Fitness, Finance and Fashion… oh my!

Melissa (left) and Michelle Matson

The gal who own the gym where I teach Spinning, Keep it Tight Fitness, helped to come up with a really great event idea: “Fitness & Finance” tomorrow at the Matson Money building in Mason. (KITF is a Cincy Chic client so all the details are posted here)

Here’s how it all started… Melissa the owner of KITF obviously loves fitness (duh, she opened her own gym). And because she has a great body, everything looks great on her, so she also loves fashion.

Well, she happens to be married to a guy who’s regarded nationwide as a money expert (he’s on CNN frequently to weigh in on money/market topics) and he owns Matson Money. I’m not sure what the relation is… maybe a sister or sister in law… but Michelle Matson works with Mark, and has her own investment company called “Dressed to Invest” under which she’s written a book, provides services and does appearances.

Michelle and Melissa got together and said, “Hey! We should do an event together!” And they are tomorrow! Michelle is talking about finances and Melissa is talking about fitness, but they’re also bringing other fun people like my friend Nancy at Facing/Brideface, who I’ve done blogs with before, will be doing makeup and my friend Amy at Soho Boutique will be offering fashion tips and doing a fashion show!

I was actually able to meet up with Amy to see what kind of fashion advice she’d be giving and what attendees could expect to see in the show. She said she’d give me these two sneak peeks into her segment of the event:

1. I will be discussing 3 fall fashion trends, how to achieve these and different ways to wear them.
2. I will be discussing my 5 timeless “must haves”  These are items that everyone should have in their closet.  I will be showing examples of all five of these items and how they can completely change your wardrobe.  To give you a little hint…. I will show you how belts will change the way you shop!

Sounds like a fun event! If you’re interested in attending, it is free … you just need to email to reserve your seat.

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