Armani Earns an A+

Unless I win the lottery stat, I will not be owning a piece of Giorgio Armani Privé clothing any time soon. But a girl can dream.

Today, I stumbled across the new Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010/2011 collection preview video that was filmed at the recent Paris Fashion Week. I absolutely fell head over heels. I now realize why some of these pieces cost more than my first car!

Each piece in this collection is drop dead gorgeous. Very classy, feminine and timeless. Never before have I loved every single piece in a collection. But today, Armani showed me what an A+ collection looks like and I’m swooning.

I can’t wait for less expensive versions of these pieces start to pop up. I love muted, wearable colors. And I especially love the over-sized statement button(s). That’s a trend that would be super easy to implement by yourself you DIYers out there!

But for the dreamers out there… watch and drool.

PS This is the show that local hair stylist Vivian Moore did the hair for I told you about last month! YAY! Way to represent Cincinnati!


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