Frank Pistachio Launches Line at Boogie Nights

Anthony Frommeyer
Anthony and Ashley Burnside, owner of Fetish, at the Sizzling Summer Fashion show Fetish did with the Junior League featuring the Frank Pistachio line.

Anthony Frommeyer, a local designer, was just featured in the Enquirer because of his Frank Pistachio line. He is launching the line on August 27 at the Hollywood Casino with a Boogie Nights Fashion Show with the help of Fetish Boutique.

You can find his line in boutiques across the country. Fetish Boutique in Hyde Park carries the line exclusively in the Cincinnati area. If you are interested in the show or his line, stop by Fetish. They have 40 tickets left for the show.

Fetish Boutique, Hyde Park
3451 Edwards Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208

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