urbanXchange, New Consignment Shop for Tweens to 20s

pics taken at urbanXchange (click to enlarge)
pics taken at urbanXchange (click to enlarge)

I just found out about a new consignment shop called urbanXchange. It’s owned by the same gal who owns 2nd Chance Upscale Resale consignment shops (there’s one on the west side and one near this new urbanXchange shop).

The address is 11800 Springfield Pike which is the Rt. 4 exit off 275. It’s in the Wimbleton Plaza with the Outback Steakhouse. Right now they have limited hours (Mon.-Fri. 3pm til 8 pm, Saturdays 10 – 5 and Sundays 12 -5). Once they’re fully stocked they’ll be open Mon. – Fri. 10 am until 8 pm.

urbanXchange is going to be a resale shop for tweens to twenties (guys and girls).  They buy outright and are buying all seasons right now.  They also buy shoes, purses,  jewelry, accessories, etc.

I snapped some pics for you… it has a trendy, urban feel to it. And they display things more in terms of outfits, versus just “shirts here… pants here…skirts here…” so, it ends up helping you visualize fun ways to put outfits together!

I talked to the owner, and she said the store is filling up pretty well, so bring clothes if you have some good stuff you’d like to sell. But even if you don’t have anything to sell, I definitely recommend stopping in for you or the tween/20-something on your shopping list.

Also… I should note, it’s different from a Platos Closet in my opinion because it was less based on labels (PC really focuses on only buying label items), but urbanXchange tends to buy items that are fashionable and in good condition regardless of the name on the tag. Personally, I’d rather that, but everyone is different! Happy shopping!

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