This Week on Cincy Chic: Creative Juices Flowing

Creative Juices Flowingnull
Local artists use distinct media

Creativity doesn’t need a traditional canvas to shine through. And these three local artistic minds prove just that as they use a potter’s wheel, dress form and plate as their canvases. Check into their inspired designs.

Unleashing the Woman in the Mom
The Sassy Mama Boutique is for more than just the mom. Learn how one locally based online boutique celebrates all facets of a woman with its adorable products and respectable business plan.

Cross-culture Creations
Growing up in a war zone serves as a source of inspiration for this now local fashion designer. Learn how her creativity comes through with color from the tags to the accessories themselves.

Exercising a Community
Conversation after meditation helps foster a community feel. Read on to discover how one new yoga studio takes this creative approach with its “yoga bar” concept.

Beauty is in the Brush
Rows of makeup brushes can be intimidating, but never fear! One local makeup artist breaks down the brushes to let you know what you’ll need in your makeup wardrobe.

Weddings and Women
An exhibition of wedding dresses, a wedding giveaway and an exhibition dedicated to the modern woman — find it all at the Cincinnati Art Museum . Click “Read More” to find out the details.

Fueling the Community Involvement Fire
Ever wanted to make a difference in Cincinnati? Read on to find out how a small fund works to do just that, one micro-investment at a time.

Chic Spotlight: Woodworking Writer Megan Fitzpatrick
This local lady builds furniture then tells you how to do it in a national publication. Read her story and find out why you should follow in her footsteps.

Orange on Green: The Financial Side of an Entrepreneur
Creating a business takes much more than a dream, so our financial columnists tell the tale of one local female entrepreneur and how her financial journey took a turn toward happiness.

Total Body Wellness: Name That Ingredient
When your food is made up of ingredients you can’t even read or understand, we call them Frankenfoods. Read on to find out how these monster foods pack on the pounds.

McCoy on Movies: “Red” Movie Review
Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and… Helen Mirren?! Get the locked and loaded scoop on the new action comedy “Red” by seeing what our reviewer thought.

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