedding Bells Sans Money Blues
Adding the word “wedding” before any service automatically adds a price premium. Our financialista shares some clever tips to save a six-pence or two without sacrificing your dream wedding.

Ask Patty: Road Block to Domestic Bliss
In today’s world, co-habitation before a marriage celebration is common, but what happens when parents’ perspectives stand in the way of your moving in with your significant other?

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