Save The Date: Retrofittings

Last year, I went to Retrofittings for the very first time. Oh… my … gosh… what a cool event! I loved all the creativity! It’s like Kasmira‘s flair for funky vintage fashion meets my newfound fav fashion blog “New Dress A Day.”

Here’s the event concept: UC DAAP students get items from St. Vincent de Paul, recreate them into something fashion-forward, worthy of a fabulous fashion show. People purchase tickets to the show, and all proceeds benefit St. Vincent de Paul.

The only thing I didn’t like last year is how crowded it was. It was at the 20th Century Theater in Oakley. I was literally crawling over people to get to a half a seat available when I got there. Good problem to have for them, because it’s so popular. But it was kind of annoying that it was so crowded.

Well, apparently other people shared my same gripe and said something to St. Vincent de Paul. So, this year they’re holding it at the Hall of Mirrors! This is the first time they’ve changed the venue. Granted, the HoM has a very different vibe than the 20th Century, but I think this is going to help take the event to a whole new level! And hopefully I won’t have to climb over anyone this year!

Cincy Chic is helping them to promote it this year. Here’s the save the date card so you can have all the info if you’re interested in going!

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