Lafayette Ladies Day at ATP

lafayette 148I just found out about a brunch the ATP is putting on for us ladies. They’re partnering with Saks to do a fashion show at the event. The invite says Lafayette 148, a line carried in select Saks stores, will be the line that’s going to do the clothes in the show. So, I asked my contact at Saks if I could get a sneak peek of some of the items in this new collection before they walk the runway at next week’s event.

I actually had a really interesting conversation with the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Lafayette, Debra Clark. She said Lafayette’s Designer Edward Wilkerson recently took a trip to Rome and that’s what inspired this season’s collection. The Sistine Chapel in particular inspired the color palate and design structure for the items. Click here to see a video of Edward going more into detail about his trip and design inspiration.

I can see where he’s coming from with the breath-taking colors, architecture and design at the Sistine Chapel. My husband and I went there for our honeymoon and we just stood there for hours craning our necks at the ceiling of that beautiful building.

Seeing the colors in this new collection, it’s like a personified version of the Sistine in the form of fibers and fashion. It’s amazing. I love the bold colors, classic silhouettes and daring finishes. Knowing a lot more now about the Sistine Chapel, that’s what it’s all about and I applaud Edward for capturing it in his collection.

My three favs in the Lafayete 148 knit collection (click to enlarge)

I can’t wait to see the pieces in person next Tuesday at this ATP Lafayette Ladies Day Brunch! When I was talking to Debra, she also mentioned that Lafayette is known for their knits. My brain can’t comprehend “knit” right now with this awful heat out, but the pics she sent were pretty. A couple of them were marmy (which knits can easily be if you’re not careful), but I pulled three of the pieces she sent (in the animated pic to the left) I thought were classic, but cutting edge and on-trend.

Debra said these pieces will be carried at the Cincinnati Saks, so you know where to go if you want to add one of these classic couture pieces to your wardrobe. Speaking of couture, they’re not cheap. But you get what you pay for. Here’s the pricing info on the pieces pictured to the left:

Italian Silk V-Neck with Flower Detail ($298.00)

Stretch Merino Hand-Stitch Chain Cardigan ($298.00)

Cozy Flannel Asymmetrical Cardigan ($268.00)

And here’s more info about the Lafayette Ladies Day Brunch if you’d like to attend! Click on the image to enlarge, and go to if you want to get tickets to it!

lafayette 148
Information about the Lafayette Ladies Day Brunch (click to enlarge)

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