Black is the New Black

lafayette 148 Fall 2010 collection - black lace trench coat
lafayette 148 Fall 2010 collection - black lace trench coat

The ATP was quite the fashion-forward event this year.

Wait… before you start thinking they’re the latest fad and go stock up on visors, polos and those funny underwear with “tennis ball pockets” … I should explain.

I told you how excited I was that Saks was bringing Lafayette 148’s Sistine-inspired wares to the ATP Ladies Brunch this year. It was a great idea, because it attracted hundreds of ladies who – even though there were tons of internationally known tennis players playing on the courts – wouldn’t have been there if not for this fabulous fashion show.

So, in my previous blog post about this event, I did a sneak peek with someone from Lafayette who gave me the story behind the collection we would be seeing at the ATP. From the interview, I was told to expect luxurious fabrics and posh designs. The show definitely lived up to all that. I love love loved how elegant and “wowing” each of the evening pieces were, especially.

But I have to be honest. I was also told to expect loud, vibrant colors that Lafayette’s Designer (Edward Wilkerson) said he saw in Italy’s Sistine Chapel. I didn’t really see a lot of color at all. But maybe the pops of color were more in the subtleties … like a bold red bag with a LBD, or a big orange flower at the clasp of a cape.

Many of the garments in this show were black. Beautiful, timeless and classic… black. It’s a trend I picked up on a few posts ago when I said that I was excited to see “black is the new black” in ALK‘s line to be launched with Bras with Flair on Oct. 1.

So, this solidifies it in my mind. Black is back. No more trying to find the “new black.” Embrace it. Love it. And bring your lint roller.

Check out all the beautifully black – with a hint of color – designs from the new Lafayette 148 collection in the below video I shot at the ATP’s Ladies Brunch! And in case you’re wondering who carries Lafayette, I’m not sure who else does in the area, but I know Saks does for sure.

PS: I’m in looooooove with the jacket (first garment in the video, and pictured above). If anyone wants to tell my husband that it would be a nice gift for our wedding anniversary, that would be great. We’re getting ready to celebrate our second year on Sept. 27! And aren’t you supposed to give cotton for the second anniversary? Perfect!


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