Meeting David Sedaris Tomorrow!

Me with David five years ago
Me with David five years ago

In college, I didn’t have enough money to buy books and the school library didn’t have many “fun” books (they were mainly just collegiate). So, when I’d have free time, I would drive from Oxford to the Colerain Borders store.

I’d buy a small cup of coffee (and just get free refills all day long) and read random books that looked interesting. It was great.

Well, one of the random books I plucked off the shelf one day was “Naked” by David Sedaris. The title and the pair of boxer shorts on the cover made it too intriguing to pass up. After reading a few chapters I was literally laughing out loud and making a scene, it was *that* funny.

I couldn’t put the book down. I read half of it that day, remembered the page number I was on, and came back the next day and read the rest. I’m sure I should have been studying for an exam or writing a term paper, but that book was just too good and way too funny.

So, after “Naked,” I was addicted (that sounds funny!). I asked my grandma for some of his other books, like “Holidays on Ice.” She thought she was buying me an ice skating book, but really it was a book about how holidays with his dysfunctional family drove him to drink in excess.

I’m now finishing up “When You Are Engulfed in Flames,” a funny book about David’s journey to smoking cessation. Ironically, I like to read that book out at our family farm bundled up by the camp fire.

I recently learned David has another book coming out called “Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk” and he’s doing a tour to do some public readings and to promote this new book. I love his readings because he has great comedic timing, but he’s not a comic. He just talks about his life, and his life just happens to be really weird and funny. And he’s brutally honest about his life, the people in it, things that happen to him and all the funny thoughts that run through his head.

I’ve been to three readings of his, and now, I can’t read his books without hearing his voice and imagining his delivery. I’m super excited because tomorrow I’m going to see him at the Aronoff (on 10.10.10!) for another reading, so I won’t have to imagine his delivery!

I think there are still tickets left if you want to go… get there super early to park though, because I hear traffic will be a mess downtown tomorrow!

In case you haven’t heard of David, or seen him speak, here’s a video to give you a taste of his hilarity. : )


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