This Week on Cincy Chic: Finding the Time

Finding the Time

Finding the Time

Sharing time-saving secrets

Last week we talked about saving Mother Earth, and now, it’s time to take control of Father Time. Break free from your cell where hours, minutes and seconds hold you prisoner. Just follow these tried and tested time-saving tips from the Cincy Chic staff.

Timely Fashion
This fourth-generation family jeweler offers an extensive selection of watches and clocks like you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Learn how you can spice up your style with these time keepers.

Training against the Clock
You’re busy running your life, so you’re probably too busy for any actual running. But managing your running times and technique for a more effective workout is much easier than you’d think.

Making up Time
Trying to find the right products for your makeup routine can cost you time and money, but this local makeup artist saves you both as she designs and accompanies you on a shopping trip.

Adding an Extra Hour to Your Day
One Cincinnati-based company comes to rescue you from daily errands and chores that you feel like you have no time for. Find out how they essentially give you a 25th hour in your day.

Measuring the Minutes
One local woman transformed into an entrepreneur when she dealt with her daughter’s frustrations with time. Discover how her innovation can help ease your frustrations too.

Chic Spotlight: Jeff Ruby’s Assistant Amy Lewis
In addition to her own busy schedule, this local woman manages the calendar of one of the city’s busiest men. Read on to discover how she does it.

Total Body Wellness: Work out Smarter, Faster
Use these cutting edge workout techniques from our brand new fitness columnist to cut back on hours spent in the gym and get more out of the time you do put in.

Chic Eats: Quick, Healthy Soup-and-Salad Combo
Need time-saving menu ideas? Our Chic Chef shows you a quick take on a classic combination that your family will love. Learn how to make this silky, elegant soup served with hearty bruschetta.

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