This Week on Cincy Chic: Strive to Survive


Strive to Survive
Battling odds, winning the bet

These two local fighters experienced more than just one of life’s little curveballs. One survived a life-threatening boating accident. Another survived multiple bouts of cancer. Both beat the odds and now help others to do the same. Read on to learn their incredible stories.

Bras with Flair on the Square 2010
For the fourth annual event, decorated bras will fly high on Fountain Square to promote breast health. See how you can get involved with this unique and innovative way of finding a cure!

Fun out of the Sun
After surviving melanoma, this local lady is making awareness fun and practical with parties and products. Find out about her nation-wide goal that is becoming a reality.

Going Wacky for Hope
Dressing up is always fun, but it’s even better when it’s in support of a meaningful cause. Learn how one local woman lives the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Biking Cross-country, Spreading Awareness
A mother-daughters team dipped their back wheels in the Pacific Ocean and then biked across the country to dip their front wheels in the Atlantic. Learn what cause inspired the trip.

Daily Inspiration
In its fifth year, one local philanthropic event goes from one day of inspiration to 365. Find out how you can take advantage of this empowering opportunity.

Professionally Surviving the Economy
As the Great Recession still impacts the economy and job market, one local career coach offers tips for the working world. So, read on if you want to keep your job, find a job or switch career fields.

Chic Spotlight: Author Tami Boehmer
In her fight against breast cancer, one woman looked to other survivors for inspiration. Learn more about the stories she turned into a hope-filled book.

Orange on Green: Survivor Angie Strader
Our financial columnist learns that the backbone of this local woman’s story is not just about her spinal surgery. Discover this determined survivor’s story.

McCoy on Movies: “The Virginity Hit” Movie Review
Find out how far teenage boys are willing to go to lose their virginity these days in the new YouTube-inspired raunchy (yet oddly sweet) comedy “The Virginity Hit.”

Total Body Wellness: The Secret to a Great Recovery
After a hard workout, sometimes you just know it’s going to be bad news in the morning. But our fitness columnist has good news for you with this secret tool the pros use to recoup faster.

Ask Patty: Intimacy after Cancer
When it comes to cancer, intimacy and sexual health can be affected too. One program works to reverse this trend and provides a safe platform for women living with cancer.

Upcoming Cincy Chic Events:
Sept. 29: A Bridal Affair on Fountain Square
Sept. 30: Business Showcase/Open House
Oct. 1: Bras with Flair on the Square
Oct. 2-3: Fall Bridal Ring Event
Oct. 4-9: Store Wide Sale
Oct. 5: eWomenNetwork “Accelerated Networking” Event

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