This Week on Cincy Chic: Indulge in Life

Indulge in Life null

Staff shares their splurges

Life is too short. So whether you stop to smell the roses or buy some shoes, that’s up to you, but splurging a little here and there definitely can boost your life’s fun factor. Keep reading as we divulge how we indulge.

Gowns Fit for a Goddess
Nothing fits like a tailored piece — except a garment designed and created just for you. One local designer takes this individual approach to offer clients truly one-of-a-kind gowns.

Concerts of the Future
If your favorite artist isn’t playing in the Midwest, you might not need to go across the country to catch the concert. Learn more about a hot new concert idea that’s taking on the Tri-State.

Stay Healthy with Indulgences
Believe it or not, splurges (yes, even that cheeseburger) can be part of a healthy lifestyle. One local personal trainer spills about her own indulgences and how you can keep yours in check.

Satisfying more than a Sweet Tooth
One local chocolate boutique is the prime spot for indulging a dessert craving. Read on to learn how one woman’s labor of love led to hundreds of new confectionery creations.

Beauty Worth the Investment
One person may see a ridiculous price tag while another sees a sound investment. Local makeup artist Nancy Dawson helps decipher what’s worth your splurge for your beauty regimen.

Chic Spotlight: SENATE Restaurant’s Lana Wright
Gourmet hot dogs, mouth-watering fries — this local lady and her husband offer culinary temptations worth your indulgence. Learn more about her and one of the hottest new restaurants in town.

Orange on Green: Splurge without the Guilt
Our finance father-son team shares how to indulge in life without the regret. Just follow these three financial steps and you’ll be able to have your cashflow cake and eat it too.

Total Body Wellness: How You Can Help
Last week’s column had many readers eager for a plan to change their own eating habits and help their community. Read on for these get-healthy tips.

Chic Eats: Grilled Haloumi Cheese with Poached Cherries
Tempt your taste buds and treat yourself to this fabulous wine and cheese pairing. Our Chic Chef shows you how to enjoy a little culinary splurge.

Express Picks: Gather Your Friends for Fun
Get together with friends and family this week to expand your experience: Carmen at the movies, Beethoven amidst the breezes, suits that really rock!

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