Behind the Scenes of Proactiv Commercial

Today was Day 2 of the Proactiv Commercial shoot I’m doing in LA this week. Yesterday was wardrobe styling with the fantabulous Julie, who I blogged about here. Today was the big shoot day with the celeb!

The celeb shall remain nameless due to … well, I don’t know what exactly, but they asked me to keep that hush hush. But they said I can blog about the behind the scenes experience of the shoot all day long, so I will! : )

I woke up super early and was taken to the old Desilu Studios set where “I Love Lucy” was taped.I grabbed coffee and hopped in the makeup chair. The artist was actually¬† a former flight attendant who was very familiar with Cincinnati from all her Delta travels. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to her for long. She just prepped my skin with Makeup Forever HD primer and foundation.

She said they have to be very aware that many people have HD TVs now, and said it’s really altering how makeup artists go about their work, and the industry as a whole. She said regular makeup tends to cake and settle, but HD gives you more of a light, china doll look and never looks cakey.

I then went to a different makeup artist. She was my artist for the shoot I did two years ago. I got to talking with her about all the products she was using and I asked which product she couldn’t live without. She said “Well, for me personally, it’s under-eye concealer because I’m a mom and never sleep. But for normal people who do sleep, I’d say my Kate pencil is the one thing I wouldn’t do without.”

Hmmm… I’ve heard of undereye concealer. But whats a Kate Pencil? She said it was a superfine eye-liner pencil you could use just about anywhere. You can use it to draw in individual hairs in your eyebrows for shaping, dot your lashes and blend for a smoky look, or do a super fine line inside your lashline for a natural but wide-eyed look.

Hair was pretty simple. Just did a good hair straightening routine, hair spray and then she used a baby wipe (iiiinteresting) to keep down the fly-aways. Then off to wardrobe. Yesterday Julie picked out four outfits. Two blue dresses and two purple tops with my jeans. I prayed all night to the fashion gods to let them pick one of the blue dresses and they did. They picked my favorite: A robin egg colored halter dress with black floral print ($168, Anthropologie) and a matching blue wrap-around shaw ($88, Anthropologie) to conceal the “girls” in the halter. : )

After I finished up there, I met the other testimonials in my group. The production assistants told us that we represented the “Adult Acne” group they were filming today. We quickly changed that name to “The A Team” … sounded much better! Diana is a nursing assistant with curly, red hair and a great big smile from Toledo, Washica is a beautiful southern belle PR-firm owner, and the other is Kizzy a cute and bubbly former CNN reporter. Wow, what a group!

We headed over to the set that was decorated like a feminine great room. A big wrap-around couch and coffee table, and a lush shag rug. We sat there with a body double for the celeb. She was there wearing a similar outfit to what the celeb was going to be wearing, and had the same skin tone and hair color as the celeb. After about 30 minutes of getting the lighting and cameras set up, out came the celeb.

She was super nice, sweet, and down to earth. Oh, and she was wearing the most fabulous shoes I’ve ever laid eyes on. I did a little digging once I got home and much to my chagrin, they’re $314 L.A.M.B. Signature Collection Nude/Silver Sequin shoes that are out of stock on every single shoe shopping site under the sun. Boo. (Not that I’d be able to shell out $314 for one pair of pumps if they were even in stock! haha!)

We taped for about an hour. We just talked about the product and how much it’s helped us get back our clear skin as adults dealing with acne. It was so awesome to talk with other professional “grown women” (as Washica called us) who dealt with the same thing I did. It was something I thought only teenagers dealt with, so it was so nice meeting these powerful, beautiful and successful women – and knowing they had the same secret weapon for skincare as I did.

I really wish I could talk more about the celeb, and I apologize that I can’t right now. But it was an amazing experience. Check out pics below of the whole process from this morning!


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