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nullOrganized as ONE

Recognizing Cincinnati non-profits
Lending a hand makes a difference, but what about lending a hand to those who are lending their own hands? That’s exactly what one local organization does by helping other non-profit organizations and recognizing the stand-outs. Discover the multiple layers involved in this do-gooder group.

Eco- and Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Our Editor in Chic shares her experience with a new carpet cleaning business, Cincinnati Maintenance, who says they’re safe for people, pets and the planet. See how these fiber refreshers fare.

High (Beauty) Society

One local diva shares her beauty secrets with fellow society members. Learn how you can join in to help yourself, your planet and even women in third-world countries.

Couponing for Charity

Getting a multitude of good deals and supporting a charitable cause? It might seem too good to be true, but one local web site makes both a reality. Read on to learn how!

The Tease in Cin City

A ladies only workshop is bringing sexy to Cincinnati while also promoting fitness and self confidence. Read on to learn more about Cin City Burlesque.

Style Swapping

Enter this group, and you might walk out with a whole new wardrobe. Read how one local fashionista transforms her dresses into rings and her shirts into skirts.

Focus on Giving, Benefit from Results

In today’s world, everything’s about who you know, but one local networking group takes a unique spin to get results. Learn how you can get in on the action.

Chic Spotlight: Media Latina’s Frances Grimes

From on the river to Fountain Square, this Latin group knows how to throw a party. Learn more about a possible world-record-breaking fiesta coming up.

Orange on Green: Women of Orange

Learn how 13 women of various backgrounds have banded together in pursuit of one common goal – advocating for Cincinnati women and their money.

Total Body Wellness: The Secret Behind Dynamic Function Training

If you’re going to the gym and working the same muscles every time, read on to find the ways in which you might actually be doing more damage to your body than good.

Express Picks: Storytelling from Classic to Folk to Chick-Lit

Whether you prefer opera in the air conditioning, folk ballads on a riverboat or bluegrass tales in the out of doors, storytelling is the theme for what’s happening in the Queen City this first full week of July.

McCoy on Movies: The Last Airbender Movie Review

It’s a world full of  wonder helmed by a director who was once Hollywood’s next big thing – until he made “The Happening”. Check out our reviewer’s take on M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender”!

Ask Patty: Living with a Lazy Lover

Feel like you’re the only one pulling your weight around the house? Our relationship columnist weighs in on how small changes in the way you ask your partner for help can make a world of a difference.

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