Off to Los Angeles!

This week is a little out of the ordinary ladies! I’ve been whisked away to Los Angeles to shoot another Proactiv commercial. I did a commercial two years ago right before my wedding.

I was using Proactiv before my special day to clear up my skin. I wrote in to their website to tell them it worked, and the next thing I knew they were calling me to be in their next commercial!

They asked me back and this commercial I will be shooting with a celeb.

It’s very last minute but I cannot wait to meet her. Today I will be wardrobe fitting all day (I get to keep my outfit, how great!). Then tomorrow morning is filled with shooting the commercial and exploring LA. Any suggestions on what to do? I will be staying in West Hollywood and would love to know any secret spots to check out.

I won’t be gone long and will check back in soon to tell you all about my adventures!

***UPDATE*** This blog has been edited to remove the name of the celebrity. Sorry, I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to share that info!

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