New Rocker Chic Arrivals at 3 French Hens

My husband is a musician. And I run Cincy Chic. So, naturally, “rocker chic” is a look I like to go for when I go to his gigs.

It’s actually a tough balance to strike. Lets just suffice it to say you don’t want to look like Audrey Hepburn when you walk into a biker bar.

But I discovered one place in town that has great rocker chic wear – Three French Hens in Hyde Park. I heard they also have a store in Ft. Thomas, but I’m not sure – I’ve never been to that one. Their shop in Hyde Park is suuuuper cute. It’s right by Poeme on Michigan Ave.

Not all their stuff is rocker chic, but they do have a few hidden gems that are great groupie gear. They also have items perfect for blinging up a boring outfit. So, when I heard they just got back from market and have a ton of new arrivals, I couldn’t wait to check those out.

Below are pics of all the new stuff they got in. I’m in love! Lots of bling, glitz, and rocker chic couture! I can see myself at his next gig in the gray cotton dress with the cross necklaces and leather band bracelets!

Three French Hens
Three French Hens

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