Marvy Accessory Monday: Otazu at Kenwood Oct. 1

Otazu crystal necklace ($387)
Otazu crystal necklace ($387)

If you haven’t heard of Otazu jewelry, you’ve probably seen it. It’s usually the life of the party when someone is wearing it.

These loud and colorful pieces are huge in Europe, but there’s only one person who is licensed to sell it here locally. Her name is Angie Casselman. She apparently has the largest selection of Otazu in the US, so we’re lucky to have her right here.

Although, I’m kind of disappointed the designer, Rodrigo Otazu, doesn’t live here too. He’s easy on the eyes!

Well, he might not live here, but he’ll be in town soon! Oct. 1, he and Angie are setting up from 10am-9pm at Kenwood Towne Center. (upstairs in the old Limited space above the food court)

Rodrigo recently dressed Lady Gaga for the VMA awards, Ke$ha, Tyra Banks, Lucy Lui, Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas, and Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrel and Kristin Davis in Sex in the City 2 movie.

Unfortunately, with all the fame, his prices have gone up significantly. I remember four years ago you could get a necklace for around $100, but now they’re upwards of $400. But think of it this way, he’s still moving up the ranks, so next year his jewelry might be worth double!

So, if you need to stock up on your sparkles, go visit this event on Oct. 1… then come down to Bras with Flair on the Square and show off your bling!

UPDATE: I just got an email from Angie regarding the price point mentioned… she said “I do not have many things @$400 … earrings are $85 and bracelets are from $125… my average necklace is $295 – $335.”

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