This Week on Cincy Chic: Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Diving into the coupon craze

Food is a necessity, but spending gobs on your grocery bill isn’t. This week, one local couponing expert helps you understand the method behind the modern-day coupon madness so that you can save on what you need in order to buy what you want.

Baked Confections Designed to Perfection

When you see the sweets of this local cookie shop, you’ll be craving a taste of their creativity. Find out how Cookies by Design can make your next bouquet delivery a delicious surprise.

Making a Table Fashionable

One local organization brought fashion to their cookbook with some of the most recognizable places around town, and you can learn how to spruce up the table at your next dining affair.

Food that Comes to You
A couple local entrepreneurs are changing the face of food with their mobility. Discover how you can get a taste of the action while reaping some entertainment perks at your next social function.

A Taste of Hospitality
Two local women serve the region’s restaurants with a plethora of resources, but discover how these ladies also give you a chance to take a bite out of the Queen City’s culinary offerings.

Putting the Beauty in Boot camp

Two local health experts teach salon workers some healthy-living basics mixed with a little military-style discipline. Find out more about this co-worker competition.

Eye-Catching Fare

There’s a stylist for your fashions, your hair and even your food. Read on to find out why appearance is everything when it comes to what you put on your plate.

Chic Spotlight: Food Writer Polly Campbell
After 14 years of professionally critiquing restaurants, this local food writer shares her experiences. Find out how she found her fervor for food and what Tri-State meals have been her favorites.

Editor in Chic: Restaurant Row
Downtown soon will welcome five new eateries, and its visionaries are calling it “Cincinnati Restaurant Row.” Our Editor in Chic offers insight on this delicious development in her first weekly column.

Total Body Wellness: The Facts about Food
With all the talk out there about food, calories and dieting, read on to find the only thing you ever have to remember to lose or maintain your current weight.

Cents & Sensibility: A Fond Farewell over Dinner
As our financialista signs off on her final column, she also shares some tips for fitting dining out into even the most frugal of lifestyles.

McCoy on Movies: “The Back-up Plan” Movie Review
Jenny from the Block is back in theaters this week with a new romantic comedy. But is it one you should support? Find out by checking out our reviewer’s thoughts here.

Chic Poll: What Name Would You Choose?
As our financialista signs off with her final column, we prepare for our new money-focused column, and we want your help. Cast your vote for the name you love most.

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