Ask Amy: Good Stylists in NKY

Got an email last week from someone asking if I could recommend a Northern Kentucky-based stylist. Thought it would be a good Q&A to share as an “Ask Amy” post. Feel free to share in the comments section below if you have a stylist to recommend in any of the areas Carey asked about. PS: I love that she called me “Queen of all that is Chic!” … Can I legally change my name to that? That would be awesome. Almost as awesome as Princess Consuela Bananahammock.


Dear Queen of all that is Chic!
Morning! Need your help! Did you have a recommendation for someone who does great (relatively inexpensive) hair color in NKY.  More specifically the Bellevue/Ft. Thomas/Newport/Covington area?
Thanks much!

Hi Carey!

The person I go to is in Florence. Her name is Leslee Biddle and she works at Uniquely Senise. Here’s the number there: 859-282-6555 She’s one of the best (and most affordable) stylists I’ve ever met!

I’ve been going to her for several years, so I can’t speak on a personal level to the following, but I’ve heard they’re good too:

  • Sue Beck at Salon Beck Downtown. Here’s a story we did about Sue at Salon Beck and some unique color offerings (and express treatments they do): Also, my friend Chris goes to Samantha there and says she is great.
  • I’ve also heard good things about Sableux Salon, which is right next to the Crestview Hills Mall. At Red, Pink and Blue, they did the hair for all the models and gave free cuts to all the attendees. My friend Lauren just went to a stylist named KC there. Lauren said it’s the best job anyone has ever done on her hair! I’ve had several other people say reeeeally good things about other stylists at Sableux too. My contact there doesn’t do hair, but if you email her, she’ll be able to tell you who’s good, if you explain your hair type/the look you’re going for: Kelley Oehler <>

Those are really the only four stylists in the areas you’re looking in that I’d feel comfortable recommending. Hope this helps!


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