This Week on Cincy Chic: What’s up Doc?

What’s up Doc? null
Unique medical specialties

These aren’t your average physicians. And there’s nothing average about the quality of their work.
No, these two exceptional physicians put Cincinnati on the medical map with their unique specialties. Read on to find out how they relieve chronic pain and bring joy to their patients.

Doc Talk: St. Elizabeth’s Dr. Jackie Sweeney
Forget Sherlock Holmes! This radiologist is the top sleuth in breast cancer detection. Read on as we crack the code on Sweeney and how she stays on the front lines, battling against the “big C.”

Bras with Flair on the Square 2010
For the fourth annual event, decorated bras will fly high on Fountain Square to promote breast health. See how you can get involved with this unique and innovative way of finding a cure!

Playing Hospital Dress-Up
The white, sterile environment for a hospital just doesn’t scream “kids,” so one local designer revamped the traditional gowns to turn hospital stays into a time for dress-up.

The Best of Both Worlds
Whether she’s dancing on the sidelines of Paul Brown Stadium or peering through the lens of a microscope, this local lady pursues both of her passions to the highest degree.

Back in Good Health
Three local doctors offer services to help you with a complete and overall healthy lifestyle. Learn how they walk the walk and talk the talk as they help you do the same.

Taking Happiness to a Brighter Level
Who says doctors only specialize in health concerns? One area dental office shares some enwhitening information to give you a beauty makeover fit for Kodak moments.

A Doctor between Visits
You can’t see your doctor every day, but one local hospital group makes physicians’ recommendations available 24/7. Read how one Web site section helps you (and your health) in your daily life.

Chic Spotlight: Breast Specialist Dr. Jennifer Manders
Breast cancer awareness has spread like wildfire, but one local breast surgeon shares how she got into the field, and what keeps her passionate about her patients.

Orange on Green: Doctoring His Own Finances
One local doctor doesn’t just care for his patients. He also has secured his own health, both physically and financially, and our financial columnists share his story.

Total Body Wellness: Just What the Doctor Ordered
Hitting the gym isn’t just about looking great. So read on as our fitness columnist dives deeper into your health and fills you in on how to achieve that total body wellness.

Express Picks: Old, New, Borrowed and Blues
No, it’s not wedding week in Cincinnati — just another series of splendid opportunities to get out and do something different, whether old or new, just because you can.

Ask Patty: People-Pleaser or Door Mat?
What is the line between being a giver and a complete pushover? Are you tired of being walked all over in your relationship? Our intimacy expert tells you how to stop the cycle.

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