12 Days of Seasonably Chic Showcase: Day 12

We’re less than two weeks away from the most fashionable holiday shopping event of the year! The Seasonably Chic Showcase will be on Nov. 6 at The Phoenix downtown from 10am-3pm. This event brings 40 of the Tri-state’s best boutiques and vendors – for women, men, children and pets – all under one roof for one day of spectacular shopping! The best thing about it? It’s free to get in! Just bring in a canned good for the Freestore Foodbank! Click here to RSVP!

To gear up for the big event, I’m doing a “12 Days of Seasonably Chic Showcase” blog series to feature all the vendors who will be involved, and some of my favorite items they’ll have at the event. Today I’m featuring the following vendors:

Votre Vu Duette (click to enlarge)

Votre Vu by Julena Bingaman
Pure Romance with Leslie Hoop
Peek of Chic
JennaClaire Handbag Studio

And here are my favorite items that they’ll have at the show…

Votre Vu: If you don’t know about this new French skincare line, you need to. I met Julena, a Votre Vu rep, about a year ago and she got me hooked. They have everything from tonics, masques and scrubs to some anti-aging frozen serum, but what I love best are their lotions. They’re not watery, oily, heavy or greasy.

New Pure Romance "Bliss" Clothing (click to enlarge)

My favorite lotion is their Duette – it’s lotion, lip balm and a mirror all in one! It’s really convenient to throw in my purse and have everything I need together. My husband’s favorite (on me, of course) is the “TARTE D’AMANDE SoufflĂ©” … his reasoning? “Because it smells like birthday cake!” haha! I guess it’s true, the way to their heart is through their stomach! : )

Pure Romance: While most of their products are made for what goes on between the sheets, Pure Romance actually just launched a new line of products to use when you’re out of bed. Their new Bliss Clothing line launched last year, featuring tank tops, short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, a robe, hipster panties, hoodies and track pants and two totes. These clothes are very cute and made out of super comfy materials.

Sparkling Flower Collar at Peek of Chic
Sparkling Flower Collar at Peek of Chic

Peek of Chic: This is an awesome local company I recently found out about. They have gorrrrrrgeous jewelry, and a fancy new website too! I love that they have a huge range of jewelry and prices so you can either make an impulse purchase or save up for something a little more substantial. So, in light of that range, I found two things I love, one on each end of the spectrum. On the cheap chic end, I found these $40 tassel earrings (they’ll match the tassels on my sassy new purse!). On the high-end, I found this $505 “Sparkling Flower Collar” which is absolutely stunning. But I have to say, when I first read the name, I thought of cauliflower…. get it…. collar … flower… haha! Oh I crack myself up.

JennaClaire Handbag Studio: We traveled up north to find this boutique for you. They’re located up at The Greene Towne Center in Dayton. My favorite item at their store is their “It’s a Cinch” bag.

"It's a Cinch" bag from JennaClaire Handbag Studio
"It's a Cinch" bag from JennaClaire Handbag Studio

You can get the bag in a variety of patterns and then switch out the cinch belt around it to match your outfit, shoes or accessories. Also, another thing I love about these bags is the interior. Lots of pockets to keep everything organized, in its place and easy to find. The price is $115, but you get to customize every little thing about it. You get to:

* Choose your Main Exterior fabric
* Choose your Belt fabric
* Choose your Shoulder Strap fabric
* Choose your Bag Lining fabric
* Choose your Inner Zip Pocket Lining fabric
* Choose your Inner Patch Pocket fabric

Oh, and the last time I looked at these bags, I discovered a bonus benefit: you can wear the handbag cinch belt as a belt on you! Unfortunately, I tried the belt on and it’s a smidge too small on me. But if you are a size 0-4, the belt would fit perfectly and you’d be able to get even more wear out of your cinch belt! That’s what I like to call winning at life.

Here’s another way to win at life: Cincy Chic and Locals on Living, an affiliate of the Cincinnati.Com network, have teamed up to give away a prize pack of items from all the Seasonably Chic Showcase vendors that’s valued at $2,500! Click here to learn how you can win it!

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