Fabushoe Friday: Help with Your “Next Step”

$24 Shoes from Forever 21
$24 Shoes from Forever 21

This week for Fabushoe Friday, I’m wearing another pair of Forever 21 shoes. I actually got them three years ago, and they’ve held up pretty well. Especially considering they were only $24.

Three years ago, I was just starting my little shoe collection. These were the first ones I bought that had a little flair. Not the typical black, brown or navy pumps I’d buy for work. I had just started Cincy Chic the year prior, so I was just learning how to dress the “chic” part.

It’s crazy to think how different life is just three years later. I’m no longer just moonlighting as a budding entrepreneur; I now manage my business and staff as a full time job and career. And these shoes have taken me through much of that journey.

Of course, I had lots of friends, family and mentors help me along the way. Can’t give these fab shoes alllll the credit. : ) People power behind life transitions is so helpful. And kind of related to all this “starting a new chapter” stuff, I ran across an event one of my clients is holding next week. It’s called “Imagine… then do it” and it helps people slip into a new proverbial pair of shoes, and successfully strut into a new chapter in life – whether it’s going back to work after raising kids, changing careers or starting the business of your dreams.

I’ll be sharing info with you soon about a new publication my husband and I will be taking over soon, so I’ll definitely be in attendance to get some guidance on navigating this new chapter of our lives. And, you know what, I think I’ll buy some new shoes for the occasion and blog about them in three years! : )

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