Mad Men Beauty Tips

Me rockin my best January Jones
Me rockin my best January Jones

I told you about the Mad Men-themed party I was going to last week. It was super fun!

Although, I wished more people had dressed up (I kind of felt like Elle in Legally Blonde when she showed up wearing a bunny costume to what she thought was a costume party, but wasn’t). Only about four people did dress up. But we were a proud and mighty four! haha!

Oh well. I had fun getting dolled up and learning how to get that 60s retro chic look. Actually, how I got all dolled up is a fun story.

I call up my friend Cara who owns Me Salon in Harper’s Point (she’s doing the hair/makeup for our Bras with Flair event on Oct. 1 so we’ve been seeing a lot of each other lately). I told her about the theme, and admitted I had never seen Mad Men, so I had no idea how to do my hair/makeup.

She started to explain… then she paused… and said “do you have time to come in this afternoon, we can just do it for you?” Um, yessss!

So, I went there that afternoon and learned exactly how to get that 60s style. Cara explains everything from the big hair and pin curls to the red smackers and lush lashes in the video below. Enjoy!


Speaking of Mad Men… you’ll love what my girl Michelle is doing with Mad Men themed cocktails over on her Wine Girl blog!

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