This Week on Cincy Chic: Risky Business

Risky BusinessRisky Business

Local women, adventurous jobs

Forget a bucket list! These two ladies are taking risks and taking names – no list required. Live vicariously through this world-record setting air-borne videographer and a drag racer driving for a cure, and find out how you can face your own fears.

Local 127 Serves up Local-Loving Foodie Fodder
This downtown eatery focuses on farm-to-table dining, local sources and in-season foods. Read on to learn more and check out a behind the scenes video with the Chef and Master Sommelier.

Being Bad is Good
A local organization is helping out women in a huge way – with their pocketbooks and dreams. Learn how one woman hopes to increase women-owned businesses in the area.

Four Tips to Taking a Beauty Risk
Changing up your look with a new hairstyle or color often can be the best way to take a risk in life. Read on to learn one local stylist’s advice on taking the first steps.

Kayak Craze
Step outside your grounded ways and get out on the water with this local group. Catered toward beginners and focused on safety, it won’t be as much of a risk as you’d expect.

Be an Outdoor Adventurer
When taking a hike just doesn’t satisfy your thirst for adventure, this local company probably has the quencher. From river canoeing to jungle exploring, there’s bound to be something new in store for you.

Pushing the Line
Fashion is all about risk taking and pushing the line, but one Cincinnati woman added a different type of risk to her fashion world. Learn more about this local lady’s leap of fashion faith.

Chic Spotlight: Retired Fire Lieutenant Gayle Unzicker
She extinguished fires and treated victims. And in May, this local female firefighter made history in Cincinnati. Read on to discover more about the woman behind the blaze.

Editor in Chic: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventure
Our Editor in Chic shares a story about an awe-inspiring excursion she took to a place like none other, with adventures and risks she’s still coming to grips with today.

Chic Eats: Orange and Honey Crèmes Brulée Scented with Lavender
Scalding and tempering and water baths – oh my. Our Chic Chef shows you an almost-foolproof flavor spin on a beloved dessert classic.

McCoy on Movies: Toy Story 3 Movie Review
Pixar is back with its second sequel to its original beloved classic … Is this one any good? See if it’s worth playing with Woody and the gang by checking out our review!

Express Picks: Let Freedom Ring, Rock ‘n’ Roll and go BOOM!
The mid-summer holiday is a time to let loose in the outdoors. Whether you spread your Roots in Piatt Park, let the good times roll in Devou Park or rock out at Riverbend, this is the week when music fills the air!

Total Body Wellness: What’s the Low Down on High Fructose Corn Syrup?
Since most food labels contain this ingredient, read on for some info about what HFCS really is and how it affects your healthy body functions.

Orange on Green:  Risks with Your Money
There are beneficial risks and then there are unnecessary risks.  This week our financial gurus explore some common risks that are just not worth taking.

Volunteers Needed: Fit to Fight Ovarian Cancer

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