New Yarnz Arrivals at Sara Benjamin’s

The air has been crisp lately! That means Fall is almost here!

Summer is my favorite season because I love warm weather, but Fall is my second favorite because of the fashion. There’s something about cuddling up in a warm sweater, or throwing a scarf around your neck when a top and jeans aren’t quite warm enough.

Sara Benjamin’s just announced they got in their new arrival of fall fashion. But what caught my eye were all the new Yarnz scarves, hats and gloves they got in. I had never heard of the brand before, but I really liked the designs.

Plus the model kind of looks like me, so I did a double take. I sometimes have trouble making scarves and hats look right on me, and this was like looking in a mirror at a girl who was definitely making these hats and scarves look right. They’re absolutely adorable on her.

I did a little digging, and Yarnz is based out of New York, but Sara Benjamin’s appears to be the only one selling the line locally. The fun thing about these scarves is that – to the untrained eye – they just look like large, printed scarves. Which, yes, they are. But the fun thing about them is that when you unfold the scarves and lay them out they are actually prints of modern iconography, contemporary/pop artists, etc.

For example, I indicated in the collage of photos I made above which scarf is actually a modern graphic print of David Bowie. But when you’re wearing it, no one would ever know… it’s just your little secret with David Bowie.

Typically, I go to Sara Benjamin’s for my cocktail dresses. But their scarves have caught my eye before, so I’m definitely going to have to pop in there and see if I look as good as the model in these things! I called to ask for pricing and they said, depending on how big they are and much cashmere is used in the material, they range from mid-$50s to $170s.

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